An Introduction & Background

                Hawaii and Alaska are sister states with a warm relationship tempered from working together in spite of often being opposites.  As the two non-contiguous parts of the United States, we often are at odds with the rest of the country. Alaska is the largest state while Hawaii is amongst the smallest. Alaska is the farthest north while Hawaii is the farthest south.  So it's no surprise that Alaskan snowbirds flock to Hawaii when its cold there with a reciprocal migration by Hawaiians when the salmon is running!

                In February of 2004 Beth Carroll and John Sheipe of Homer, Alaska visited Fuku-Bonsai with extended discussion about bonsai and the unique potential of Fuku-Bonsai's True Indoor Bonsai in Alaska where outdoor bonsai can be very challenging! Alaska is also the costliest states to ship to as Federal Express has a $10 surcharge on all Alaska deliveries.

                On February 13, 2005 Beth emailed, related that John is moving forward on creating a bonsai nursery, and that they'll be vacationing in Maui. I emailed that I would be happy to work out a long-term wholesale arrangement and invited them to visit me. They mailed a box of Alaska lava and driftwood, arrived on Maui on February 16, and planned to visit the Big Island on the 22nd. It was a fun day and the concept of the Fuku-Bonsai Hawaii-Alaska Bonsai Club was formed as follows:

            1. ANNUAL MEETING. To be held on the second Saturday in February when Alaskan snowbirds traditionally migrate to Hawaii. This may be the group's major annual get-together and we can plan for a day of demonstrations and workshops based upon using both Fuku-Bonsai and Alaskan materials. By shipping all of the results back in bulk, there will be significant savings on shipping. It is likely that an Anchorage pick-up point can be set up.

            2. OTHER "MEETINGS" will be coordinated by Beth and John via email with David serving as a resource for the group. From time to time, Beth and John may schedule an activity in Homer or Anchorage.

            3. REPRESENTATIVE ROLE. In purchasing at wholesale and setting up an account in Anchorage, and other Alaska locations, there is opportunity to coordinate pick-up points and places for purchasing Fuku-Bonsai Hawaiian Lava Plantings, potted items, and Fuku-Bonsai workshop materials. John may collect and dry choice ocean driftwood as well as dense mountain deadwood. These may one day be a new "Alaskan Special" styling item offered by Fuku-Bonsai.

                I am pleased to name Beth Carroll & John Sheipe dba Jahnsai Bonsai (PO Box 15131, Homer, Alaska 99603) jahnsai.bonsai@gmail.com as Fuku-Bonsai's exclusive Alaska representative. Please extend all courtesies to them and contact me directly if there are any questions.

~~~ David W. FukumotoFounder & president


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For more information, contact:

Beth Carroll John Sheipe JAHNSAI BONSAI
3601 Main Street (PO Box 15131), Homer, Alaska 99603
jahnsai.bonsai@gmail.com   Phone: (907) 235-0182 or (907)235-9445

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