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                We like Federal Express!  As a member of the Hawaii Shippers Association and in shipping over 2,000 pounds per month of bonsai,  we've earned an attractive rate to all parts of the United States. Shipping live Micro-Lobsters and liquids require a high degree of expertise and trial shipments have been successful. The packaging protocol has been approved by the FEDEX PACKAGING DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT.

                FedEx has upgraded their service standards so they will deliver anywhere in the continental United States from Hawaii in 2 days!  We now ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and parcels arrive two days later!  We don't like to have parcels in the system over the weekend as that's when there is the most shipping damage. Every so often, FedEx is late. If an expected parcel does not arrive by Friday, please email sales@fukubonsai ASAP and we may be able to arrange a Saturday delivery.

                Micro-Lobsters spend a percentage of their lives hiding in dark underground crevices and they can survive being in the dark during shipping. But like all Hawaiians, they aren't able to handle cold and we recommend keeping them above 60F.  We have begun to use shipping heat packs wherever newspapers report low temperatures below freezing. We will replace Micro-Lobsters during warmer weather if they do not survive the cold weather shipping. 

                SAVING ON SHIPPING CHARGES.  The first few pounds of parcel shipping are very costly. The cost per pound goes down as parcels get heavier.  The cost of sending 6 items individually to 6 different addresses is much higher than sending 6 items to one address.  The cost of shipping has been set at $10 each for the first and second item sent to a single address.  We made it easy and the $10 applies whether it's for a small or large item as we adjusted the retail prices.  

                One unit:  $15;   Two units:  $22 ($11 each);  Three units:  $24 ($8 each).  

            FREE SHIPPING WHEN 4 OR MORE TRUE INDOOR BONSAI OR MICRO-LOBSTER TANK UNITS (OF ANY COMBINATION OR SIZE) ARE SENT TO THE SAME US ADDRESS!  So it makes sense to combine your orders with your friends and save!

                BUSINESS ADDRESSES ARE PREFERRED & RECOMMENDED. Because our products are perishable, we do not allow Federal Express to leave parcels where no one is there to accept it unless the customer has a prior understanding that FedEx can do so. We've had cases where there was prior permission and plants froze when they happen to have been out of town.  This could also result in delivery delays. The problem seems to be avoided if parcels can be delivered to businesses where someone can accept and hold it for the recipient.

                FEDEX TRACKING.   Upon request and if you send your email address,  we will forward you the FedEx tracking number.  To track your parcel,  go to  and type in the tracking number. Or call 1-800-GO-FedEx (1-800-463-3339).  Additional information is at  Fuku-Bonsai qualifies to receive the assistance of a FedEx One Call Representative to assist in special situations and over the years, FedEx has provided outstanding service! Please email if there are any shipping questions.

                FEDEX ALASKA SURCHARGE.     FedEx has a $10 per Alaska parcel surcharge.  It may be more cost-effective to consolidate Alaska shipments. For more information, go to 

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