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        Meet Jerry Meislik!  Here's an unusual fellow who loves tropical bonsai but lives near the Canadian border where snow covers the ground a good part of the year.  He gets outstanding growth on his favorite ficus (fig) bonsai due to the high-intensity halide lamps hanging from the ceiling.  Who else keeps a collection on rolling multi-shelf food service carts?

        I first met Jerry and Rhona when they were active in the Ann Arbor, Michigan bonsai community in 1985 when I was invited to headline the American Bonsai Society Symposium in East Lansing. I was able to visit their home and got an understanding of the challenges of growing bonsai in colder climates.  Then, his pride and joy was an attached greenhouse that wintered over some trees including his ficus bonsai collection.

        The Meisliks became Fuku-Bonsai stockholders to join our dream of creating an international bonsai center in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Unfortunately, that effort failed and much has happened since. They retired and moved to Whitefish, Montana to enjoy a good life amidst great natural beauty! Jerry travels widely and is available to lead workshops or to make presentations. 

        Jerry is "Bonsai Hunk" and this portal was set up to hold various articles on projects we're jointly involved in.  Sometimes I'll write the articles posted on Fuku-Bonsai's website.  Jerry may write about the same project or experience and post it on his website whose URL is and whose email address is in his website.

        As you should realize, both of us are bonsai fanatics and hope you learn from both our successes and mistakes!  If you've got interest and questions about ficus, Jerry's your guy!  Email him!


Jerry Meislik,
Contributing Editor
      The Journal of Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai will focus primarily on Fuku-Bonsai's Dwarf Schefflera houseplant bonsai. But it will also include Tropical and Memorial Bonsai in the Fuku-Bonsai Collection, Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation's Hawaii State Bonsai Repository, and trees in Jerry Meislik's collection.  This is a listing of Journal articles by Jerry.


Issue 1:  January 2013




Issue 2:  February 2013

Issue 3:  March 2013



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         I began hearing about Jerry's new home and thought he was pulling my leg!  Growing high-light ficus bonsai indoors year around is possible, but I was really surprised when I saw a photo showing outstanding growth! In 2002, Jerry wrote this article for Fuku-Bonsai to explain his system. It's impressive! 
          Light is the energy source for all of a plant’s functions. The basic metabolic mechanisms of life including respiration, growth, flowering etc. are all fueled by light. Light and not bonsai “food” is the key factor!
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 TRAINING SEEDLINGS (A portal section) In May of 2002 I received seeds of Water Jasmine from  Shailesh Pranlal Kapadia of India and this portal contains several articles. Jerry is a collaborator in this study.
         ALOHA FROM SHAILESH!  The original information. 
         DEVELOPING GOALS   Jerry sent photos and thoughts
         SUMMARY REPORT - OCTOBER 2003   Based upon what I learned, this report was produced.
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        Reviewing Jerry's book clearly had conflicts of interest as he's a friend, a stockholder, and collaborator. But having declared the conflict, I reviewed, enjoyed, and recommended the book!

To order a copy of FICUS; THE EXOTIC BONSAI directly from the author or to visit the website of Jerry Meislik,  go to:  


          In May 2004 Jerry was a houseguest for a week and was given the honor to lead the long-term training of a ficus bonsai from exceptional stock donated to our sister non-profit Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation by Hiroshi Ikeda.  A report on his trip on his website:  DAVID FUKUMOTO & FUKU-BONSAI      


MPBF-Meislik ficus 4.jpg (11800 bytes)


           Jerry led the styling and wrote this first report.  The Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation's  Hawaii State Bonsai Repository collection at Fuku-Bonsai is intended to show as wide a range as possible. Jerry will lead the styling of this tree with Fuku-Bonsai's staff to follow his directions.  His report on his website is "MAHALO" - Designing A Fig In the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Collection

Meislik MPBF possible future no. 5.jpg (14535 bytes)


           Jerry showed off his computer skills by producing conceptual designs of possible future stylings and discussed his strategy. Jerry's computer sketches are posted here and the sketch at left will be the general initial direction for the training of this tree.  
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              In the 1970's there were several hybrids between the Chinese and Taiwan Banyan.  This included one that was a gift by Haruo "Papa" Kaneshiro.  Now 30-years old, it has gone as a gift to Montana as it begins new styling under it's third owner-trainer. This tree would be trained in Montana while "Mahalo" would be trained in Hawaii by Jerry's long-distance directions. The stage is set for some interesting future commentaries!
Jerry's articles about this tree on his website:  
Meislik 332 Mahalo2 before 2 72dpi 4x3.jpg (88434 bytes)


               In November 2004, five months after the initial training, I reported in FBnews9 that the tree had recovered from the initial training, that a "generic" set of new branches was selected, and photos posted for Jerry to advise from Whitefish, Montana on further styling of the tree in Kurtistown.  Here's Jerry's reply on his website: "MAHALO"- Part Two
From time to time, other joint projects will be developed to show the similarities or the differences of having very different growing conditions.  
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