1.   SAVE 5%!  Fill out the order form, print it, and mail with check to:        FUKU-BONSAI,
            PO Box 6000
            Kurtistown, HI 96760
      This is great for larger orders that include a lot of information that could include some items going to the purchaser with other items being sent individually as gifts or to include special instructions or to include cards to be included with your gifts.  Be sure all is clearly printed correctly. We get all the information in writing and you save a bundle! Be sure to include your phone number if it's necessary to call you.
2.   OR, pay by credit card.  If you have a PayPal Account, just send a PayPal Payment to sales@fukubonsai.com and send all other information in the order form or email.  Be sure to include your phone number if it's necessary to call you.   More PayPal information
3.  OR, call in the order and  credit card information to (808) 982-9880.  We accept MasterCard, VISA or Discover Card credit cards.  
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    If there are any questions regarding FedEx, please call the FedEx toll-free number      1-800-463-3339




   We specialize in unique, high quality products and prompt personalized service!  After receiving your order, allow us two days to select, pre-treat and we'll ship the next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. You'll receive your parcel two days later to any part of the U.S.!   Please feel free to call us at (808) 982-9880 or email sales@fukubonsai.com   
      You can make payment with a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. PayPal is the largest third party processor and ideal for smaller companies without secured websites. We now have a "Virtual Terminal" to be able to take your credit card information by phone.  


         FedEx shipping!  We were amongst the first FedEx shippers from Hawaii and now along with other members of the Hawaii Shippers Association, we've negotiated attractive rates and pass them on to you!  All parcels to the Continental U.S. are sent 2nd Day Air.  Overnight delivery is not available to the East Coast and our standards of not shipping to destinations below freezing will get parcels safely to destination.   The first few pounds are costly, but for larger orders, the rates are lower.  So combine orders with friends and family and save! Over the years, FedEx has standardized to become much more efficient. 

         Expert packing and FedEx tracking!  We've developed unique methods to secure the plants (and Micro-Lobster tanks) and ship whenever temperatures at the destination areas are above freezing. We use 60-hour shipping heat packs and insulated packing materials when necessary. Items arrive safely . . . guaranteed!   Please be sure to include your email address with your order and we will confirm shipping and send you the FedEx tracking number. 

        Once you receive your FedEx tracking number, go to www.fedex.com, type in your tracking number, and follow your parcel as it leaves Fuku-Bonsai, goes through the hubs, and on to a truck to deliver to you.

       If you need parcels held for pick-up at your nearest FedEx station, call FedEx directly!  Once you know the FedEx tracking number,  call the FedEx toll-free number 1-800-463-3339.  For residential deliveries, FedEx will simply leave it at the door as a signature is not required. So parcels are known to sit in cold weather even if someone is home!  They will not call you, but you can make arrangements to pick up your parcel at the nearest FedEx station where it will be held in a warm area. 

       For security and cold weather shipping!  Business addresses are recommended as FedEx automatically requires a signature when a parcel is left at a business address.  It's still the responsibility of the recipient to check with their company's receiving station.

      Flat rate shipping and handling (plants and Micro-Lobster items $15 or over):   One item = $15; two items = $22 ($11 each)  three items:  $24 ($8 each)  ;  FREE SHIPPING when 4 or more items are sent to one U.S. address!      (Note:  Alaska FedEx $10 surcharge;  Arizona $20 phytosanitary certificate fee)

       Shipping charges subject to change without notice.

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