Fuku-Bonsai's Premium Potted Bonsai are the best if you want to learn and create the highest quality bonsai!  Here's why!  

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     This Japanese Black Pine is over 100 years old and amongst the most difficult to grow. It is not a houseplants and are the worst gift bonsai for a person without experience!  In contrast our True Indoor Bonsai are the easiest way to learn bonsai that will grow indoors year around or outdoors when night temperatures are above 55°F.




























            Generally it takes 30 years to create a high-quality bonsai from a seed or a cutting. For best results the critical training MUST begin very early to develop “character” in the lower trunk and root areas. It is necessary to develop a huge number and only select the best of these to grow-on to become “high-potential bonsai”!

             Our HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTINGS are ideal easy-care gift bonsai for those with no bonsai experience at all.  Our pre-trained plants grow very slowly as growth is restricted by the lava rock.  A little liquid fertilizer in the weekly watering is all that is needed as these plants can grow and survive in the rock for many years.

              But it is relatively easy to learn how to report bonsai and that is the objective of our introductory workshop package.  If you like the size of your tree, repot to keep the roots growing strongly and pot back into the same size pot.  If you want a larger bonsai, pot into a larger pot.  If you want a smaller bonsai with a proportionally larger trunk, pot it into a smaller pot.  This may take a bit more skill but is doable once you learn bonsai potting techniques.  Potting rejuvenates roots and creates stronger growth. But it is also possible to repot bonsai every 5-10 years if given proper fertilization. 

              Fuku-Bonsai was the first certified export nursery and the only vertically integrated True Indoor Bonsai™ nursery shipping highest standard Custom Collection to all parts of the United States with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed. Fuku-Bonsai began in 1973 and was very profitable during the initial years up to 1985 when we incorporated to be the catalyst to develop and build the Kona Fuku-Bonsai Center as an international bonsai attraction in a developing visitor destination area.  We began with a large investment and rapidly scaled up so at our peak we shipped 3,000+ units per month!

             Then, we were primarily selling popular, easy-care Hawaiian Lava Plantings by restricted wholesale to widely-scattered, area-exclusive Fuku-Bonsai Authorized Retailers throughout the U.S. We rejected and destroyed all weak of sub-standard plants. We produced sufficient income selling just 10% of our production utilizing the lowest acceptable grades of our seedlings and cuttings. Our overall strategy to grow highest quality bonsai is based upon a little used concept of first training plants to become small size potted bonsai or small lava plantings.

SMALL BONSAI.  (Usually 3-5 years old)

              These are ideal starter bonsai that already have some character.  They are great values and have a huge potential compared to plants that have never been root pruned or started early into bonsai training. Whether you train them as small bonsai or up-pot them for a future medium or larger bonsai, begin with a plan.

             “SUMO” are stout with strong lower trunks and surface roots --- usually with tapered trunks or multiple trunks with low branches to create “Banyan Bonsai.”  “ROOTS” have extended roots with the start of main crown branches and are ideal for further root extensions, rock-plantings, and enlarged foliage crowns.  “HAWAIIAN DRAGONS” all have a sharp bend near the roots to start to create unique, twisty-turny, fun bonsai!

MEDIUM BONSAI.  (Usually 7-10 years old)

               By this stage, the tree is already moving strongly toward an overall styling concept, but is usually still limber enough to wire or to report to move it into a new direction. At this stage, it is important that you are able to provide a good growing environment, learn fertilizer and water control to create strong optimum growth, and develop confidence to shape by pruning, including removing a lot of the leaves to be able to see the trunk and branch structure to produce compact growth and more branching. 

             For those with limited growing areas next to bright windows, the medium size is often the favorite compromise as it allows a small enjoyable collection to be kept well maintained even with a busy lifestyle.

LARGE BONSAI.  (Usually 12-15 years old)

            Increasingly, more customers are ordering this size as their second and third plant with a limited but varied collection to rotate to a display area. These are great values when you calculate the “cost per year!” There are very few nurseries who can offer high-quality plants in this age and price range and Fuku-Bonsai is increasing inventory and production to meet the faster growing market demand.

            At about 15 years old, continued maintenance refinement training will add more character and detail each year and it is relatively easy to maintain the height by keeping it in the same pot.  If you want a larger bonsai, consider ordering a larger "conversion kit" that includes all needed items.   OR CONSIDER PURCHASING A CUSTOM COLLECTION BONSAI THAT IS LARGER, OLDER AND WELL ALONG IN BECOMING A REAL SHOWPIECE!






           These older plants that have been a part of the Old Plant Bank and/or trained in small batches with different techniques.  Others began as standard Sumo, Roots, and Hawaiian Dragons and continued to develop and graduated from the standards.  A few are rock planted and rarely we have multiple tree plantings.  As much as we are bonsai professionals,  we love to continue to try new concepts and techniques an this is especially reflected in our Custom Collection plants. 

ENTRY-LEVEL (About 15 to 20 years old) Currently priced $500 to $1,000.

           This is the most popular Custom Collection request as it is in a nice size "final" container to become a family heirloom.  While our plastic pots are attractive, some want to take their time and search all websites to find the perfect ceramic bonsai pot.  Perhaps one day we will offer in ceramic pots, but right now we are focusing of creating the best possible plants!

MID-LEVEL (About 20 to 25 years old)  Currently priced from $2,500 to $5,000)

           Only a few of our plants in this price range are being offered for sale. They are clearly our best trees we are willing to release, but only to past customers who can maintain and improve the trees.  Some are in larger 25" pots.  Please email us if you are interested in these older bonsai.

OUR OLDEST TREES (25 to 50 years old!)  Not currently offered for sale.

Even though the nursery began in 1973 and we have plants up to 48 years in training, to now we've offered only plants up to 25 years in training to one day have 50 year old trees to offer.  We're getting closer and will begin "finishing" our oldest trees.  These tend to be larger and need l