Part II: Receiving the shipment

                We shipped the two parcels on Monday, November 4, 2001 with Federal Express pick-up at 11:00AM.  By their standards,  the parcels should be delivered on the East Coast in three days by Thursday, November 7, 2001.  I sent Brian an email informing him of the dimensions, weight and FEDEX tracking numbers of the two parcels.  I also informed him that I took step-by-step photos of the pack and requested step-by step photos of the unpacking and to show the arrival condition.  I was very interested in seeing how the system worked as this was the first  #27 series Custom Collection to be shipped.  A few days later, I received an email from Brian that included: 

" Both packages arrived on November 6 at 1:00pm. I took multiple pictures of the uncrating process and they came out great .   .  . The quality of the plants and their condition is excellent. Giving them a little rest before exposing them to the greenhouse conditions  .  .  .  

                So I excitedly waited and the day after Thanksgiving,  there was a long email that seemed to take forever to download and I was delighted to see the following photos!

McCarthyArrival 1.jpg (13448 bytes)       The two cartons got banged up a bit as expected. These are special 275# extra heavy duty cartons that had been telescoped for double side thickness. 
McCarthyArr 2.jpg (17698 bytes)       The carton in the foreground has the large Custom Collection with the padded display tray wrapped and secured to the right side of the carton. The space above the cushioned and insulated foliage was loosely filled with more crumpled paper and sheet insulation.
McCarthyArr 3.jpg (20406 bytes)       The easiest way to unpack is to slit down all corners,  then peel off each layer of packing material.
McCarthyArr 4.jpg (24461 bytes)       With the foliage wraps removed, a few leaves are bent a little, but the plant obviously arrived in excellent condition.
McCarthyArr 5.jpg (23250 bytes)       Set atop the turntable mechanism and on the bottom display stand, the tree gets it's first Massachusetts sun bath.
McCarthyArr 6.jpg (16987 bytes)       The second carton contained the remainder of Brian's order.  All of the pots, media for the workshop packages and other non-plant items were packed into the bottom of the carton.   The plants were all attached to the wood shipping rack and this held down the non-plant items when the side of the rack was stapled through the carton.
McCarthyArr7.jpg (24831 bytes)       The entire shipment included 6 True Indoor Bonsai,  5 Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop Packages, #17 Conversion kits,  and other items. 
McCarthyArr 9.jpg (30290 bytes)       The greenhouse is almost complete seen above the Rose Garden with beautiful fall colors.
McCarthyArr 12.jpg (27804 bytes)      The beautiful McCarthy home is located on Dolibers Cove right outside the entrance to Marblehead Harbor.
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