HAWAIIAN DRAGON styling are our "fun bonsai" to create bonsai with lively lines to interpret the twisty-turny active dragon.  We start training while seedlings are less than a year old to condition the tree to have a twisted trunk from the start.  All of our staff take turns establishing the early bends as we try to create a range of styling.  Dragons are first offered when 3-5 years old as 4LL8-D.  Some of the most interesting are selected to be trained and offered as 8LS8-D when most are 6-8 years in training. 

               CUSTOM COLLECTION HAWAIIAN DRAGONS are often the demonstration trees for our Advanced Workshops at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center.  When the training includes extending the roots, it may take 3 to 5 years before the roots are heavy enough to support the tree and to remove the aluminum foil collar.  So most Entry-level Custom Collection Dragons are at least 10 years in training.

              Having invented the styling concept,  we are creating guidelines and am moving towards restyling each tree each time it is repotted every few years.  So we try to have a selection of extra branches to come up with a nice structure that becomes more complex each time it is repotted at a different angle or with a new primary "front." 

             HAWAIIAN DRAGONS are for non-traditional bonsai trainers who prefer not to follow "standard bonsai training guidelines." In doing so, they create uncommon designs that follow Chinese penjing training concepts that each "artistic potted plant" should be interesting and not simply a common design.  They consider Japanese codified styling to be boring as once you understand all the "rules,"  you'll know what comes next! They don't like boring bonsai!

             Dragons already have a lot of character and potential gives you the greatest opportunities for creation.  A lot of the early training provided a lot of character and a lot of roots that are already well established.  We will offer these especially in the entry-level stages to give the new owner-trainers the challenge of creation.  If you enjoy these challenges, I urge you to join our study group.  For more information, contact me at david.f@fukubonsai.com 

           CC--D  DRAGON in 17"x12"x2" plastic oval brown pot. Overall ht:  ".  Overall width: " wide.  The trunk-root base is 6 1/2" wide and tree about 18 years in training. It's an unusual small tree that began as a dragon, but somehow much of that original dragon trunk rotted out and is almost completely hidden by aerial roots including roots dropping from the high upper trunk. This tree has the exciting potential to become a high quality distinctive bonsai.

             $+  shipping



      CC--D DRAGON in 17"x12"x2" sandy tan oval plastic pot.  Overall height: 17".  Overall width: 16".  Trunk root base is 7" across.  This "Root-over-rock" Dragon is amongst our oldest dragons with excellent potential and root emerging from very high in the crown.  About 25 to 30 years in training.

             $ + shipping



        CC--D  DRAGON in 17"x12"x2" plastic oval sandy tan pot. Overall height:  13".  Overall width: 14".  This dragon has dropped a lot of aerial roots for interesting possibilities! About 15 years in training with a very well developed crown with optimum branching structure with potential to be a nicer distinctive bonsai.

             $+  shipping



       CC--D DRAGON in 17"x12"x2" plastic oval sandy tan pot.   Overall height:  12".  Overall width: 12".   Very nice small dragon attractive from all sides with numerous aerial roots falling free of the trunk. This will be a premium distinctive bonsai.  12-15 years in training.

             $+  shipping



      CC--D DRAGON in 17"x12"x2" plastic oval sandy tan pot.  Overall height:  11".  Overall width: 12".    A younger but very promising small dragon with abundant aerial roots falling from the branches.  This will become a distinctive bonsai attractive from several viewing angles. 12-15 years in training.

             $+  shipping



      CC--D   DRAGON in 17"x12"x2" plastic oval sandy tan pot. Overall height:  11".  Overall width: 14".   A very promising dragon that will be low and wide with an abundance of aerial roots dropping including from branches far from the trunk and forming a curtain of roots about 7" wide.  This clearly will be and attractive bonsai with well-formed crown made up of many well-placed branches.

             $ +  shipping



       CC--D (Dragon)  in 17"X12"X2" oval plastic bonsai pot.  We call this "Kobu" or Woody Lump Bonsai that began as a tight trunk twist that grew into an impressive large lumpy trunk approximately 4" across!  Approx. 15-18 years in training. 12" high;  14" wide.  Reproduction rights reserved.

        $ + shipping



      CC--D (Dragon)  in 25"x 15"x2" brown rectangle pot-tray.  This is an exciting unpredictable DRAGON that looks totally different from each side.  One side has orderly aerial banyan roots while the other side features that unique root!  Reproduction rights reserved.  About 15-18 years in training. This tree was placed in on over-sized pot to encourage strong growth.  In the few months since the photo was taken, the foliage mass has doubled in size so there will be multiple training options when it's time to cut back.  This will be an exciting challenge for a gutsy creative trainer and I wanted to hold it back.  But I also wanted to get the word out that there are some amazing trees available at Fuku-Bonsai for creative bonsai growers!

