Although Fuku-Bonsai is a working bonsai nursery,  we only sell True Indoor Bonsai™, our proven durable houseplants training in the bonsai manner. Our collection includes Japanese bonsai, Chinese penjing, Hawaiian tropical outdoor bonsai, our specialty True Indoor Bonsai™, and a number of artistic pot plants that defy a single label!  

                The collection includes about 800 specimens in various stages of training.  About 250 are exhibited for visitors.  We do not generally sell outdoor tropical bonsai and these are intended to allow developing expertise in all forms of bonsai, for the exhibit collections, or for trade for stock to add variety to our collections.  Some of the trees below have been in training for many years. 

GalleryCB+MikeRobert+Willie.jpg (19268 bytes)        This large CHINESE BANYAN has been in training since about 1975 from a collected tree. The orginal tree was estimated to be about 25 to 35 years old when it was collected in the Puna Rainforest. Show with Robert, Mike and Willie. The tree is planted on the top of a bordered bench with a 20"x48" bench which serves as a  temporary "container.  Containers of such size are rare so we'll be making an appropriate one as a fiberglassed wood pot or a fiberglassed poured mold.
Gallery1PortJacksonFig3rdGenMasters.jpg (10144 bytes)           Senior plant manager Michael Imaino joined Fuku-Bonsai in 1983 and is now the curator of the exhibit collection and president of the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation.  This PORT JACKSON FIG fwas rooted rom a cutting that year, was pre-trained, and ground planted. It will be the major "symbol tree" as Michael and I train the next generation of Fuku-Bonsai masters.  See Professional Training.
GalleryNatalensisNew+MikeCliff.jpg (13312 bytes)           This NATAL BANYAN was rooted from a cutting about 1976 and was a part of a tall but not very high quality bonsai that had a nice crown and a lot of aerial roots. The trunk was cut in the middle and the top section "grafted" on to a driftwood tree to suggest a strangler fig sitting on a dead host tree.  The bottom section was potted and now also going into bonsai training.   For a series of photos and more information:  See Professional Standard Prepared Bonsai Stock    

                Generally, we keep plants in training in training containers.  The trees for our exhibit collections must be larger than most bonsai hobbyist trees and it is often difficult to obtain pots of these larger sizes. 

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