Inspiration on arrival at Fuku-Bonsai;  Multiple Inspiration all in one tree
April 22, 2014
By Michael Freer (Pahala, Hawaii)

       A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR.  Michael is a retired Professor of Forester who wanted to spend a special Earth Day learning a new hobby with his daughter Kristine who lives on another part of the Big Island.  We had been in contact by email as he does get out this way too often and I had to tell him that I needed to be on Oahu when he planned to come but either Edison or Michael could run them through the workshop as the newest member of the Beginner's Study Group.   I told him about the Fast-Track Study Group members submitting photos with captions and invited him to be a contributing writer for his workshop and he agreed.


Kirsten getting Inspiration from Michael. Our very own Inspiration, a miniature bonsai kit with all elements included. WHAT?  Aluminum Foil,  What's that for?  Yippee !!!!! Finished.  



      Hey, Mine's got roots too. I can do something interesting with those on top of a little rock. Dad beaming over finished job.



       Deep soak after potting.







        Michael shows reverence for rocks. Create planting areas in the rock. Add growing medium in secret places. Carefully place roots.  WHAT!!!  Aluminum foil, again?

      EDITOR'S NOTE:  Michael Freer lives in Pahala,  an area with really nice rocks for bonsai.  So I asked Michael Imaino (who would be conducting the workshop) to give the Freers a demonstration on how to do rock plantings. Michael Freer provided the photos and captions.             



   Maybe it will look like this in five years. We'll  return to the garden for Inspiration. Or maybe it will look like this in 15 years. To think this is a miniature tree; it looks like the huge Banyans in downtown Hilo. We say goodbye to the gardens and take our little trees home to their new locations. In two or three months, with guidance from Michael, we will begin the pruning and shaping necessary for the next stage of growth.


           I like to remind everyone that each of us are different and that makes things interesting.  Michael selected a few scenes at Fuku-Bonsai that are different from scenes selected by others.  The two lead photos show trees that have never been published before.  The first is a Dwarf Schefflera with a basket of roots through which a tall slender stone rises.  The second is a "Thin & Tall Forest in the Chinese manner" of a Dwarf Kumquat in full fruit.   The photo of the ocean eroded rock above left (as part of the World of Bonsai Aloha) is similar to the South Point rocks near Michael's Pahala home.  The detail is of a large Chinese Banyan trunk.   Once in a while we have visitors who love taking detailed photographs and they really enjoy the trees and stay for hours and hours with some taking incredible details!  Thanks Michael,  I look forward to your future study group reports!  ~~~David


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