Some of our finest oldest bonsai are now being offered for sale!

                Fuku-Bonsai traces its roots to 1962 and as a certified export nursery since 1973. So our oldest exportable bonsai are over 30 years old.  From the very beginning, we efficiently produced model items and retained all experimental and private collection bonsai.  About 1985 we introduced our "CUSTOM COLLECTION" of individually priced trees that were over 10 years old in training. In time, the Custom Collection items included those that have been in training since the mid-1970's and priced in the $2,500 range.

                Fuku-Bonsai is entering a new era.  As founder David Fukumoto faces retirement and as dedicated bonsai stockholders begin to fade away, there's been a realization that we can no longer aspire to build an international bonsai center. There are some bonsai that the corporation will never sell, and along with the memorial bonsai of our sister non-profit Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation,  there will always be a major Fuku-Bonsai collection to be enjoyed by visitors. But it will be smaller in number with improved display.

                Fuku-Bonsai is committed to being a working bonsai nursery to supply highest quality True Indoor Bonsai gift bonsai, specimens, and workshop prepared bonsai stock.  Due to its rural location, Kurtistown is not suitable for an international bonsai center so it makes more sense to disperse the collection to locations where more individuals can enjoy them.  This will free up display space so our staff can also begin finishing the large number of exciting promising trees.

                So we begin the sale of our premium oldest bonsai, but only to those who have sufficient experience to grow and maintain them properly.  Originally each and every one of the Premium Private Collection was never expected to be offered for sale. Each is a unique specimen that captured the full attention and skills.  We retain reproduction rights of photos up to the date of sale for current and future use on our website and/or publications. A few have already been sold or reserved and in the future as time permits, photos of more of these trees will be posted here.

          CHINESE BANYAN (Ficus microcarpa 'Retusa) in training since 1977.  Overall height is 40 inches; "trunk" thickness at soil line is 12.5 inches; width of foliage crown is 36 inches. High quality pot is a  Tokoname rectangle with rounded corners reddish brown unglazed with iron reduction firing spots 12"x18"x3.5".  $7,500 plus shipping. 

    This is one of our unique innovative bonsai created as part of the original Fuku-Bonsai / Lyon Arboreteum Ficus Research Collection. It was originally a section of a natural epiphyte growing well above the ground. It was collected using a chain saw, the top growth completely removed, the host trunk rotted out, and the new crown trained. 

RESERVED; subject to receipt of deposit;
to be shipping in Spring 2006
    MANILA RIPPLE DWARF SCHEFFLERA (Schefflera arboricola 'Manila Ripple') in training since about 1989. This variety is less often seen with lighter green leaves with wavy leaf margins. Overall height about 42" tall; "trunk" thickness at soil line is 11.5 inches; width of foliage crown is 36 inches. Round fiberglass pot is dark gray 30 inches in diameter x 3 inches high. $5,000 plus shipping.

    This is one of the most innovative "tree" in the collection made up of at least 8 air-layers woven, welded, and fused together.   One became the lowest branch,  the second became the next branch, and so on. It was featured in a website article posted at

            The two above sample postings are of trees we happen to have photos of.  About 30 trees have been tagged to be "finished,"  photographed, and offered for sale. These bonsai are very suitable for exhibit as part of major public bonsai collections.  They are amongst the original trees as we developed the concept of  True Indoor Bonsai.

                If you are interested in one or more of the above items or any of the bonsai photographed in this website, please email David W. Fukumoto with a description of bonsai desired, budget, and information about your bonsai experience. Please include information about your growing climate and city and state.

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