We've used the original 1962 WR Grace patented MagAmp since 1973.  Then it was the fertilizer that burned plants less than any other and we developed proprietary techniques that resulted in our TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ becoming the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow house plants.  MagAmp was sold to Sumitomo of America, we became their most loyal customer, and obtained permission to repackage to make it available to our customers and included a complimentary packet with each bonsai sold. The patents expired, they ceased U.S. production about 1999,  and we led the search for a superior replacement.

                  We led an international collaboration and will soon introduce a new citrate-soluble fertilizer that addresses the burning and leaching problems of all common water-soluble fertilizers.  HAWAIIANITE™ is a transformational, safe, low-nitrogen / high-phosphorous fertilizer that will soon be available.  I invite those interested in participating in our trials to contact me at 


                    Fuku-Bonsai president and founder David W. Fukumoto began bonsai as a family hobby in 1962, the same year that the original MagAmp was patented. Bonsai became a passion and Hawaii played a major role to create the "International Bonsai" that we enjoy today. My family moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to start the first Hawaii State Certified Export Nursery in 1973 and has shipped to all parts of the U.S. since then.  The sole proprietorship evolved into a corporation in 1985 to become the catalyst to own and operated both the 12 acre Kurtistown nursery and the 17 acre Fuku-Bonsai Center in upper Keauhou-Kona.

                     Unfortunately we sprayed defective DuPont Benlate fungicides contaminated with weedkillers in 1989 and were amongst the 5,000+ filing lawsuits against DuPont with losses totaling over $30 million. We were forced to seek Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection and the center closed. When creditors agreed to DuPont's settlement offer, our only choice was to accept or be liquidated.  We paid all creditors 100% + interest, cancelled the bankruptcy, and retreated back to the Kurtistown nursery to open a modest Fuku-BonsaI Cultural Center and to rebuild with very little funds. We learned that the information provided to the bankruptcy court withheld and misrepresented information and we sued DuPont for fraud; and endured another 10 years of legal bullying until we were forced to settle again.  The total net recovery of the 1994 Benlate product liability and the 2007 DuPont fraud settlements was less than 10% of our losses after taxes and legal costs. Life is not fair and DuPont escaped having to pay for the damages they caused.

                     But with the support of our customers, stockholders, associates and the Big Island community, we survived, developed all new crops and business plan, rebuilt much of the nursery, and led the research to find a superior MagAmp replacement.  The photo above shows a few of our Dwarf Schefflera True Indoor Bonsai™. The largest tree is over 40 years in training in the most difficult Rainforest Banyan styling.  A large size Lava Planting is amongst the easiest care of all bonsai.  A smaller root-over-rock planting and the 2.5" tall mini-bonsai in a 2.5" diameter pot are possible due to the unique Hawaiianite traits.  My bonsai knowledge and skills gave me the ability to understand how plants grow on a long-term basis.  I came to understand that while water-soluble fertilizers made possible the huge increase in food production after World War II, that water-soluble nutrients also have negative aspects that we addressed in developing Hawaiianite.

                     The "Developing Hawaiianite" exhibit summaries our most significant research milestones.  First we were able to understand the major differences between "water-soluble" and "citrate-soluble" nutrient release.  We eliminated "burning" by reducing the water-soluble nitrogen to less than 1.5%.  Without fertilizer burn, fewer larger applications are possible to save labor.  But just as important, it is possible to create a safe, steady, multi-year citrate-soluble phosphorous release that produces optimum growth that made our True Indoor Bonsai easy-care and high-success.

                     As we move towards introducing Hawaiianite as an innovative, transformative fertilizer, a major challenge is to establish credibility and knowledge.  We know Hawaiianite will be effective in growing bonsai, flowers, and container nursery crops.  We believe it will be a superior long-term effective source of nutrients for new sod and landscaping installations.  We also believe it can become both cost-effective with environmental benefits for maintaining golf courses and existing landscapes.  We seek the assistance of the top researchers and potential commercial users in every field of agriculture to confirm the validity of these unique traits to be used to reduce costs, to increase production, and to grow stronger, more productive plants! 


