By Gary Judd & Lucy Sakaishi Judd

           The “Explorit” center is a science program for children and adults in Davis, California. We were contacted by the program director, Sarah Thomas, through our Sacramento Bonsai Club website (www.sacramentobonsaiclub.com) inquiring about doing a presentation on bonsai. She was happy to learn we wanted to do a hands-on workshop as well as a presentation of bonsai along with a display of a variety of our bonsai trees.

          After visiting Fuku-Bonsai in Kurtistown on the Big Island of Hawaii, we felt this was our opportunity to order a shipment of workshop trees for beginners. In our 22 years of bonsai, we have learned people first interested in bonsai prefer having them in their homes or offices. These little Fuku-Bonsai schefflera trees have been ideal for workshops. They packed a full kit of individually packed soils, pots, wire, etc. Instructions for each kit are also provided.

         We ordered these to arrive the week of our class presentation. The class ranged from 8 years through adult, some siblings, parent-child, and couples. We spent the first part of the session talking about the bonsai tree displays we had brought and the types and styles of bonsai, as well as some basic care. We followed David’s procedure for transplanting the bonsai trees in the workshop. The kits made teaching step by step together with a class of 16 very easy, as everything is already packed individually, up to the fertilizer, which they got to take home to continue use on their trees.

         This was the second class we had taught through this program. We also conduct workshops at our home as well as sales of bonsai. We are members of seven bonsai clubs in California. We attend bonsai conventions all over the US, as well as a few worldwide. We are chairmen of the Shonin Society Shohin Seminar being held in Santa Nella, California in February (www.calshohin.org).  Being in the world of bonsai has made the world smaller for us, as we have met many friends around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us at juddbonsai@att.net or check our Facebook page, Judd Bonsai.

Gary Judd & Lucy Sakaishi Judd










































          The carton was packed with the individually packaged kits on the bottom with  with wrapped plants strapped on to a wood pallet that was secured to the carton to hold the kits down.









































            A FEW FINAL WORDS FROM DAVID:  It is a joy to work with old-timers like Lucy and Gary who provide good class instruction in various types of bonsai. Most bonsai clubs focus on the more traditional outdoor bonsai but some are starting to use the Fuku-Bonsai True Indoor Bonsai "Introductory Workshop Package" for their beginner classes.  The Sacramento area is very fortunate to have good and dedicated teachers like the Judds!  MAHALO!   

            We need to develop many more such instructors in all parts of the country if we are going to see bonsai grow into a more popular hobby.  We do our best to provide a conveniently individually packaged kit to make the logistics of group workshops easier.  We try to provide trees with enough character to stimulate a vision, and tough trees that have a good chance to survive.  So if we can inspire visualizing the serenity of nature and the beauty of bonsai, there's good odds for success.  Please contact me if I can be of assistance!

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