2021 GIFT LIST #3


            NOTE: Because of the Hurricane Lane flash-flood, we need to recertify some parts of the nursery and products. We will not be able to ship workshop packages until 2022 and apologize.  We hope to be able to also host workshops at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center in the future.  For now, we are closed as we are in the highest risk COVID-19 category.  We hope to open again in 2022 when more are vaccinated and our new staff is fully trained.  I request your cooperation and support.  ~~~David


           1.    TRUE INDOOR BONSAI  IS BASED ON DIFFERENT CONCEPTS FROM JAPANESE TEMPERATE CLIMATE BONSAI!  The specific plant determines if you can grow  it as bonsai indoors, what care is required, what methods of training are most effective, and the ultimate range of bonsai styling possible.  It is useless and confusing to read standard bonsai books written about temperate climate bonsai that are grown outdoors!

          2.   TRUE INDOOR BONSAI ARE THE ONLY FORM OF BONSAI THAT EVERYONE CAN GROW!  This includes those in Alaska and Maine or Florida, Texas, and California, AND ALL POINTS IN BETWEEN!  Houseplants are shade tolerant tropical plants most efficiently grown in the tropics.  This lowers our costs and we grow the finest TRUE INDOOR BONSAI prepared bonsai stock! They can be grown outdoors when night temperatures are above 55 degrees F. 

           3.    DWARF SCHEFFLERA IS THE IDEAL PROVEN DURABLE TRUE INDOOR BONSAI  AND FUKU-BONSAI'S PRIMARY SPECIALTY!  Our educational materials are for this one specific plant.  Our trees have been patiently trained for years with the methods described in our training materials. We supply complete packages so customers can obtain the same great results. It is easier to learn how to grow and train a single ideal plant compared to trying to understand the thousands of cultural guidelines, techniques, and styling ideas of the endless number of different trees grown as bonsai. 

            4.     FUKU-BONSAI CONTINUES TO MAKE OUR TRUE INDOOR BONSAI  "CUSTOMER-PROOF" SO EACH CUSTOMER IS SUCCESSFUL!  Every plant shipped includes cultural information and a complimentary packet of nutrient granules.  By inviting customers in all parts of the United States to share their experiences,  we continue to learn, to share, and develop a stronger commitment to assist.  You are cordially invited to request our free FBnews email newsletter. Please email your name, city, state, and email address.

           5.    FUKU-BONSAI'S TRUE INDOOR BONSAI  IS BASED UPON CREDIBILITY DEVELOPED SINCE 1962!   Besides pioneering this field, those associated with Fuku-Bonsai have been involved in assisting all forms of international bonsai.  Fuku-Bonsai's founder David Fukumoto has been nominated for the National Heritage Fellowship (the United States cultural equivalent of Japan's Living Treasure Award), has co-founded many bonsai organizations including Hawaii Bonsai Association, Big Island Bonsai Association,  Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation, National Bonsai Foundation, and World Bonsai Friendship Federation.  He has received the Bonsai Clubs International's Artist, Photographer & Writer of the Year Award.  Fuku-Bonsai Inc. is a Hawaiian corporation of largely Big Island stockholders that is fully committed to promoting the art and culture of bonsai and is the primary financial supporter of the non-profit Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation that assists in bonsai education, co-sponsors the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center and Hawaii State Bonsai Repository, and serves as a liaison with our community. All Fuku-Bonsai employees are invited to become stockholders and play major roles in setting corporate standards of integrity and service. 

            6.    FUKU-BONSAI IS A LEADER OF HAWAII'S CERTIFIED EXPORT NURSERY INDUSTRY!  As the first such nursery in 1973, we assisted others and were the first to utilize Federal Express.  The Hawaii Export Nursery Association (HENA) is part of the 500+ member Hawaii Floral Shippers Association that has earned a major FEDEX discount rate and our plants arrive within 48 hours to any destination in the continental United States.  We guarantee satisfaction and safe arrival of all items shipped directly from the nursery.  We ship to destinations where reported low temperatures exceed freezing (32F) and utilize shipping heat packs when necessary.  To cold regions in cold seasons we recommend shipping to business addresses where someone would be able to accept parcels.

