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              ALOHA AND WELCOME TO THE FUKU-BONSAI STORE!  Fuku-Bonsai was Hawaii's first certified export nursery in 1973 and we specialize in producing the finest Dwarf Schefflera bonsai simply because it is the ideal and most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants.  We ship to all parts of the United States via Federal Express with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed. We produce only premium quality - the highest-quality proven, durable houseplant bonsai available anywhere - by the pioneer of TRUE INDOOR BONSAI since 1962!

             As suggested,  we have updated the website to include a PayPal cart and check-out to make it easier for those who know what they want.  You can expect an order confirmation and we will continue to ship each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to arrive anywhere the U.S. in 48 hours or less.  Our flat-rate shipping is attractive:  "$15 for the first plant;  $22 ($11 each) for 2 plants going to the same U.S. address;  $24 ($8 each for 3 plants to the same U.S. address.  FREE SHIPPING WHEN 4 OR MORE PLANTS ARE SHIPPED TO THE SAME ADDRESS.  (Arizona:  $15 phtosanitary certificate fee;  Alaska ($10 FedEx surcharge).

              But we will continue our commitment to the finest prompt, personalized service and will accept orders with phone credit card authorizations,  We'll be happy to answer questions and assist with your order,  More are know that I'm getting hard of hearing and I, therefore, prefer email rather than phone calls.  Our product lines are evolving and we're developing Premium Prepared Stock Workshop Packages and creating custom combinations for those in the beginner or fast-track study groups.  In the past few years,  we've made remarkable progress in teaching True Indoor Bonsai. Please feel free to phone our staff or to email me for more information.

              Regards and aloha,  ~~~David W. Fukumoto, president & founder (



           HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTINGS.   Our original products are still our most popular and are the easiest-care and most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow house plants.  Features a pre-trained dwarf schefflera grown in attractive porous lava rock.  Slow growing and great gifts for home or office.  Screened porous lava gravel is part of the success and allows you to use any container that fits your home or office.




           PREMIUM POTTED BONSAI.  The highest-potential potted bonsai on the market.  Training begins early so there's a lot of lower trunk character and good branches in our youngest smallest trees, with much more character in older larger trees. With a larger root system, these grow faster than Hawaiian Lava Plantings and can therefore be developed and trained into higher quality bonsai. 



          CUSTOM COLLECTION BONSAI.   The cream of our crop --- the oldest, largest, and best of trees up to 40 years in training.  Individually photoed and value priced to FedEx to all parts of the U.S. Due to our large scale, lowest annual costs, and ideal growing conditions, expect to pay less than one hour of wages for each year of training - a 15 year old tree for less than the average wages for 15 hours of work!  These are the best values for those looking for more mature bonsai but sales are restricted to those who have successfully grown our plants.  Contact David W. Fukumoto for more information at



          BONSAI KITS / WORKSHOP PACKAGES. Our INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP PACKAGE (IWP) was a major break-through and the long sought "BONSAI EDUCATIONAL HOLY GRAIL!"  It is the easiest and most successful way to learn (or teach) bonsai as it includes a pre-trained prepared bonsai stock and all needed items.  Quantity discounts and teachers' aids available.  PREMIUM WORKSHOP PACKAGES (PIWP) are being developed members of the beginner or fast-track study groups.



          (Photo of USPS flat-rate box and other supplies.)


       POTTING MEDIA & OTHER SUPPLIES.  Fuku-Bonsai's potting media is the fastest draining and is ideal for those growing bonsai whether indoors or out.  It can be used as a "uni-mix" or rescreened into graduated aggregate-only layers for optimum drainage.  Most of the members of our fast-track study group order a bulk supply to customize or combine with media available in their area.  We also offer a limited number of other products not easily available. 



            FLAT RATE FEDEX U.S. SHIPPING & HANDLING:   First plant:  $15;    2 plants: $22 ($11 each);    3 plants:$24 ($8 each);  4 or more plants going to the same address:  FREE SHIPPING!    Arizona: add $15 phytosanitary certificate fee.  Alaska:  add $10 FedEx surcharge.   Federal Express provides rate discounts as parcels get heavier and Fuku-Bonsai passes these on to our customers as "QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!"   Cultural information and a complimentary Nutrient Granule packet included with each plant.    We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and FedEx guarantees arrival anywhere in the continental U.S. in 48 hours.  They sometimes deliver to West Coast addresses in 24 hours!  Fuku-Bonsai ships the highest quality, best value,  and most successful gift bonsai available in today's marketplace with prompt personalized service.  Try us!

              OUR LIMITED 10-DAY WARRANTY:  "Fuku-Bonsai guarantees satisfaction and safe arrival of all items shipped directly from the Kurtistown nursery; and if received in damaged or unsatisfactory condition, return within 10 days by prepaid postal air priority mail for refund or replacement.  No other warranty is expressed or implied."