HAWAIIANITE™ is a premium universal all-purpose fertilizer developed by Fuku-Bonsai and collaborators in 2016.  IT'S THE ONLY FERTILIZER YOU'LL EVER NEED!  

                   It is a rare improvement of a little known fertilizer that had first patent application in 1962.  The "magnesium ammonium potassium phosphate" patent expired and the tradenamed "MagAmp" is not generally available and no longer made in the United States.  We used the original since 1973 and became its most loyal customer.  We obtained permission to repackage under Fuku-Bonsai's NUTRIENT GRANULES tradename and included a complimentary small packet with each True Indoor Bonsai™ shipped.  When U.S. production ceased (about 1999), we stocked up and led the search for a replacement.

                   The search was long and detailed.  Researchers contacted us and we collaborated in a number of major research projects.  "Struvite" generated the most interest as it  forms a concrete-like lining inside pipes and machinery and efforts are aimed at removing it to lower maintenance costs.  It's also a contaminant in agricultural and municipal sewage treatment plants and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) imposes heavy fines to those who allow pollutants of waterways as it causes green algae growth, fish kills, and other environmental problems. Much of the pollution is blamed on leaching fertilizer run-off.

                 In 2013, we explored early stages of struvite extracted from cattle wastewater ponds and initial efforts to create a fertilizer to offset costs.  In 2014 we ran a year-long struvite fertilizer trials that had been extracted from municipal sewage treatment plants. In 2015 we explored extracting deep sea water nutrients as part of a pretreatment prior to sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) as part of a desalination process.  Each of these may have potential but are still in various stages of research and development.

                In early 2016,  we were contacted by a representative of a DHC, a Korean fertilizer manufacturer who had mastered the original patent, who was modifying the nutrient ratios, and who offered to work with us to create an exclusive formulation to our specifications.  We agreed and throughout the year, a huge number of emails were exchanged, samples received, and a number of improvements made.  At yearend, we signed a HAWAIIANITE™ MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT.  DHC would manufacture exclusively for our alliance.  Fuku-Bonsai would lead research, run trials, develop reports and publicity, promote, and lead global marketing.  Uniever Green would serve as the liaison between DHC and Fuku-Bonsai, handle translating, and coordinate orders, payments, and shipping. It's time to start!


                 The objective is to raise enough funds to make Hawaiianite™ available to everyone!  Very few got to actually use the original because it was only known to professional specialty growers and only available in 50-pound bags.  Fuku-Bonsai proposes to package Hawaiianite™ is small amounts so it will be affordable to anyone who wants it.  We will use as the major informational source to get the word out, but will have a special "HAWAIIANITE™ SUPPORTER" group who will receive direct email reports and have the opportunity to participate in creating a unique Hawaiian fertilizer industry to include retail mail order, wholesale to all possible retailers, including large and small regional and international distributors.  JOIN US ON THE GROUND FLOOR AS WE COMPLETE OUR RECOVERY, START EXPANSION, AND DEVELOP A GLOBAL HAWAIIAN FERTILIZER INDUSTRY!

                 The "HAWAIIANITE™ SUPPORTER" program is to identify individuals or companies that will include a range of users to provide feedback and document Hawaiianite trials and recommendations for continual improving it.  It should include clubs, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors who will play a major role in developing growth plans and strategies to make Hawaiianite available to everyone at the lowest possible costs.  It includes an invitation to become major long-term stockholder investors to provide the necessary financial foundation for the future. 

             There are four "HAWAIIANITE SUPPORTER" levels of support:        a) Supporter (minimum $50), b) Participant ($250 and up), c) Major Supporters ($1,000 and up) and d) Supporter-Investors ($10,000 and up).  If you have sufficient interest and financial ability to participate, please email with some information about yourself and request the PDF tri-fold:
 "You are cordially invited to become a "Hawaiianite Supporter!"


From this portal page, we will continue to add more information to be in the following sections:
    Hawaiianite Price Sheets   (Hawaii retail or single parcels,  Hawaii wholesale,  US retail or single parcels,  US wholesale and distributor information)
    Fertilizer information and Hawaiianite development history
    General how to use information;  experimental information including how to obtain optimum growth by assuming greater risks (including disclaimers).
    "HAWAIIANITE™ SUPPORTER" INFORMATION including benefits of being a supporter, participating in field trials, etc.  

         A full range of articles regarding HAWAIIANITE™ will be developed to be in this portal section.

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