Beth and John had an exciting first year in learning by doing, setting up their shop, and beginning to give workshops!  Their enthusiasm and desire to share is exceptional and they are off to a great start!  From the beginning of this special relationship, Beth and John pledged to visit Fuku-Bonsai annually if possible to continue to learn more, to get answers to questions that they may have, to share their ideas of how Fuku-Bonsai can produce better plant materials for those in colder climates, and to learn more to be able to continue to create additionally more complex workshops for their friends and customers. 

                We really didn't expect them to make the trip this year as they've had large expenses setting up their business.  But they got a lucky deal,  sent a carton of driftwood by mail, and visited on April 26, 2006.

     John and Beth with Fuku-Bonsai's senior plant manager Michael Imaino.  They are holding the workshop materials to create an "Alaskan Driftwood Planting" that will utilize older Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop plants that were created from potting small size Dwarf Schefflera Lava Plantings several years ago. The plants are 6 to 8 years old with very heavy trunks and roots. 

       The bottom of the driftwood was cut with a chop saw and have been screwed down to the 17"x12"x2" plastic oval pot.

      Compared to last year, John and Beth both demonstrated significantly higher skills and when introduced to new concepts and techniques, they very quickly grasped and improved on the basic methods!

      The workshop included removing the rock, root pruning, positioning the plant, and securring it to the driftwood so it would look as natural as possible. Once attached, potting was completed with new media connecting the existing roots to the new media in the pot. This was secured into position with aluminum foil.

      The Alaskan Driftwood Planting went well and was completed relatively quickly.  The objective was to plant the tree very high on the driftwood to create the appearance of an aged tropical tree with a very heavy trunk.

     After the major workshop, there was extensive discussion on rooting cuttings and the early initial training steps along with numerous variations.  New techniques including advanced "Hawaiian Dragon" styling.

     The original Hawaii-Alaska Driftwood Tree that had been planted last year was examined and discussed. This will be sent along as part of the next shipment to Alaska as a gift from Fuku-Bonsai.  Beth's and John's workshop trees will also be sent and they will try to obtain optimum growth to accelerate development.

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                Beth and John have worked hard and have an opportunity to take to Alaska what took Hawaii many years to learn.  Fuku-Bonsai's True Indoor Bonsai are relatively easy to grow as houseplants indoors throughout the year. Even our youngest plants have a lot of character and everyone moves into intermediate bonsai from the start! It they can achieve optimum growth conditions, even in Alaska they will be able to develop outstanding bonsai within a reasonable amount of time.

                Beth and John believe that they will be able to commit to coordinating and coming to Hawaii next year on the second Saturday of February which is February 10, 2007.  Let's make it the first ALASKA BONSAI DAY AT THE FUKU-BONSAI CULTURAL CENTER to be co-sponsored by Jahnsai Bonsai (Alaska), and Fuku-Bonsai and the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation (Hawaii).  I cordially invite bonsai hobbyists from throughout Alaska and Hawaii to attend! 

                For more information for Hawaii residents,  contact David W. Fukumoto, president Fuku-Bonsai Inc. (david@fukubonsai.com) or Michael Imaino, president Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation at Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center phone (808) 982-9880.

For more Alaska information, contact:
                Beth Carroll John Sheipe JAHNSAI BONSAI
                3601 Main Street (PO Box 15131), Homer, Alaska 99603
                jahnsai.bonsai@gmail.com   Phone: (907) 235-0182 or (907)235-9445
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