david and prem keiki 2.jpg (39168 bytes)          ALOHA!  I'm David Fukumoto, founder and president of Fuku-Bonsai Inc.  My family pioneered True Indoor Bonsai™ since 1962 and it's become the most successful gift bonsai for anyone who can grow houseplants. We've shipped to all parts of the United States since 1973 and grow large quantities in an ideal tropical environment. This section of the Fuku-Bonsai website includes how to order, about PayPal, how we pack and can guarantee safe arrival, about FedEx, and other related information.  I'm in my 80's and getting hard of hearing so emails at are preferred.  We are short-handed and often no one answers the phone. 


            NEW ORDERING INFORMATION.   Our inventory is at an all-time low but most items are available. Plants are maturing for sale each week and all orders go to who prefers to send a PayPal Invoice until we have a secure website.  Please send all information in a single email:  Item(s) wanted, 2nd and 3rd choices if not available,  shipping address (to determine if weather allows shipping).  David will send you a PayPal Invoice if item(s) are available once the order is confirmed.


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        Fuku-Bonsai has been shipping to all parts of the United since 1973 with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed.  This page shows the procedures we use to pack the plants. The link that follows showed how these large plants arrived.
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        We now offer premium FedEx tracking capability. If you provide your (or recipient's) email address we will provide the contract arrival date and tracking numbers.  Here are the details!

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        PayPal is the original and largest online credit card processor who very effectively handle secure transactions.   NOTE:  PayPal is now easier than ever and does not require setting up an account!
        Fuku-Bonsai has shipped to all parts of the US since 1973 and has developed an  to assure our plants arrive safely. We pay attention to details and our packing and shipping completes careful growing are done to the same extraordinary expertise that is used in growing the plants. Here's what some of our customers write.


        HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTINGS are our most popular gift items. A proven durable houseplant that has been pre-trained for several years and rock planted to create unique slow-growing easy-care items for homes and offices.   The most successful gift bonsai for anyone who can grow houseplants! 
        POTTED LIVING LOVABLES and LIVING SCULTURE have larger root systems and more vigorous growth. These are ideal for those wanting to train bonsai but want to start with items that are already potted and semi-trained. 
WORKSHOP PACKAGES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL NEXT YEAR.       Workshop success is assured with quality Fuku-Bonsai components and an outstanding handbook!  Professionally pre-trained prepared bonsai stock, attractive pot, and our unique True Indoor Bonsai Soil make this ideal for beginners, for botanical garden classes or for casual instructors interested in teaching high-success bonsai! See Successful Bonsai Training!
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        Each year, for those who have successfully grown our plants and are looking for the oldest highest quality houseplant bonsai, we offer a limited number of individually priced trees. Each tree is assigned a specific number,  photographed, and offered with appropriate information. Please contact for availability with requested style,  and budget range.

             FUKU-BONSAI'S LIMITED WARRANTY.   "Fuku-Bonsai guarantees satisfaction and safe arrival on all items sent directly from the nursery;  and if received in damaged or unsatisfactory condition,   return within 10 days by postpaid airmail for refund or replacement.  No other warranty is implied or expressed." 

         TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ was trademarked to separate our products from questionable plants sold as "indoor bonsai."  Many imported from China are not houseplants.  Even common houseplants like Ficus require more light than is normally available in homes and offices.  We grow, train, and ship so you're dealing directly with the source.  Each year fewer people believe junipers are houseplants. These people can be successful with our True Indoor Bonsai.

          We've always focused on helping beginners to be successful. The Introductory Workshop Package is a HUGE SUCCESS and with a little coaching from an adult, 10-year olds are successful.  We are now developing teaching manuals, solid economic feasibility and invite casual instructors who are willing and able to give workshops to youth groups, garden clubs, etc. to contact us. 

           We're signing up Fuku-Bonsai International representatives and Authorized Retailers in all parts of the United States.  Please contact me for more information. Our professional techniques cull out inferior stock early and this made us the quality bonsai leader. Our business has been built by word-of-mouth.  After your first order, we're confident you'll become a repeat customer too!

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