            7.    FUKU-BONSAI'S WORKSHOP PACKAGES ARE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE THEY INCLUDE THE FINEST PREPARED BONSAI STOCK AND OUR SPECIAL POTTING MEDIA!   There are no secrets.  In selecting bonsai stock, compare the one inch above the soil and the half inch below the soil. Our youngest Introductory Workshop Package (IWP-8) prepared bonsai stock has been professionally trained for 3 to 4 years.

            8.   FUKU-BONSAI HAS THE HIGHEST VALUE PRODUCTS!  The "average" middle-aged per capita income in the United States is estimated at above $50,000 per year.  There are about 2,000 hours in a year so this works out to be about $25/hour.    One hour of "average" work for our entry-level high quality items!  NOW THAT'S A GREAT DEAL! 

                  Fuku-Bonsai is fully committed to continue to be the most successful teacher and supplier of True Indoor Bonsai workshop and bonsai supplies.  I invite comments, suggestions, and recommendations as we continue efforts to improve and introduce an expanded range of products to allow everyone to learn and enjoy the art and culture of bonsai!


            The above photo shows the difference between the two beginner workshops.  At left is the new PREMIUM WORKSHOP PACKAGE that features an older 5 to 7 year pre-trained tree in a 4" cut-down nursery pot to go into a larger 8"x5.75"x2.5" pot.  

            The PREMIUM WORKSHOP PACKAGE was created for those who want to start off with just one larger more developed high-potential tree. Creating bonsai is very logical. The results of the workshop are determined by the quality of the plants.  Fuku-Bonsai produces the finest trees and our workshop participants have the highest success rates.  Besides the highest quality trees, we provide complete well selected components and instructional materials.  We're available to assist and are committed to customer success! Quantity discounts and teacher aids are available.  Please email david.f@fukubonsai.com if there are questions regarding the new Premium Workshop Package. 

           The right side shows the original INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP PACKAGE with smaller, younger pre-trained trees to go into the smaller 5"x3"x2" pot.  INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP PACKAGE is the most economical entry level package that is extensively used for beginner group workshops.  It has 10 carefully selected components and features a 2" prepared bonsai stock already pretrained for 3 to 5 years with a lot of character and compact, shallow root system. Create your first bonsai.  Ideal for teaching beginner groups or for schools.  Quantity discounts and teacher assistance available.  Most adults have no problems completing it unassisted with the extensive cultural information sheets.  At the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center we've had youth groups that included those that were FIVE TO TEN YEARS OLD that successfully completed with some adult assistance!  The result will develop into a bonsai similar to 4LL8-Sumo. For more information, go to INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP PACKAGE.

               WANTED!  Bonsai instructors in every U.S. city and region interested in learning and teaching True Indoor Bonsai! 

              Fuku-Bonsai and Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation have partnered to form the first fully vertically integrated educational and support organization that can supply highest quality prepared bonsai stock and semi-trained bonsai on a national scale.  True Indoor Bonsai is the easiest and most successful way to learn and teach bonsai.  It is the fastest developing tree and can be trained into more shapes than any other tree trained as bonsai.  It is the ideal houseplant for bonsai and amongst the most durable!  IF YOU CAN GROW HOUSEPLANTS, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO GROW OUR TRUE INDOOR BONSAI! 

               Indoor temperatures are almost the same throughout the nation due to air conditioning and heating and will usually range between 60F and 80F and this is the natural temperature range here in Hawaii.  Because of our ideal climate,  the large scale of our operations,  our orientation to teaching high-success bonsai, and our certification that allows shipping to all parts of the United States,  Fuku-Bonsai is the ideal source of highest quality workshop plants.

                We begin training very early and ALL of our plants have character within one inch of the soil line and a shallow, complex root system within 1/2" of the soil line.  We have been growing Dwarf Schefflera since the early 1970s and have greatly improved cultivars and genetic material.  Equally important are our professional culling and proprietary techniques. Our potting media is the fastest draining and our trees are not pampered.  During summer, we allow them to wilt and during rainy seasons they may be continually wet for months!  These are tough plants that survive while greenhouse grown plants would quickly die! 

