By Saburo Kato
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                This bonsai classic was first published only in Japanese in 1963. It was written by the man that epitomizes the spirit of bonsai.  Following World War II,  Saburo Kato was a leader involved in the rebuilding of Japanese bonsai, in creating international interest with a long running bonsai exhibition at Expo 70 Osaka,  in arranging a bicentennial bonsai gift to the United States in 1976, and a participant and headliner in the World Bonsai Convention in Osaka, Japan and the International Bonsai Congress in Hawaii, both in 1980. The International Bonsai movement is accelerating and there is a need in the Western world for more information in English on advanced forest and rock planting bonsai concepts and techniques. 

                Forest, Rock Planting & Ezo Spruce greatly influenced me and many other prominent American bonsai trainers;  even though some of us could not read the Japanese text. The National Bonsai Foundation is to be congratulated for obtaining permission to translate and republish the book in English.  It includes contemporary color photos of Saburo Kato's bonsai. Ezo Spruce is amongst the most famous of all Japanese bonsai and the historical narration and extensive information provides a priceless model for the introducing new plant varieties for bonsai.  Even 40 years after it was first published,  this is a book that everyone interested in bonsai should own!

                                           David W. Fukumoto,  Fuku-Bonsai, Hawaii   

                $38.90 per copy ($34.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling)   To obtain a copy send your name, address, and either a phone number or email address (if it's necessary to contact you).  Please make the check payable to: "THE NATIONAL BONSAI FOUNDATION"  and send to:
                Ms. Johann Klodzen, Executive Director
                3501 New York Avenue, N.E.
                Washington, D.C. 20002
Hardbound; 176 pages (9"x6.5") with original drawings and new color photographs.
Japanese Copyright   1963 Kajima Shoten Company
English Copyright    2001 The National Bonsai Foundation, Inc.
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