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             Fuku-Bonsai co-founders David and Myrtle Fukumoto in a 2012 photo as they celebrated their fiftieth wedding and bonsai anniversary. At left is their original Schefflera (Brassaia actinophylla) that was begun in the newly-weds apartment.  On right are several small Dwarf Schefflera (Schefflera arboricola), Fuku-Bonsai's replacement specialty.  Against all odds, we are recovering, will be restructuring and refinancing, and evolving into a "semi-non-profit benefit corporation!"

            Kurtistown, Hawaii.  October 2022:


            Fuku-Bonsai has begun to REFINANCE & RESTRUCTURE to evolve into a "SEMI-NON-PROFIT COMMUNITY BENEFIT CORPORATION" to benefit bonsai, staff, managers, stockholders, associates, and the Big Island community, visitor industry, and economy!  YOU'RE INVITED TO JOIN US!

            Fuku-Bonsai has roots in a Fukumoto family hobby that became a passion in 1962, the first Hawaii certified export nursery in 1973, and a corporation since 1985 to be the catalyst to own and operate both the 12-acre Kurtistown nursery and 17-acre Kona Fuku-Bonsai Center.  The Fukumotos were joined by over 200 mostly modest bonsai and Big Island stockholders. That same year we also formed the 501(3)(c) Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation (MPBF) to allow non-profit bonsai educational activities. The Kona center opened in 1992 but was doomed as defective DuPont Benlate sprayed in 1989 directly or indirectly caused over $50 million of losses!

            Long story short,  we lost the Kona Center, retreated to the Kurtistown nursery, and co-sponsored by MPBF, opened a second modest Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center. Benlate contamination residue prevented growing our original Brassia profitable crop and required us to develop all new crops and reinvent the corporation.  We switched to Dwarf Schefflera and committed to teaching bonsai.  In 1999, www.fukubonsai.com went online. In 2000, we introduced an Introductory Workshop Package (IWP) of nine components featuring a prepared bonsai stock.

            In 2007,  the Premium Introductory Workshop Package (PIWP) became more popular as a more developed semi-trained plant and larger components produced a nice bonsai to start a TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ hobby.  We also settled the Benlate litigation. The net total proceeds of the 1994 Benlate product liability and the 2007 DuPont fraud after taxes and legal costs were just 3% of our direct and indirect losses!  Life is not fair but we survived while many of the original 5,000+ Benlate plaintiffs are no longer in business. 

            Fast forward to October 2022 as the Fukumoto celebrate 60 years of marriage and a bonsai lifestyle.  IT'S TIME TO TURN OVER FUKU-BONSAI LEADERSHIP!

      •     We are creating a "SEMI-NON-PROFIT COMMUNITY BENEFIT CORPORATION" to benefit bonsai, staff, managers, associates, stockholders, and the Big Island's visitor and agricultural industries and economy. 

      •    We are creating a PUBLIC-PRIVATE TASK FORCE to guide the transition and to include all stakeholders.  To participate, email david.f@fukubonsai.com,  provide contact and interest information, and request detailed information of our plans.   The task force will include both community leaders as well as those strongly interested in TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™. It will include large and modest impact-investors but it is not necessary to be an investor to participate in the task force activities. We will be sending our invitations to individuals and organizations to join us.

      •    The Fukumotos are donating 30% of their shares to Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation to make them the largest Fuku-Bonsai stockholder.  This will give the Fuku-Bonsai and MPBF leaders the financial and legal clout to create the ideal bonsai corporation.  No other bonsai organization has been formed in this manner.  Fuku-Bonsai and MPBF will have the mission and resources to create, educate, and support a TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ community for future generations!

      •    We invite 200 new large and modest ($2,500 minimum) stockholders to be part of this "FIRST REFINANCING PHASE."  The goal is to raise $500,000 to bring all accounts current, to remove all property liens, to  rebuild staff and facilities, and to increase production and move back into profitability.  During this first phase, we will re-establish all business accounting and legal resources to assure compliance with all Hawaii closed corporation governmental regulations. We reserve the right to give investors committed to Hawaii and our value priority to assure staying a Hawaii corporation.  Becoming a "semi-non-profit community benefit corporation" is possible because of the original Articles of Incorporation. 

      •    We recommend that the Articles of Incorporation be further amended to create the ideal "SEMI-NO-PROFIT COMMUNITY BENEFIT CORPORATION"  to include an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), to establish guidelines to prevent immoral excessive corporate management compensation, to create the highest standards of management integrity and support for the TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ community,  and the sharing of profitability with the staff, management, stockholders, and the community. Just as Fuku-Bonsai was a leader authorizing "non-profit" activities when it incorporated in 1985,  we will document and move toward creating the ideal "SEMI-NO-PROFIT COMMUNITY BENEFIT CORPORATION" as our legacy for the future.