               You are cordially invited to be a member of our "FAST-TRACK STUDY GROUP"  to quickly learn the basics.  Order three Introductory Workshop Packages an upon receipt, send a "pre-report" with any questions before you begin.  Create your first bonsai and submit a photo sequence report with any questions and critique with recommendations.  Create your second bonsai and improve with a second report and critique.  By the time you complete your third,  you should be comfortable to teach beginners AND IN TEACHING OTHERS, YOU LEARN MORE!

               Consider taking on the challenge of the more difficult 1:10 Project that creates exceptional bonsai in shallow saucer-pots that are ten times wider than deep so the tree is the focus rather than a deep pot!  By raising your standards and growing them successfully,  you'll take on greater challenges and increase your bonsai enjoyment!   When you're confident of your ability to grow them well, graduate to Intermediate Workshop II and work on older trees. By the end of the first year,  you can be doing Advanced Workshop III with plants 10 to 15 years or more in training!  Fuku-Bonsai can supply trees in training since the mid 1970's.

              For more information on becoming a member of our team, email David W. Fukumoto at david.f@fukubonsai.com 

                  E KOMO MAI  .  .  .  come discover the serenity of nature, the beauty of bonsai, and the spirit of Hawaii!

For more workshop information, please go to the "WORKSHOP" portal at www.fukubonsai.com/3a2a.html 



           THIS IS THE EASIEST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL WAY TO LEARN (OR TEACH) BONSAI FOR ANYONE ANYWHERE WHO CAN GROW HOUSEPLANTS!  IT IS THE BONSAI EDUCATIONAL HOLY GRAIL INTRODUCED IN 2007 AFTER MANY YEARS OF RESEARCH. Ideal for individuals learning bonsai!  Ideal for those willing and able to teach bonsai to large or small groups!  Bonsai clubs successfully teach beginner classes to new members.     (ITEM# IWP-8)
            The small 5"x3"x2" plastic pot used in the Introductory Workshop Package is no longer being manufactured and we are exploring alternatives that may include a switch to ceramic pots.  We converted the 4LL8 Small Bonsai to ceramic pots but have issues as the second shipment included a lot of pots broken in transit.  But it freed up the plastic pots and we can offer a limited number of Introductory Workshop Packages. These are in limited quantities and we hope to have alternatives before we run out. We regret the situation and invite you to request more information.  Previously scheduled bonsai classes are being adjusted with the clubs supplying pots obtain from other sources.


       The special quantity percentage discount  applies to combinations of Introductory Workshop Packages and/or Premium Workshop Packages,  but cannot be combined with other quantity discounts of other products.  It allows those clubs and instructors who are using our workshop packages to offer two different workshop results, or to use the larger unit as a pre-workshop demonstration prior to the group workshop using the Introductory Workshop Package.  Teachers' aids and assistance available.
        Ideal for those who want to start with just one larger impressive high-potential bonsai! The featured tree is 5 to 7 years in training and the complete package can be used to train either a basic "Sumo" or basic "Roots" bonsai.

 Please email for quantity quotations to use our Premium Potted Bonsai for special  advanced workshops

            It took us 7 years until 2014 to build inventory after we first introduced the Introductory Workshop Package in 2007.  As time passes,  the quality and standards of the featured prepared bonsai stock has greatly improved resulting in impressive results.  We have also improved the workshop package with a generous amount of extra items that are appreciated by those starting out in bonsai.  While the price is higher, the Premium Introductory Workshop Package is now perceived as the best value and has become the most popular workshop at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center.  We now include an optional pre-shaped prepared rock for those who want to learn rock-planting.  While this is considered an advanced bonsai technique, most beginners have no problem as our staff first demonstrates one as a preview.  These "demonstration trees" will be available for purchase in the future as they mature.  If you plan to visit Fuku-Bonsai,  consider taking this outstanding workshop here!

