Item ML-2;  a recommended educational item
$6 each net + $5 shipping (via postal) to any part of the US when ordered alone
FREE SHIPPING of extra loupes if ordered and to be sent with Micro-Lobster units.
Please write for quantity quotations if you plan to have each student having one for classes.
wpe1.jpg (2652 bytes)
wpe17C.jpg (4662 bytes)      We include the 5X JEWELER'S LOUPE & LAVA SPECIMEN in our deluxe units and offer them as optional items because we believe that they add to the wonder and increases interest and enjoyment. Those of us who delight in the enjoyment of nature in detail will use the loupe for any number of activities. 

       It includes a one inch viewing sample of "high-velocity pumice ejecta" lava that was hurled over 1,000 feet into the air to create very frothy porous material. This unique Hawaiian material is ideal for Micro-Lobster aquascapes and bacterial habitats. Many pieces will float for a long time! By examining it with the loupe, you'll gain practice to go on to other discoveries!


                Fuku-Bonsai Micro-Lobster Introductory Aquariums and Breeder Tanks are interesting at first glance. But on closer examination, you'll discover it's a lot more and a true miniature celebration of the beauty and the spirit of Hawaii! Each component was carefully selected to keep the miniature scale. The five power magnification was a valuable tool when we first began to study and closely examine the Micro-Lobsters.

                In those days, no one fed them. We didn't know how much food to give!  Our systems crashed repeatedly in our early trials as we fed them the wrong kind of foods and tended to over-feed. With the 5x loupes, you can see the tiny creatures filter feeding and if there is any uneaten food in the tank after 5 minutes.  So we skipped a day, then fed less and less until we learned to feed properly!  We didn't know what to feed so we tried a variety and found those that worked and those that didn't. We encourage proper feeding and will try to help you learn the proper foods and the right amount.  We don't want you to have to learn by crashing systems as we did and recommend these loupes!  

                The five power magnification is ideal for studying Micro-Lobsters and an endless number of other objects.  As shown in the photo above, items that are about 1 1/2" to 2" away from the lens will be in focus.  A 10X loupe used to examine diamonds will focus 1/2" of less from the lens and is far less useful as you'll only be able to focus on objects just inside the aquarium walls with everything else out of focus. However, if you have need for a 10X loupe, simply nest two loupes together.  Consider purchasing multiple loupes so the individuals in the entire group can have simultaneous experiences.  And of course, the loupe is the perfect tool to draw and sketch Micro-Lobsters or the details of Nature!

                We included is a piece of Hawaiian volcanic "high-velocity pumice ejecta." Examine all sides to see the glazed outer surface and the porous center that makes it an ideal bacterial and larval habitat. Drop the pumice into a glass of water as some of them actually float!  Then examine the details of the Micro-Lobsters and their Hawaiian seamount kingdom!

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Copyright © 1992-2003 by Kerry Ruef. "The Private Eye," and "(5x) Looking / Thinking by Analogy" are registered trademarks of The Private Eye Project.

An introduction to 

        Fuku-Bonsai is building a special relationship with THE PRIVATE EYE, an extraordinary educational program created by Kerry Ruef. The Private Eye begins with a jeweler's loupe and simple questions to magnify everyday objects and thoughts, in a way that brings out the scientist, writer, and artist in everyone.

       As you peer through the jeweler's loupe at a flower, a seed, or the details of a Micro-Lobster unit, you'll ask yourself the simple but powerful Private Eye questions --- which help you penetrate the mysteries and marvels of our everyday world; you'll make analogies to what you already know, break clichés and make mental leaps. You'll experience a level of concentration and wonder that you'd never have thought possible!

        The Private Eye is a program that accelerates thinking skills, creativity, literacy and scientific literacy across subjects, K-16 through life. It's about the drama and wonder of looking closely at the world, thinking by analogy, changing scale and theorizing --- and it develops the interdisciplinary mind!

        To learn about THE PRIVATE EYE programs, visit their website at: or write to PO Box 646, Lyle, WA 98635;  Phone (509) 365-3007, or email:


                Micro-Lobsters are ideal educational tools because they are immediately attractive to children!   There's a host of educational subjects possible.  There are tie-ins to introduction to life, nature, science, biology, ecology, etc. They are much more interesting than Brine Shrimp or daphnia and easier to maintain on a year around basis!

                We believe the key to this project is the creation of a EDUCATIONAL BREEDER TANK that will be reasonably affordable but one that is very portable.  It uses a similar but taller canister and background panel that will utilize a same display base and canister light as the INTRODUCTORY MINI-BREEDER TANK.  The extra height will allow the creation of a combination undergravel filter and bacteria --- larval habitat. 

               Fuku-Bonsai Micro-Lobster  Breeding Tanks have met all criteria for sustainable Micro-Lobster colonies and we increasingly are getting reports of successful reproduction!   We prefer this route where customers go beyond having a conversation piece.  They will be happier, propagate, and be more active when optimum conditions are provided.

               Micro-Lobsters are unique creatures that should be made available in sustainable units.  Costs are high because each unit has multiple hand-crafted components. It requires very careful neutralizing,  pre-cycling, and assembly. It also requires great skill and costs in packing and shipping. Fuku-Bonsai is committed to being the outstanding resource. Teachers and those interested in such an item are invited to contact me at to be part of the testing group, to provide feedback and status reports, and earn a discount.I invite you to join us on this journey!

             ~~~David W. Fukumoto, president & founder, Fuku-Bonsai Inc.


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