            Dwarf Schefflera was first introduced about 1975 and several of our oldest specimen bonsai including the Entry Tree were trained from the original introductory cuttings so are likely the oldest Dwarf Schefflera bonsai that are now approaching 50 years in training.  The photo above was taken over 10 years ago and a few of our "Custom Collection-In Training" will be approaching this standard and have never been offered for sale.  Most will be retained to be a part of the exhibit collection, but we are increasingly offering larger or older Custom Collection for those who have the skill and means to acquire older premium high-potental plants.


      •    Up to now,  Fuku-Bonsai focused on producing the highest value products to be given as gifts or for continued development as TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™.  Although it is not viable to sell low-cost untrained seedlings or cuttings, we included information about how to begin training very early to produce high-potential bonsai stock. This is the most difficult part of creating bonsai and beginners have difficulty at the time they have the least knowledge or skills.  To offer best value, we produce "model items" that are sold efficiently at the same price and customers have become comfortable in ordering based upon model descriptions and standards. The standards have steadily increased.

      •    Our HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTINGS are offered in four sizes and while the "small size" now has a slightly smaller rock,  the standards for desk, medium, and large have pretty much stayed the same since the early 1970's.  But there has been steady upgrading of our PREMIUM POTTED BONSAI.

      •    "Small size" was 3-5 years in training, but often older more developed plants in that size range are sent.  "Medium and Large Premium Potted Bonsai" are increasingly older and more developed and this is reflected in higher unit prices.  We completed switching to Dwarf Schefflera in 2000 and most of those sold as "Custom Collection" are mostly over 20 years in training. But they include some from about 1975 when Dwarf Schefflera was first introduced.  

       •    Since the start of publishing our free monthly email newsletter, I have invited customers to submit photo articles to be published on our website.  A number have become increasingly skilled and I've learning from their innovations too!  I am very proud of our growing TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ community and want to see it continue to grow so that sharing of information will continue into the future.  The opportunity to create optimum bonsai is largely limited to those who can acquire high-potential bonsai plants.  I want to see more plants becoming available in the future and that the Fuku-Bonsai website will become the best source of information and assistance. This is important to build the future for True Indoor Bonsai and American Bonsai.

      •    Increasing the availability of high-potential CUSTOM COLLECTION.  Their is a truism that to create masterpiece bonsai, your success is largely determined by your ability to either create or acquire masterpiece potential plants.  We produce the highest quality Dwarf Schefflera that was introduced about 1975 and those at Fuku-Bonsai are amongst the oldest trained as bonsai.  We will be making an increasing number of the highest potential for those who have a proven history of success who can afford the premium prices, but who are willing and able to photograph and provide reports to be published in future FBnews email newsletters to share information and continue research and education as we build a TRUE INDOOR BONSAI community. 

      •    It is important to recognize that TRUE INDOOR BONSAI is very different from traditional temperate climate outdoor bonsai that look best in darker colored pots that make a tree stand out outdoors.  But when those pots are used indoors, they distract.  True Indoor Bonsai are best in low round lighter colored pots.  Because they must be turned for even growth in the directional light near windows, round pots are prefered and ligher colored pots don't detract.  Creating a better choice of True Indoor Bonsai pots requires a larger volume of scale and Fuku-Bonsai will one day grow enough to be able to make a better choice of pots available.

             If you are interested in participating in the Refinancing & Restructuring Public-Private Task Force, becoming a "career leadership management trainee,"  associate,  or investor, please email me for more information.

             With warm regards and aloha,  ~~~David (david.f@fukubonsai.com)


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                 www.gofundme.com/save-fukubonsai is live and online.  Fuku-Bonsai sprayed defective Benlate contaminated with weedkillers in 1989 and forced into a 30-year battle for survival. Direct and indirect osses were over $50 million.  Total net recovery of the 1994 Benlate product liability and the 2007 DuPont fraud settlements after taxes and legal costs were less than 3% of our losses.  We made steady progress with limited funds. With the support of everyone we survived and we thank you!  Please go to the campaign for more information and to make a donation.

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                    NOTE: The GoFundMe fundraiser began in August 2018 to help generate working capital to complete recovery and start expansion.  Two weeks later we were hit by Hurricane Lane flash-flood!

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