The ideal universal fertilizer!


                    HAWAIIANITE is a rare, new, improved citrate-soluble fertilizer that addresses the negative aspects of common water-soluble fertilizers.  It is easy to use, produces strong plants with larger root systems and abundant flowering, and increases seeds, nuts, fruit, root crops, and other forms of agricultural production. It's for all plants and all fertilizer needs.

                    HAWAIIANITE is safe, non-burning, with on-demand release!  By reducing the water-soluble nitrogen to less than 1.5%, it will not burn bonsai, orchids, or other sensitive plants. Nutrient release is dictated by the amount of roots.  No roots --- no release.  Few roots --- moderate release.  Lots of roots --- maximum release.  Any excess fertilizer remains for the plant in the future.  By making larger, fewer applications, it is labor-saving and only a single application may be sufficient for an entire crop.  Generous applications for new sod or landscapes provide a steady multi-year supply of nutrients.  Hawaiianite is especially cost-effective for high-value crops or where labor is a major cost factor.

                    HAWAIIANITE is the ideal high-phosphorous fertilizer!  Phosphorous is the key to strong, healthy , high-production plants.  Plants can not absorb large amounts but need a steady, continuing supply. Common water-solubles release all nutrients upon contact with moisture and there's more phosphorous available than the plant can absorb. During heavy rains, the run-off pollutes waterways and cause green algae bloom, fish kills, and other environmental problems. Run-off can be prevented or greatly reduced.  By limiting the amount of water-soluble phosphorous closer to what plants can absorb, most of Hawaiianite's large 32% phosphorous is held in on-demand citrate-soluble form that is released as needed by plants.  So, very little is wasted and environmental pollution is reduced.  Ideal also for general container plants or to maintain residential and commercial landscaping.

                   The benefits are obvious; but to date, Hawaiianite has largely been tested only in bonsai production and only by Fuku-Bonsai.  We used the original MagAmp since 1973 and; when U.S. production ended about 1999, we led the search for an improved replacement.  We successfully collaborated with the Korean technology leader and Fuku-Bonsai owns the formulation, tradename, and global marketing rights. We will create a Hawaiian fertilizer industry and invite you to join us!

                    Starting with a "HAWAII FIRST!" strategy, we are especially inviting Hawaiian leaders of government, academia, agricultural organizations, and major potential users to participate!  We will support and assist in creating documented comparative trials for others to duplicate.  The HAWAIIANITE SUPPORTER program gives direct contact, assistance, and future discounts.  We want a win-win-win opportunity for everyone!


                    For much more information and to participate, please contact David W. Fukumoto, president & founder, FUKU-BONSAI.  PO Box 6000 (17-856 Olaa Road),  Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760.

                    URL:     Email:


          Unique Hawaiianite traits can be exploited to produce exceptional mini-bonsai results that would otherwise not be possible.  The non-burning extended on-demand release produces optimum steady growth.  Even difficult mini-bonsai becomes relatively easy-care.  Hawaiianite is especially valuable for amateur gardeners who have several personally valuable plants but have very little fertilizing skills or knowledge!  It's the only fertilizer you'll ever need!  While all trials to date have only been tested for bonsai production, there is extraordinary potential with all other major and minor crops and we seek participants willing and able to conduct and document comparative fertilizer trials that can be duplicated by others.  We will support and assist.


            Hawaiianite's controlled on-demand release reduces the amount of water-soluble phosphorous closer to the amounts plants can absorb to reduce run-off fertilizer into waterways.  This is a major cause of pollution of waterways that produce green algae bloom, fish kills, and other environmental problems.  Besides lower pollution, needed phosphorous is released over a long period and is not wasted.  Phosphorous is needed for strong plants with larger roots systems that flower profusely and go on to produce larger seed, nut, fruit, root crops and other agricultural production.  Hawaiianite is a rare low-nitrogen/high-phosphorous fertilizer ideal for both amateur gardeners and commercial users! 


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