Hawaii is a high-cost state and shipping costs are theoretically highest due to us being in mid-Pacific and shipping primarily to destinations within the continental U.S.  However, we have a major advantage in being a part of a 500+ Hawaii shippers group that has a bulk Federal Express group discount that makes it less costly for us than  shippers within the continental U.S.!  From Hawaii, our 2nd Day Air service guarantees delivery of our plants within 48 hours to any continental U.S. location.  Increasingly, they are delivering West Coast parcels within 24 hours! 

                There is a lower costs of smaller lighter items that are sent US Postal but these may require special packaging.  There is a lower cost when utilizing the US Postal Flat Rate Box system and this is significant when sending three gallons of Fuku-Bonsai Potting Media.

                 We will only list items here that are used at Fuku-Bonsai but are not generally available.


(3rd Edition)  Highly recommended for inclusion with all gifts.
       The 3rd Edition TRUE INDOOR BONSAI WORKSHOP HANDBOOK (24 pages black & white/color softcover; 8.5"x 5.5".  The handbook has a the color sheet cover and includes a total of 80 photos, sketches, or graphics! The handbook covers only Fuku-Bonsai's Dwarf Schefflera and includes details about our workshop packages.
  $7.50 + $1.00 postal first class mail  (no shipping fee if ordered with other larger items)




        A unique pelletized ultra slow-release fertilizer that reliably releases a tiny amount of nutrients over a long period of time! Ideal for houseplant or orchid growth. Repackaged by Fuku-Bonsai with permission to make it available to our customers in small quantities! Fertilizer cannot be sent through the mail so the minimum FedEx shipping fee if ordered alone is $12!  No shipping charge for the following small items if ordered with a plant or Micro-Lobster tank.


                Unique dependable controlled release is due to the chemical composition rather than less dependable coatings. The relatively low nitrogen and high phosphorus ratios produces durable drought-resistant growth recommended for orchids, houseplants, and our TRUE INDOOR BONSAI. Fuku-Bonsai has been using MagAmp in our nursery production since 1973. It is only available to distributors in minimum pallet or container quantities in regions such as Hilo where there is a large orchid industry that needs dependable nutrient release. It is available to professional growers in 50-pound sacks. We received permission from Sumitomo Corporation of America to repackage to make this ideal product available to our customers.

                INCORPORATION INTO POTTING MEDIA. For stronger growth of potted plants growing in high-light combination indoor-outdoor environments during the warmer seasons. 4" pots: Bury a total of 1/2 tsp. of MagAmp in 4 corners. 8" pots: Bury a total of 1 tsp of MagAmp in 4 corners. 12" pots: Bury a total of 1 tablespoon in several holes in the media. Repeat every 6 months for overlapping continuing fertilizer release.

                MagAmp is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Corporation of America. More information at: http://www.sumitomocorp.com/industry/features/ff_magamp.html  Actual N-P-K and Magnesium analysis will vary slightly depending upon the natural components during manufacturing.


(August 2010 photo and updated description)


"to pot Hawaiian Lava Plantings" or "enlarge our potted bonsai."

                #8 CONVERSION KIT is usually used for potting an HS8 Small lava Planting or to move a 4LL8 Living Lovable potted bonsai toward a larger 8LS8 Living Sculpture potted bonsai for those who want a bonsai about 8"-12" tall.  It is also part of the Premium Introductory Workshop Package available only to Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation member and the #8 Conversion Kit has recently been modified to add to the educational experience. 

                #8 CONVERSION KIT:  $25.00 + $15 shipping (Sorry, no shipping discount on this item)
                 With optional matching 9" diameter plastic saucer;  add $6 (includes shipping when ordered with #8 conversion kit)  

                There are now nine components in the #8 Conversion Kits:

          1.   CULTURAL INFORMATION.  There's basic potting information similar to Lesson #1: Potting at www.fukubonsai.com/4a4.html 

          2.   POT.   8"diameter x 2" plastic pot designed by Fuku-Bonsai and the finest plastic pot available.  Note that we prefer ligher colors that are much more attractive indoors.  Round pots are great because window light is directional and plants must be frequently turned.  So train True Indoor Bonsai so all sides are attractive!

          3.   X-WIRE TIE-DOWN.  Learn to secure the plant to the pot so the plant doesn't shake as a plant that is shaking will not allow the roots to grow.

