THIS SECTION IS UNDER INITIAL CONTRUCTION.  Site map was created for easy navigation through all parts of the Fuku-Bonsai Hawaiianite portal section to show the extent of the resource being planned.  It will be revised or amended from time to time as new items are installed.  URL's that are not linked are planned but not yet installed.

                      General information and tentative plans:  During the introductory period,  Fuku-Bonsai will have a "Big Island & Hawaii first" policy and initially supply only Hawaiian pre-paid orders or a limited number of established accounts including Fuku-Bonsai Authorized Retailers. We will also supply those who commit to running documented trials and submit reports for publication.  Initially, repackaging to smaller sizes will be by Fuku-Bonsai.  We are exploring having a single Hawaii co-distributor who will initially sell only full Hawaiianite 10-kg (22 pound) bags to their accounts. Once smaller sizes are factory-packed, the Hawaii co-distributor will also wholesale full cartons containing quantities of smaller packagings to Hawaii accounts. 
                      National and International Distribution:  During the initial introductory period, Fuku-Bonsai will handle all national distribution only via single parcel or carton prepaid orders with delivery via US Postal Service flat rate boxes.  This could include shipping directly to each point-of-sale store in multi-store chains in the continental US. Once smaller sizes are factory-packed,  we will begin direct import multi-ton shipments pre-paid (with irrevocable letter of credit) to the U.S. entry port with distributor or large direct accounts paying customs and port fees and taking possession upon release by customs.  Accounts or distributors will create the most efficient distribution systems to result in the lowest possible prices to customers.  While some US distributors will have international distribution systems, direct international import orders will likely require more extensive research and planning and will be handled on a case-by-case basis as we develop more knowledge and experience.
             1H1a.html     Hawaii State Retail - (single parcels/pre-paid/includes delivery)
             1H1b.html     Hawaii State Wholesale  -  (multiple full cartons/pre-paid/includes delivery)
             1H1c.html     US Retail Mail Order -  (single parcel or carton/pre-paid/USPS flat rate box)
                     US Wholesale or Distributors:   Please request information or quotation
                     International Distributors:  Please request information or quotation


                      1H2a.html   Introducing Hawaiianite
                      1H2b.html  "P" is for "Phosphorous!
                      1H2c.html    DEVELOPING HAWAIIANITE
                               1a8.html     Fuku-Bonsai History;  1962 to Present (updated 2017)
                               1a8a.html    Fuku-Bonsai v. DuPont; Right vs. Might (2007)
                      1H2d.html    The Pros & Cons of Water-Soluble Fertilizers
            1H2e.html    When labor is the largest cost Hawaiianite is cost effective!
                      1H2f.html     Hawaiianite is the superior common sense fertilizer!
                      _________    ADDITIONAL ARTICLES TO BE ADDED


This section will one day be a large major resource to include documented reports (including reprints or referral links to scientific or industry publication published articles)
           1H3a.html     Using Hawaiianite at Fuku-Bonsai - including special bonsai fertilizer techniques
                     1H3b.html     Excessive Use Trials at Fuku-Bonsai (Disclaimer)
           ________       ADDITIONAL ARTICLES TO BE ADDED

This section will contain all information related to the "Hawaiian Supporter" fund-raising and community-building program of those who strongly support or have common vested interests in creating a successful Hawaiianite fertilizer industry.
                     1H4a.html     "You are cordially invited to be a HAWAIIANITE™SUPPORTER!"
                               (This information is also available as a PDF or printed b&w 2-side tri-fold handout)
                     1H4b.html     "HAWAIIANITE SUPPORTER member list"
                     1H4c.html     "Hawaiianite Supporter Blog updates"
                     1H4d.html     "Hawaiianite Supporter FAQ"




THIS SITE MAP IS A WORKING DRAFT, WILL CONTINUE TO BE ENLARGED, AND CURRENT UP TO April 20, 2017.  For more information contact David W. Fukumoto at david.f@fukubonsai.com