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                OUR PRIDE & JOY!  While similar to the smaller Introductory Mini-Breeder Tank,  the 50% additional size produces a significant amount of improved Micro-Lobster health and activity.  Due to the economies of utilizing several of the Introductory Mini-Breeder Tank components,  we offer this exceptional unit at an attractive price. The unit would be very attractive on an office desk or in a home,  and it is ideal for schools!   The larger water column gives the room Micro-Lobsters need to "swim laps" and happily frolic and filter-feed!  We start these with over 30 Micro-Lobsters and it is significantly more likely to form a sustainable breeding colony.   All Fuku-Bonsai educational efforts will focus on using this model item. 

                NOTE:  This model item was introduced in 2004 and with the exception of using a painted background instead of the thin plywood panel, the model has had no major modifications.  It continues to meet all of our introductory educational criteria and of all of our units, this model is consistently the most successful in obtaining reproduction results that are higher than our item BT-1D which is similar in most respects but with 1/3rd less water volume and 1/3rd less Micro-Lobsters.  We still cannot explain why but believe that the large number of Micro-Lobsters increased the odds of compatible pairings.

                We initially stock based upon 48 Micro-Lobsters per gallon and some customers become concerned whether the increases caused by successful reproduction will require a larger unit.  It does not.  In nature in ideal conditions,  opae'ula can be well over 600 per square foot of pond bottom and the bottom appears red!  They will naturally stop breeding when they reach the carrying capacity of your tank based upon the amount of food available.  We have also received many reports that there was no reproduction in the first two years but that they began shortly after.  We continue to accumulate such information and am getting a broader understanding.

                We have learned that opae'ula takes two years to become sexually mature as Micro-Lobster Team members who isolated newly hatched larvae in a different tank reported next generation babies two years later.  We also recognize that for various reasons when they do not reproduce, that this becomes very evident as they all become full size, and while they are actively swimming laps, that there clearly are no smaller juveniles!  We have been able to advise on how to get reproduction started and if this is your situation, please contact me at     There has been increasing requests to develop a larger unit and we are in the process of doing so. Please contact me if you want advanced notice when we begin field testing.


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is a complete package sent with proprietary balanced water chemistry that is fully pre-cycled with 30+ Micro-Lobsters, aquascape, bacteria-inoculated habitat, canister light unit, background panel, bonsai inspired base, 16-page color Breeder Tank Handbook,  2 vials of Premium Micro-Lobster Food ,  5x jewelers loupe, sample high-velocity pumice ejecta, and cleaner stick.

          It is compact and portable with a footprint of  5.5" x 5.5" and a 12" overall height.  It can be easily moved from classroom to classroom.  It's a very high-success investment!  It's easy care and you'll need to just add distilled water to offset water loss through evaporation.

wpe8.jpg (6147 bytes)    "SWIMMING LAPS!" Within the security of a tank without predators and with the high-energy spirulina food,  Micro-Lobsters tend to be tame and seem to enjoy swimming with about a third to half of the population often swimming!  The large diameter of the breeder tanks also seems to encourage a more confident personality with little or no "pop-corning!"
wpe9.jpg (8309 bytes)     "FILTER-FEEDING!"  It's fascinating to observe the Micro-Lobsters filter-feeding upside down at the surface.  Premium spirulina micro-algae is the ideal food as it floats and does not easily dissolve.  After a while, they are conditioned and rapidly rise to the surface. A critical principle is to only feed a very tiny amount that is fully consumed within one or two hours to maintain water quality.  They love it!

                Of our three popular model items, this clearly is the most impressive.  It's a good shipper with outstanding Micro-Lobster survival rates.  To set up, simply remove the sealed plastic bag and release the bacteria-inoculated gravel between the major aquascape and the background, keeping the floor of the front clear.  This produces the tallest and most effective breeding habitat and sets up a convection current that aids in biological filtration without the need for air. With the front clear, you'll be able to drop a single grain of cooked rice and watch the Micro-Lobsters scrape away and take over a day to consume it.  Students can observe with the jeweler's loupe. 

                With the loupe, examine the sample of the high-velocity pumice ejecta which is the "secret" of our success.  Micro-Lobsters have a symbiotic relationship with the geologically young lava that form the anchialine ponds of the Big Island.  We believe that the minerals in the pumice ejecta are part of the reason our Micro-Lobsters are superior.  The pumice ejecta is very porous with tiny holes that are an ideal habitat for beneficial bacteria.  And of course, the natural, beautiful surface patterns are exploited to create an attractive aquascape! 

                 Lao Tse is credited with the ancient Chinese philosophy "The Happiness of the Fishes." In the parable, he admonished his followers to trust their innate instincts to understand natural things.  It's easy to know when Micro-Lobsters are happy and healthy as they are active, retain their full size, and exhibit a characteristic personality.   This is especially apparent in our Educational Breeder Tanks.  The Micro-Lobsters are an attractive red color.  The diameter of this unit is large enough for them to swim freely whether swimming circular laps or filter-feeding at the surface. 

                In just a small space,  there is an oasis of peace to relieve stresses!  It's very satisfying to receive notes that the breeder tanks are great on office desks. Taking a short break to enjoy the Micro-Lobsters relieves stresses, provides some relaxation, and helps to return to work refreshed.  It works for me too! These same factors also attract children. To teach, first you must get their attention!  The Micro-Lobsters are far more interesting than brine shrimp, daphnia, moina, etc. As anyone familiar with the Fuku-Bonsai website can sense,  we value, encourage, and support education. 


                To aid in getting the Educational Breeding Tanks into schools,  Fuku-Bonsai (and participating retailers) will provide a $25 discount on an Educational Breeder Tank when purchased by a teacher, school, or when it will be donated to a school.  We believe this is a worthy investment that begins the creation of a  long-term educational program that will include resource support, creation of graphic teaching aids,   continued enlargement of the website, and publication of a text. Teachers and schools are invited to participate in developing these resources.  To qualify for the discount:

                1)  WHEN MAKING PAYMENT BY CHECK:   print out the form, fill it out, and enclose it with a check with your order. Or,

                2)  WHEN MAKING PAYMENT BY PAYPAL:  copy the form to an email, fill it out, and send via email. Include a notation that payment will be coming in by PayPal (if you already have a PayPal account), or "PLEASE SEND A PAYPAL INVOICE" (if you don't yet have a free PayPal account).

                3)  OR SIMPLY HAVE ALL INFORMATION AND PHONE IN YOUR ORDER AND CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION!   Phone (808) 982-9880 Monday to Saturday 8AM to 4PM Hawaiian/Pacific standard time.  We are 3 to 5 hours behind continental US time. 

               We are developing a program whereby participating schools will be able to earn discounts and to use Micro-Lobster units in fund-raising activities.  Please write for more information.


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