          4.   COARSE BOTTOM MEDIA.  Mound this in the bottom center of the pot.

          5.   PLASTIC SEPARATOR.  A Fuku-Bonsai innovation to protect the majority of the coarse bottom to assure important drainage!

          6.   BODY POTTING MEDIA.  Place 50% around the coarse bottom media and firm down with the top of the plastic separator showing.  Add a bit more body media,  prepare and position the plant, add remaining media and firm down.  Secure the plant with the x-wire tie-down.  Water by soaking in water up to the rim of the pot for at least 30 minutes to assure all the organic matter is totally wetted.

          7.   FINE TOP DRESSING.  After watering by saturation, drain, smooth and firm down the surface with a spoon, then use as little fine top dressing to create a smooth surface and save any remainder to dress the surface from time to time.

          8.   NUTRIENT GRANULES.  The sampler packet should last a year or so.  Every 6 months, bury a total of about 1 teaspoon in 3-4 holes for an ultra-slow release of a small quality of nutrients.  This ideal fertilizer will not burn roots.

          9.   ACCENT LAVA ROCK.  A golf ball size rock is included to be used in a similar manner as the accent plant in the Introductory Workshop Package.  Use it flat under a Sumo planting to force out the roots to create an impressive buttressing root base.  Use it as an accent with a sumo to create a scene and to hide a tree section with limited interest.  Use it vertically to separate and extend the roots for a plant that is being prepared for a future taller Root-Over-Rock planting.  This could also be used to create surface interest in a potted bonsai or a small root-over-rock planting. 

                The #8 Conversion Kit is a large part of the reason that Fuku-Bonsai's plants are the easiest and most successful for anyone anywhere who can grow house plants.  Each of the components has been especially selected and matched to the needs of Fuku-Bonsai Dwarf Schefflera True Indoor Bonsai. Many bonsai hobbyists think they can simply use outdoor fertilizers and their outdoor bonsai potting mixes and techniques when they move to True Indoor Bonsai but have problems. Most outdoor fertilizers are formulated for fast release of nutrients for plants growing in bright sunlight.  These fertilizers burn the roots of houseplant bonsai that are growing in lower lights.  Outdoor bonsai potting soils and techniques hold too much water and plants often die from overwatering.  We strongly recommend watering thoroughly by saturation once per week and using our fast draining potting soils and techniques.   

                #17 CONVERSION KIT is usually used for potting either the HD8 desk size, HM8 medium size, or the HL8 large size with the medium size the most popular and will develop into an impressive bonsai in just a year or two.  The HL8 large in a 17 conversion kit is impressive from the very start and is recommended when a customer wants an a special high-end gift that is very easy care with high success!  Potting the HD8 Desk size will also produce an impressive bonsai but it will take several years longer because you'll be starting with a younger less developed plant. The #17 Conversion Kit us usually used to enlarge the 8LS8 Living Sculpture,  although it can be used to enlarge the smaller younger 4LL8 Living Lovable.  Greater skill is required when enlarging the 4LL8 as the sudden very large root system will often produce dramatic growth that is more difficult to control.  The components of the 17 Conversion Kit are similar but in larger quantities and features a 17"x12"x2" deep plastic oval pot designed by Fuku-Bonsai. These are intended for bonsai 12" to 24" tall bonsai.  (See photo and more information below) 

                 #17 CONVERSION KIT:  $50 + $15 shipping (Sorry, no shipping discount on this item)


                Originally Fuku-Bonsai produced mostly Hawaiian Lava Plantings that were purchased by visitors to Hawaii as premium souvenirs of a Hawaiian vacation.  After we opened Fuku-Bonsai to visitors and created our website,  we increasingly got requests for advice on how to train bonsai.  Hawaiian Lava Plantings are great easy-care gifts for homes and offices, especially for those with no bonsai knowledge or skills as they grow very slowly and it is relatively easy to maintain their shape.  But, for those who really want to grow and train bonsai, they grow frustratingly slow!

                The magic of Fuku-Bonsai's Hawaiian Lava Plantings is that it utilizes pre-trained plants.  Once rock planted, they retain their shape but grow very slowly.  THE KEY POINT IS THAT THE PLANTS ARE PRETRAINED BEFORE BEING ROCKPLANTED!  It takes 2 to 4 years to pretrain a plant to be a small lava planting, 3 to 5 years to be a desk size lava planting, 5 to 9 years to be a medium size lava planting, and 7 to 11 years to be a large size lava planting.  It then may take up to a year or more to be firmly established. This is consistent with the stated ages in our promotional materials.  The reality is that we use older plants when available and establish them for longer periods so our plants generally exceed our specifications. 

