Even the most durable houseplants will not flourish in dark caves!  What good is having high-quality, well-selected plants with extremely high potential if you give it lousy growing conditions? Fuku-Bonsai has addressed the first two "Rules for True Indoor Bonsai Success:"

               RULE #1:    "Choose plants that will thrive in your environment or change your environment o meet the needs of the plant."  Dwarf Schefflera is the most durable houseplant with the best history of success as indoor bonsai of any known houseplant!

                RULE #2:   "Start with a lot of character to avoid the most difficult part of bonsai!" Developing "character" requires the most time and skill!  A tree that already has a lot of character is exciting to train but a young seedling with no character will take many years and be very difficult for a person who lacks the skills and knowledge. 



                Starting with trees that already have character will increase your training success, your enthusiasm, and your enjoyment of bonsai!  Fuku-Bonsai produces the finest indoor bonsai stock available.  We do so with the hope that our customers and their gift recipients will be successful in enjoying the beauty of man and nature in harmony. 

                We are able to produce the finest quality plants because we are committed to becoming the best source; because we grow large quantities and have the efficiency of scale; because we have a hard-working skilled staff;  and BECAUSE WE HAVE THE IDEAL NATURAL CLIMATE! 

                So the challenge for those who want to grow superior True Indoor Bonsai is to create the optimum environment.  We were first introduced to metal halide lamps by Jerry Meislik (go to www.fukubonsai.com/2b2a2b.html ) who gets superior growth. Since then we've heard of others who are creating special lighting solutions.  One solution is to use a "under the counter fluorescent strip,"  but instead of placing it above the plant, place in at pot level to shine out and up.  If a plant is placed between this light and a window it will receive superior side lighting from two sides and not grow upwards.  More of this idea in the near future.  I would like to hear from all who have created such lighting (and humidity) systems and photos would be appreciated.

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