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Aloha & welcome to the 4th issue of our second year as we build a
national and international Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai Community!

ISSUE #16. APRIL 2014
        This issue and the complex landscape
"The World of Bonsai Aloha!"  honors and is
dedicated to Ted T. Tsukiyama of Honolulu, Hawaii
            ALOHA!   Bonsai has changed dramatically in the past 50 years from a secretive past-time of older Japanese men to become an international art and hobby. We share the vision of the late Japanese bonsai grand master Saburo Kato who dreamed of "WORLD PEACE THROUGH BONSAI!  Hawaii has been amongst the earliest and strongest supporters since the late Haruo "Papa" Kaneshiro befriended Kato at Expo 70 Osaka as Japan's bonsai was recovering from World War II.  Former enemies shared the dream and the theme of the landmark 1980 International Bonsai Congress in Hawaii was:  "BONSAI,  BRIDGE TO INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP!" 
             "THE WORLD OF BONSAI ALOHA!" is a major innovative complex landscape created and planted in December 2013.Older Dwarf Schefflera quickly moved toward refinement in just a few months! Ted's extraordinary bonsai accomplishments and achievements should receive wider acclaim.  So I contacted Bonsai Clubs International's president Thomas Elias and editor Joe Grande and they immediately joined in honoring Ted. 
             So the story was held back, the trees heavily pruned, and they leafed out by the submittal deadline for joint April publishing in BCI Magazine and the Journal. Ted has been my mentor since the 1960's and I invited others.  Felix Laughlin is the president of the National Bonsai Foundation, the support group for the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum at the National Arboretum in Washington D.C.  Warren Hamamoto, the current president of the Hawaii Bonsai Association, also contributed a tribute.
                This issue is also significant in that we are making rapid advances in creating a Tropical and True Indoor Bonsai community.  The word is steadily getting out that a new popular American form of bonsai is becoming available in which even beginners can be successful.  There's a movement toward creating optimum growth and our rapid development is getting more attention in all parts of the country. More look to welcome the coming of spring so their True Indoor Bonsai can move outdoors when night temperatures exceed 55F. 
                The community is increasingly diverse with a strong Hawaii group with Fast Track Study Group leader Ryan Chang continuing to make incredible progress!  Keith will likely be amongst our most active Big Island study group members that may include visitors from recent senior group visitors.  Some are past customers who has seen the progress by others and are excited about workshops when they visit again. The two Anderson boys brought their workshop trees done last year from Honolulu and flew home with them rock planted on lava rocks. They will begin hunting for coral for future efforts.  Margaret and David LaMure of New Mexico did our first two-tree rock planting workshop as we continue field trials of the premium prepared bonsai stock to be introduced this year.   
               There's interest in Alaska, Minnesota, Florida, California, and all points in between! There's an endless variety of rocks available in all parts of the country and I'm excited about working on some rocks from Oregon.  Jay no longer makes excuses that Michigan doesn't have rocks and shares his first hypertufa success.  Jerry completes his three part series on root-over-rock with solid recommendations for beginners.  Carol's second premium prepared stock trial utilizes a North Carolina rock.   All of this diverse activity is wonderful and we invite more to join us!  
    ~~~David, Journal editor (david.f@fukubonsai.com)
                                                          Fuku-Bonsai president & founder

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          We are delighted with the progress being made by beginner study group members who submit recommended photographs and captions and receive critiques.  While there's nothing like visiting and taking workshops here,  the beginner study group provides knowledge of the basic principles.  For those who graduate into the Fast Track Study Group, they receive special assistance and access to older or special prepared stock not offered to the general public.  


             "THE WORLD OF BONSAI ALOHA!"  A complex landscape featuring a unique Hawaiian water-worn rock.  Assembled in December 2013 and refined and leafed out by March 2014! 
         DEDICATION & HONORING TED T. TSUKIYAMA.  By David W. Fukumoto.
          A TRIBUTE TO MY MENTOR TED TSUKIYAMA   by Felix Laughlin, president of the National Bonsai Foundation, the support organization for the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum at the National Arboretum in Washington D.C.
        by Warren Yamamoto, president
         LESSON #18:  OPTIMUM GROWTH REPORT.    By David Fukumoto, editor (Kurtistown, Hawaii)   This consolidates three earlier reports to show the development of three trees that are totally only two years old using special techniques and optimum growth!

            MY ROOT-OVER-ROCK ADVENTURES - PART lll    By Jerry Meislik, Journal contributing editor (Whitefish, Montana)    This is the last of a three part series in which Jerry shares his many rock planting experiences including lessons he's learned to aid those who are just starting out. 

          13-14 MONTH IWP REPORT: "Three trees in three days!"   By Ryan Chang, (Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii) Journal contributing editor.  Ryan is a true fanatic whose enthusiasm is inspiring.  He makes his share of mistakes but learns from them! 
           MY FIRST HYPERTUFA TRIAL  By "Jay" Boryczko (Farmington Hills, Michigan) Journal contributing editor.  A hypertufa experiment for a root-over-rock planting with an update on a complex landscape to be in next month's Journal.
           SECOND PREMIUM INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP PACKAGE (PIWP) REPORT By Carol Tingley (Apex, North Carolina) Journal Contributing Writer  The Premium Introductory Workshop Package will be introduced this year and this is Carol's second report as she assists in field testing it to make improvements as it is being finalized. 
            MARCH WORKSHOP AT FUKU-BONSAI.  Margaret and David LeMure of Alto, New Mexico was ready for another challenge so they planted two of the new Premium Prepared Stock onto a lava rock in a shallow 9" 1:10 Project saucer.
            ANDERSON'S SECOND FUKU-BONSAI WORKSHOP.  Here's a nice twist!  The Andersons from Oahu did IWP's a year ago.  They visited again and hand carried their trees with them on the plane and the trees went onto rocks! 
            KEITH SCHOFFSTALL'S 2ND IWP & 1ST PIWP!  Keith's our newest study group member who lives nearby.  But he actually started a year or so ago when he did a single workshop and now playing catch-up!
             MARCH 2014 MAILBAG.   Two items:   1) Honokaa Nutrition Seniors visited Fuku-Bonsai and 2)  Premium 5.5 acre property adjoining Fuku-Bonsai offered for sale.
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