                Exceeding specification is a Fuku-Bonsai tradition that most customers recognize.  Every so often we get notes from customers who think we made a mistake because they received a plant much more developed than the photo appearance. That is not common in bonsai commerce but that's part of why Fuku-Bonsai probably has the highest customer success and repeat customer rate!  This really helps our word-of-mouth promotion! 

                EVEN AFTER BEING "POTTED" LAVA PLANTINGS GROW AT A SLOWER RATE THAN  PLANTS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN ROCK PLANTED!   The upper one is a HM8 Medium lava planting in a 17 conversion kit and shown with an optional black plastic drip tray.  As the roots get established in the potting media, the tree will grow faster and can be trained into a larger, more impressive bonsai as it has outstanding branches and the rock adds to the illusion of a beautiful tree growing on a rocky hill.  The lower plant is an 8LS8-S (Sumo) that was potted 3-4 weeks ago and already starting to show faster growth.  When utilizing larger containers for accelerated growth, the tree is often allowed to grow wildly with branches growing out 3' to 4' at times to get maximum growth for the entire growing season with those seeking maximum growth moving to outdoors when night temperatures are above 50°F.  Plants are heavily pruned back and the entire original trunk and rootage dramatically becomes heavier!

                Faster growth is due to the plant having a larger root system,  the plant given stronger light (but also more fertilizer and more frequent watering) with better growth conditions.  Please go to the portal section titled: "TRAINING TRUE INDOOR BONSAI!" for more information.     


            Customers have been increasingly requesting assistance in providing them with a suitable "indoor bonsai soil."  Most potting soils in garden shops tend to be mostly organic material that holds too much water. We've been able to help some to develop their own mixes, but this tended to be very frustrating as it was necessary to purchase bags of several items, combine them, and end up with more than what was needed!  

            If you are excited about going into bonsai more extensively, it is advisable to learn to create ideal bonsai potting mix.  For detailed information, go to LESSON #5:  TRUE INDOOR BONSAI POTTING MEDIA!  

            We will continue to assist those wanting to make up their own while also making our material available.   Unfortunately, the cost of the shipping is more than the cost of the materials.  However, it is still suitable for those with a modest number of plants. It is not likely that there would be a significant savings for smaller quantities even with FedEx Ground or Postal parcel post.  There may be a unit savings for larger bulk orders as FedEx poundage rates go down after 100 pounds.  Please request quotations for specific quantities over 15 gallons. 

TRUE INDOOR BONSAI SOIL - Total one gallon
         One gallon (enough to pot a 17x12x2 oval or 4 each 8xD2 pots) weighs about 7 to 8 pounds.
$12 for soil + $18 shipping = $30 per gallon. 
(No shipping discount on this item.)
        $36 for soil + $18 for shipping = $54 for 3 gallons
         (no shipping discount this item)   Email to: david.f@fukubonsai.com

    Print the Order Form, fill in, (and earn a 5% discount) and mail with check to Fuku-Bonsai, PO Box 6000, Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760.  Cards can be sent to be enclosed with your gift order or specify a message.   OR,  call in your order to (808) 982-9880 with your credit card information!

                    If you've gotten this far,  it's likely that you like the idea of training bonsai. When I began in 1962, it was still a very secretive hobby of mostly older Japanese men. Since then I've published over 85 bonsai articles locally, nationally, and internationally and there really are no secrets any more.  While there are many kinds of bonsai, the most successful is our True Indoor Bonsai that trains houseplants in the bonsai manner.  There are no significant books about this specialty area and the best most comprehensive source of information is in this website.

                    Go to the home page and scroll down to:  TRAINING TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™  

                    Good luck!  If you have a chance, please visit us and take a workshop.  The cost is the same as if you purchased the components above as there's no charge for the instruction by our staff.  Please email or call ahead.  Workshops can be as short as 30 minutes or two hours or so!  When I began bonsai, it was impossible to find prepared bonsai stock and over the years, I've come to know that this is the key to success.  These are the highest quality and the best value available anywhere!  Compare with anything available on the Internet and I'm confident you'll join our long-term family of repeat customers!

                ~~~David W. Fukumoto        david.f@fukubonsai.com 

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