The FUKU-BONSAI CULTURAL CENTER & HAWAII STATE BONSAI REPOSITORY is co-sponsored by Fuku-Bonsai Inc.,  a Hawaiian corporation with over 200 stockholders and the non-profit IRS tax-exempt Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation.  Both organizations are committed to preserving and promoting the art and culture of bonsai,  the sharing of Hawaii's multi-ethic cultures,  enhancing the Big Island visitor industry,  and improving the community's economy.  Visitors are cordially invited.  There is no admission fee,  but donations to the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation are gratefully accepted.

Hui Hanalike.jpg (61929 bytes)

          "HUI HANALIKE" is Hawaiian and translates into "a group working together."  In l976,   the entire staff participated and assembled the sections to create this large spectacular Dwarf Schefflera into a banyan form. It is mounted on a 6' diameter concrete turn table to allow the tree to be viewed from all sides and to be positioned for even growth. The tree utilizes Chinese and Hawaiian concepts. Several ceramic mudmen suggest a scale
4b1.jpg (82406 bytes)           THE INTRODUCTORY EXHIBIT:  Three major international bonsai roots.  (Left)  Natal Fig trained in the 2,500 year old Aristocratic Chinese Penjing manner.  The Chinese calligraphy is "pun-sai" that 1,000 years later became the Japanese "bon-sai."  (Right)  A Japanese Black Pine trained by the late Haruo "Papa" Kaneshiro in the traditional Japanese single apex-tier branched manner.  (Center) A Chinese Banyan represents Hawaiian outdoor tropical bonsai.   Bonsai can be an art,  a craft,  and a hobby!
4b2.jpg (72389 bytes)           START OF THE FORMAL EXHIBIT COLLECTION:  There are over 200 outstanding bonsai in the major exhibit area.    The collection includes bonsai trained by Hawaiian and international bonsai masters. When Hawaii's bonsai grower-trainers die, their best bonsai can come here to live to be enjoyed by visitors from all parts of the world. Families donate memorial trees to the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation who keeps them in the public domain.
4b1-3.jpg (114277 bytes)           GROUP GUIDED TOUR:  Upon request and by prior arrangements, we host groups such as this one from the University of Hawaii at Hilo's Elderhostel Program. Senior plant manager Michael Imaino shares the concept and details of a unique panoramic landscape named "Creating a Bonsai World!" It takes its inspiration from the karst cliffs of Kwelin, China.  The landscape is a complex assembly of 5 major multi-rock units, all mounted on a revolving concrete disc.
4b1-4.jpg (135830 bytes)           HAWAII STATE BONSAI REPOSITORY:  When Hawaiian bonsai trainers die, their best bonsai may come to the center to live, to be a memorial, and to be shared with visitors from throughout the world. This Ironwood (Casuarina) was originally collected by the late Haruo "Papa" Kaneshiro from the eroded Kahuku hills. The repository is controlled by the non-profit Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation which keeps the memorial bonsai in the public domain. Michael is the president of the foundation and the curator of the overall exhibit collection. 
PhotoTourKaneshiroIronwood2001.jpg (27079 bytes)           RESTYLING THE KANESHIRO IRONWOOD.   Each tree in the collection has an interesting story. The curator has a heavy responsibility to know the concept of each bonsai's creation, the styling preferences of the original owner-trainer, and the duty to preserve and maintain the original concept whenever possible. However, bonsai is a living art and there will be times when a new styling direction is necessary. The "Steward's Creed" provides guidelines.  


4c1.jpg (63288 bytes)           PEACE FOREST created by Japanese bonsai grand master Saburo Kato at the 1980 International Bonsai Convention held in Hawaii.  On the right is a translation of Kato's IBC 80 Hawaii address:  "The Spirit & Philosophy of Bonsai." 

(See:  "The Spirit & Philosophy of Bonsai and Saburo Kato,"  "Forest Planting Techniques by Saburo Kato,"  and "Restyling Peace Forest."

PhotoTourCBMikeRobertWillie2.jpg (30693 bytes)           THE FUKU-BONSAI COLLECTION has the largest variety of artistic pot plants including Chinese penjing, Japanese bonsai, Hawaii tropical outdoor bonsai, and our specialty True Indoor Bonsai. Many are impressive but still considered "in training" like this Chinese Banyan with Mike, Robert, and Willie.  Our staff handles all aspects of bonsai training at the Kurtistown nursery.