 Morgan and Delaney visit us in 2002 and were one of the first to take the Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop. They were great!  We no longer offer the this workshop after we developed the lower cost Introductory Workshop Package. 
                LEARNING TRUE INDOOR BONSAI IS SIMPLE if you utilize the exact same materials used at the Fuku-Bonsai Kurtistown nursery. We can assist you to use the special components in our True Indoor Bonsai Soil. Our products are the highest quality, the best value, and our materials perform! Fuku-Bonsai's True Indoor Bonsai Soil is unique and designed to be fast-draining utilizing aggregate components that are much larger than any known aggregate-type bonsai soil available. Small parcels are costly to ship and you save when you pool orders!

                NUTRIENT GRANULES!  Fuku-Bonsai has received permission to repackage to smaller quantities to make available this difficult to obtain ultra slow release fertilizer normally available only in professional 50# sacks.  Nutrient Granules is a unique pelletized fertilizer that very reliably releases a tiny amount of nutrients over a very long period of time. It is especially recommended for Fuku-Bonsai's True Indoor Bonsai, houseplants, cactus, and orchids. 

                My experienced bonsai friends think I've made bonsai too easy and even a sharp four-year old child can do it!  My customers tell me:  "EASY IS GOOD!

        Fuku-Bonsai is committed to teaching bonsai and each workshop participant being successful!   It's simple to teach bonsai basics as the principles are now very well known and you need not be an "expert" to teach basic bonsai.  Our workshop packages are for most adults without a teacher.  The kit is successful with children if there's an adult "coach."

        Success does not depend upon the teacher.  Rather, it depends upon the prepared bonsai stock used in the workshop.  Fuku-Bonsai's workshops are designed specifically for those who want to grow indoor bonsai without the need to set up supplemental lights.  If the workshop participants can grow houseplants, they can grow our True Indoor Bonsai!

        Most older bonsai clubs focus on traditional outdoor Japanese-type bonsai which is a difficult horticulture challenge and demands discipline, developing an extensive knowledge of plant culture, and the patience to work with seasonal factors.  And the trees must be grown outdoors!

         Each year more people want to grow a less demanding form of houseplant bonsai.  Bonsai clubs gain new members by sponsoring "CREATE YOUR FIRST BONSAI" classes and are using our easy-care plant stock for success and continuing interest!  Increasingly, bonsai clubs are also offering True Indoor Bonsai workshops including more advanced materials. Our plants are ideal in colder climates such as Alaska and the northern states.  They are ideal for apartments.  They are much easier in the dry warmer part of the country too! 

          For group Living Lovable Workshops I recommend ordering 1/3 of the plants as "sumo!",   "roots!", and "Hawaiian Dragon!" stylings so there will be wide variation within the group.  Consider purchase of one 8LS8 and one #17 conversion kit as a larger "teacher demonstrator kit".  Training aids and teacher assistance are available.  Contact us if you're an individual needing one unit, or a school teacher needing 60 units for two classes of students!

          Please email me for more information and assistance!   ~~~David W. Fukumoto  at david.f@fukubonsai.com



(3rd Edition)  Highly recommended for inclusion with all gifts.
       The 3rd Edition TRUE INDOOR BONSAI WORKSHOP HANDBOOK (24 pages black & white/color softcover; 8.5"x 5.5".  The handbook has a the color sheet cover and includes a total of 80 photos, sketches, or graphics! The handbook covers only Fuku-Bonsai's Dwarf Schefflera and includes details about our workshop packages.
  $7.50 + $1.00 postal first class mail  (no shipping fee if ordered with other larger items)



                Go to the home page and scroll down to:  TRAINING TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™  

                In the future, please visit us and take a workshop.  The cost is the same as if you purchased the components above as there's no charge for the instruction by our staff.  Please email or call ahead.  Workshops can be as short as 30 minutes or two hours or so!  When I began bonsai, it was impossible to find prepared bonsai stock and over the years, I've come to know that this is the key to success.  These are the highest quality and the best value available anywhere!  Compare with anything available on the Internet and I'm confident you'll join our long-term family of repeat customers!

            ~~~David W. Fukumoto        david.f@fukubonsai.com 


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