This fund-raising section will allow Fuku-Bonsai to complete recovery from the 1989 loss of over $30 million due to defective Benlate contaminated with weedkillers that forced an epic battle for survival, reinventing the company including creating all new product lines and business plan. The company is now completing recovery and expanding both the certified export bonsai nursery and creating a Hawaiian fertilizer industry to research, run trials, promote and publish, and lead global marketing and distribution.

           HAWAIIANITE™ is an improved "magnesium ammonium potassium phosphate" fertilizer that is non-burning, non-leaching, controlled-release, long-lasting, high-phosphorous fertilizer.  It is a superior universal fertilizer and the only fertilizer you'll ever need! This fund-raiser will make it available to everyone!

           The program borrows concepts of the Kickstarter program but differs in that Fuku-Bonsai is wholly responsible and all interaction between supporters and Fuku-Bonsai will be direct without any intermediaries. We seek to build an involved community to aid in making Hawaiianite™ available to everyone, to work with all possible users including individuals, residential, agricultural, and commercial users to fully test all aspects to confirm our trial conclusions, including academic research trials and publication. 
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