November 2012.  It's now about 18 months since the original article was written and submitted for publication in the American Bonsai Society Journal. I've been contributing articles to the American Bonsai Society for over 40 years and I recommend that anyone interested in the greater world of American Bonsai consider becoming a member.  More information is posted on this website at www.fukubonsai.com/1a8a2.html

              The tree is now very well established and the new wire-armature technique has proven very successful!  As a general rule,  Fuku-Bonsai trees tend to have extra branches as we believe in keeping options to allow continual improvement and training.  We feel that it is a mistake to try to select you "finished" branches in your initial training session.  At that time, you really don't know what your bonsai will become.  So we leave extra branches that may be needed in the future with the theory and belief that an extra branch can be removed later and that's a whole lot easier than gluing on or adding a needed branch.

               In this case, that was a good strategy and a major section of the tree and another major branch was later removed.  I decided to reposition the "root-trunk" into a more dynamic angle and found that the wires used in the wire-armature were too thin to hold the tree in a new position. So with a long Phillips screwdriver, a hole was made through the base and a heavier wire inserted to pull down one section and to swing the heaviest lowest branch into a new angle. 

              A Hawaiian Dragon Advanced Workshop III with a wire armature is clearly our most difficult workshop offered here at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center and that's the one novice Jeremy Erb wanted to do as reported at www.fukubonsai.com/3a2o.html     in July 2012.  It was shipped to Jeremy in Ohio and he reports it is beginning to grow and he'll send an update in the future.  This effort is advancing rapidly compared to his as I started with an excessive amount of established roots. 

             When we introduced the 1:10 Project to our staff in May of 2011,   Myrtle and I did a smaller version of the wire armature Hawaiian Dragon and these two are shown in the following photo.  Our best trees tend to have multiple attractive views and this one has this quality.


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