       $ + shipping





       PREMIUM OLDER WORKSHOP PLANTS FOR ADVANCED BONSAI TRAINERS.  Our Fuku-Bonsai's True Indoor Bonsai™ trees have matured to now offer advanced bonsai trainers greater challenges. These "almost finished trees" are ideal for individuals seeking high-potential training challenges, for group training sessions or for major demonstrations. The results at the end of a workshop or training session is pretty much determined by the potential of the plant at the start of the workshop.  Normally we offer beginner workshop packages and older trained Custom Collection primarily needing refinement.  Our older plants are usually ready for display, limited restyling, or for continuing into refinement to produce a nice bonsai. Increasingly as our customers become more skilled, some are requesting more challenging trees and this section offers such trees.

            As we attract more advanced traditional temperate climate outdoor bonsai growers, we are getting requests for high-potential workshop stock and these are in response to those requests.  The trees being offered in this section normally would have another final training at Fuku-Bonsai. Six months or so later after the plants are fully recovered, they would normally be offered as Custom Collection The trees have had a light repotting.  There are still "extra" branches to allow some "final" styling latitude.  Half or more of the leaves have been removed to allow seeing the trunk and branch structures and two photos show both sides. For those mail ordering,  we will be available to assist by email and critique photo results.

            If you're an experienced bonsai grower planning to visit Fuku-Bonsai and want to learn advanced True Indoor Bonsai techniques, consider reserving one of these (or another tree) and schedule a workshop here.  We will photograph and summarize the workshop for placing on the website to aid others.  There is no charge for the one-on-one workshop supervision and the finished tree can be held here for a month or so (or until the best shipping season) before shipping to your home.  We invite advanced trainers to join our study group to develop the skills to do True Indoor Bonsai group demonstrations or to improve and become instructors. Please email me if you are interested and want more information as we continue efforts to develop a "True Indoor Bonsai Community!"  ~~~David (david.f@fukubonsai.com)




                CC--Dragon  $ + shipping. 11" tall;  13" wide in a 17"x12"x"oval plastic pot.  A really nice small compact, high-potential 15+ year old dragon that is at the ideal stage to move into a restyling as there are options to go into a smaller container, or to extend the roots to create a taller exceptional dragon.  Very suitable for an intermediate level bonsai trainer.  This tree has very attractively placed roots that can relatively easily be twisted or twirled to convey a sense of a moving active dragon.  Branches are nicely placed and can be pruned back as necessary to create a compact, complex crown.  Such compact specimens are relatively uncommon at this stage of training and we consider this as the ideal Dragon that can be restyled to develop into an exceptional complex design.  Ideal for a non-traditional creative trainer!





                CC--Dragon $ + shipping. 12 1/2" tall;  13" wide.   Another really nice small compact, high-potential 15+ year old dragon that is at the ideal stage to move into a restyling.  This tree is very suited to extend the roots to create a taller exceptional dragon and ideal for an intermediate level creative bonsai trainer.  Roots are attractively placed to relatively easily be twisted or twirled to convey a sense of a moving active dragon.  Branches are nicely placed and can be pruned back as necessary to create a compact, complex crown.  Such compact specimens are relatively uncommon at this stage of training and we consider this as the ideal Dragon that can be restyled to develop into an exceptional complex design.  Ideal for a non-traditional creative trainer!




        HAWAIIAN DRAGON is our newest and most challenging styling and we are still in the exploration stage and developing a full range of variations. This styling can be very complex as dragon concepts can be used to train the trunk and branches (top dragons) or the exposed roots (bottom dragons) or both (top & bottom dragons)!  Our ideal climate makes us successful in growing this styling.  Customers in cooler climates growing Roots or Hawaiian Dragons indoors year-around report that it takes much longer for the roots to thicken to support the tree and this is more so when we twist to create more character in the roots.  There is a limited selection of Hawaiian Dragon Custom Collection.  If you have a preference, please provide as much description as possible with a price range and we will try to fill your requirements if you allow us enough time.  Creatively, we believe trees that include both Dragon and Roots concepts will be our most creative bonsai.  To be successful, training must begin while the plants are young and the challenge is to create a full range of designs with numerous variations!

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