After many years of trials, we are finally introducing Dwarf Schefflera Root-Over-Rock Custom Collection to the highest standard.  Throughout 2013 and 2014,  in the Journal of Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai,  we explored a full range of rock plantings.  In the coming years,  the plants to be offered as Root-Over-Rock Custom Collection will increase in variety to reflect the full range.  The first five in the introductory group began several years ago. 

                   Along the way,  we improved the results. Initially we encouraged a large number of roots that crossed haphazardly and which almost covered the entire rock.  These roots were thinned out to include only those that were in a more pleasing attractive arrangement that allowed a fair amount of rock to be seen.  Each year we shifted increasingly towards creating roots with more character which became more solidly established in "root trail crevasses." 

                  We also developed the "accordion folds"  so the vertical creases in the aluminum foil to guide the roots down vertically.  The first four trees to be offered have the very desirable "free-falling aerial roots" that are traits of the "Rainforest Banyans" that are amongst the most elegant and desirable forms of Banyan Bonsai.


                   Fuku-Bonsai has created exceptional supervised workshops at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center since the 1990's and visitors often write back that the workshops were the high-light of their Hawaiian vacations!  Bonsai interests is found in all forms and we enjoy "three-generation family workshops" that create bonds between grandchildren and their grandparents.  But we also have an almost fanatical family members who are left here while the rest of the clan tours the Big Island! 

                   Most of the workshops are led by Edison Yadao and he's getting better and has started to incorporate more rocks into his Premium Workshop Package sumo, roots, and dragon workshops! The older material has a lot of character, but a recent visitor requested using older Premium Potted Bonsai plants with larger pre-sculptured rocks and the results were impressive!  Within just a year or two, they would be very attractive ROOT-OVER-ROCK CUSTOM COLLECTION!  We now have a win-win situation that will add creative bonsai challenges for Michael, Edison, and me too!  Why should only our visitors have the challenge?

                   So we decided that regardless of the actual workshop that the visitor does, the demonstration will now be root-over-rock of a larger scale to grow-on to be offered as ROOT-OVER-ROCK CUSTOM COLLECTION!   This will give visitors an insight to understand advanced bonsai techniques that normally would not be covered. 

                  In line with our "high-customer-success-orientation," as time permits, staff is building a stock pile of prepared rocks of various sizes.  Some can be used with our Introductory Workshop Package 2" plants.  Others will work with larger Premium Workshop Package 4" prepared bonsai stock (that includes those with extended roots).  The additional cost of the rock will be determined by the workshop participant as a "donation to the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation."  So if you plan to visit, write ahead and consider doing a root-over-rock workshop! And be sure to be on the lookout for ROOT-OVER-ROCK CUSTOM COLLECTION TO START APPEARING IN THIS SECTION IN THE FUTURE!  ~~~David 


           Once the tree is rock planted,  it needs a growing-on period in which the roots are allowed to grow into the pot to produce vigorous growth, cut back compactly and allowed to produce another cycle of vigorous growth as shown in the larger photo. 

           The tree is carefully pruned and the best branches are selected to become the framework for the future bonsai.  Two major grow-outs produce ideal sets of extra branches and only the best branches are retained. From this stage, completing the foliage crown is relatively easy.  

          The hold-down ties are removed and the roots are carefully trimmed.  Only the roots that are in ideal position are retained.  Crossing roots and those coming out at an angle are removed. Giving the trees ideal growing condition produce the most roots and this allows us to be very selective to be able to produce the highest standards. 

           Banyan Bonsai can be very heavy, but they can also be very elegant with refined parallel vertically falling roots like the trees of the tropics.  ROOT-OVER-ROCK is ideal for Dwarf Schefflera as it lifts the tree higher and allows focusing on the unique root structures that develop over time.

         Our Hawaiian lava rocks are porous, light, with attractive surface texture and are ideal for both "planted in the rock" like our popular easiest-care Hawaiian Lava Plantings that grow slowly due to a restricted root system.  In contrast "root-over-rock" grow and develop much faster and continue to thicken, develop more complex branching and can be continuously improved with bonsai techniques due to a larger root system.  Trees may need repotting every 5-10 years if you want stronger growth.  But it is possible to simply create holes in the potting media with a screwdriver and pour in our special safe Hawaiianite non-burning, on-demand, extended release universal fertilizer.  We pre-drill "fertilizer storage areas" within the "root trail crevases" that the roots cover and conceal.  As it passes the opening, the roots find the fertilizer and the trees grow vigorously.  That explains a lot about why Fuku-Bonsai is very successful with rock plantings.


         CC--RR   ROOT-OVER-ROCK  In 17"x12"x2" oval sandy tan plastic pot.  Overall height:  14";  Overall width:  14".    The tree was planted over a 7" rock. Lowest branch about 8" high.  Well-formed crown. Roots emerging from high in the crown as well as falling free of the rock.

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         CC--RR   ROOT-OVER-ROCK  In 17"x12"x2" oval sandy tan plastic pot.  Overall height:  14";  Overall width:  17".   This tree began as a slanting dragon that was planted onto a 7" rock on a slant to form an attractive bonsai with attractive different views from each side.  It has developed abundant aerial roots and about 7" wide at the base.

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          OTHER CUSTOM COLLECTION ARE AVAILABLE.  Please email to for more information.  Fuku-Bonsai has begun to select a smaller number of trees for its Public Bonsai Collection and both smaller and larger premium trees will be offered for sale. Younger and older trees are all higher quality. Please specify styles, sizes and budget ranges.

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