(See: "A Gallery of Bonsai in Training)

Snake Dance.jpg (18925 bytes)         "SNAKE DANCE" began high atop a tree and in time strangled and killed the host branch. In a wind storm the branch snapped and although the root was still attached,  it was caught by the branch below to begin the next stage of its life up-sid-down.  This must have happened several times to result in a long contorted root.  The top was completely removed and the root trained into this showstopper!
Workshop+EdisonII.jpg (29866 bytes)         Visitors to the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center get to learn the basics from the staff who work of the trees daily.  There's nothing like hands-on assistance and being able to ask every question!  Missy Tyson of Lancaster, Pennsylvania commented:
        "The art teacher has been taught a new art.  I had a lot of fun. Thanks!"
        She was coached by multi-talented Edison who's a  packer-shipper, back-up for the weekly delivery run, all around staffer and who will soon take over as nursery manager.
Photo tour Mike with cartons.jpg (18593 bytes)         These are large 30"x20"x20" heavy duty 275 pound test cartons used for our bulk-packed plants and the largest Custom Collection.  Cartons are wrapped in plastic sheets for storage. Mike climbed up on the stack to give you an idea of the size of the shipment. 
DennisPlantPrep.jpg (22442 bytes)          Dennis also wears several hats as shipping supervisor, sales and quality control, and rock sculptor.  Here he's prepping plants for shipment including a Custom Collection Brassaia in a 17"x12"x2" oval plastic bonsai pot.  A similar size Dwarf Schefflera and several Pachira are at his left. Other plants being cleaned include those with ribbon tags that were selected by visitors to the center for shipping after they arrive home. 

(See Custom Collection)

FBCPhotoTourYolly2.jpg (22486 bytes)         Yolly is also a key staffer who handles order processing and bookkeeping.  She's a part of the packing crew and inputs each parcel into the Federal Express Powership computer which prints out the labels and allows us to track any parcel.  The larger 30"x20"x20" heavy duty carton behind her contains a multiple plant wholesale order. This same carton can hold a single large bonsai.  Larger bonsai go out in telescoped cartons. Our smallest 8"x4"x4" carton contains a single small size lava planting. 
Photo tour Yolly with gift wrap.jpg (12368 bytes)        Yolly puts together special "gift-wraps" for corporate gifts that are sent to one location. These are sucurred within a filler and visible through the polybag. They are easy to carry home and require no care for a week or two.

        If you have need for a number of gifts, please call Yolly for quantity prices. There are several items that can be packed in this manner and the ribbons and gift cards add a nice touch. 

1a3g.jpg (54506 bytes)            FUKU-BONSAI SHIPS MOSTLY BY FEDERAL EXPRESS.  There are four pick up days per week and we schedule most continental United States shipments for a Monday or Tuesday. With 2-day service, they will usually arrive on Wednesday or Thursday and not get hung up in the system over the weekend. We've had excellent results and guarantee satisfaction and safe arrival.
1a3f.jpg (67576 bytes)           EFFICIENCIES OF SCALE!  To develop cost-effectiveness, heavy equipment is used to grade the rocks and only usable rocks are delivered. Of this, only rocks of the proper density with surface interest are selected and sculptured. 
1a3h.jpg (66330 bytes)           FUKU-BONSAI NURSERY IN KURTISTOWN.  We began with a 12-acre abandoned sugarcane field in 1973 and built the first nursery under the Hawaii State Certified Nursery Program. We pioneered the use of light porous lava pumice as the major component in our "soil-less" media.   This allows us to ship to all parts of the United States.  The media is especially suited for growing bonsai indoors as it drains very quickly, yet holds the proper amount of moisture.
                Each of our benches are 6' wide by 40' long (240 square feet) each and will hold 2,160 square 4" nursery pots per bench. The large nursery inventory provides efficiencies of scale and allow efficient economical production of multi-year crops.  We utilize professional bonsai nursery techniques to only produce the highest quality. From the millions of seedlings grown each year, we drastically cull out unsuitable plants early while investment per plant is very low.  Cuttings are from premium selected clones. We have a fully vertically integrated company handling collecting our own seeds and handling all procedures including marketing and shipping.  
                Fuku-Bonsai is committed to preserving and promoting the art and cultures of all forms of artistic pot plants, to compliment the Big Island visitor industry, and to benefit the community's economy. Bonsai are the spirit of man and nature in harmony.
                E KOMO MAI .  .  .  experience the serenity of nature, the beauty of bonsai, and the Spirit of Hawaii. Discover Hawaii's contribution to an ancient art!
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