Chris Testimonial Dec 2002.jpg (25958 bytes)         Hi Dave: This is Cris Granados . Just wanted to wish you happy holidays and show you my clan of trees. I visited you in September and brought two trees home. This is me unpacking the lastest addition that I will give it to my nephew for Christmas. It's a nice one!  Thank you.

        When Cris visited, I asked him to take a good clear photo.  I was pleased he took a photo just after he unpacked his latest one and the original trees on the window ledge are doing fine. Many are impressed with the way the plants arrive. Premium plants deserve premium packing and delivery! ~~~David

               We continue to try to improve.  In packing, plants are wrapped, polybagged, strapped to a filler, and stappled securely to the carton.  Our "winter-pack" traps layers of air to provide insulation and we tape all carton flaps to slow cold from entering the carton.  Plants seem to have no major problems and we ship throughout the year and only hold back plants when the low temperatures in receiving areas are below freezing. Our shipping staff watch the national weather patterns and don't ship when temperatures are falling in borderline regions.

                The major problems seem to happen when parcels are left exposed to the cold when a recipient is not expecting the parcel and has a pre-approval for the parcel to be left at the address. Because of this situation, we are now recommending that the email addresses of gift recipients be included with the orders to allow us to notify them of the FedEx tracking numbers so they'll know a parcel will be arriving. It's a bit of extra work, but Fuku-Bonsai appreciates our premium customers who deserve premium service!

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