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                After extensive research and trials, we recommend and make available 100% pure chill-dried spirulina microalgae powder.  This is a premium item and not to be confused with "Spirulina Flake Fish Food" which actually contains only a tiny percentage of spirulina. 

                The finest spirulina is grown at Keahole-Kona by Cyanotech Corporation in circulating raceways under the highest quality control.  This is full-sun high-nutrient microalgae that has a lot more energy than the algae that grows on the Micro-Lobster tanks which are usually kept indoors in lower light.  Cyanotech's patented chill-dried process produces the finest quality that is far superior to naturally occurring blue-green algae which can have bleached sun-burnt surfaces and lower value algae that was never exposed to light. 

                We receive our bulk-packed shipment in vacuum-packed special containers. After packing only as much as we expect to ship within a month or two, the container is very carefully resealed and stored in a cool dark area.  Spirulina should not be exposed to light, heat, or air.  To preserve the quality of this premium food,  we obtained the highest quality vials with secure snap-shut lids with an effective anti-desiccant liner!   The careful hand-packaging compliments a premium product.  The item we offer is normally only sold by Cyanotech in large 25 kilogram (55 pounds) wholesale quantities. Only a tablespoon (about 1/2 ounce) will be sufficient for feeding an Introductory Mini-Breeder Tank containing over 20 Micro-Lobsters for a full year! 

                DO NOT OVER-FEED! 

                Although the powder spirulina is not easily soluble,  if excessive amounts are given, it will pollute the water and the system will crash.  Keep a "no-food" day after each feeding day.  Feed only the amount that can be eaten in one to two hours.   If not fully eaten, consider skipping an extra day, and at the next feeding, feed less.    This will assure high water quality and happy, healthy Micro-Lobsters!  If you are going on vacation for two to three weeks, it is not necessary to have someone feed them while you're gone as there is sufficient seeded algae and edible bacteria within the tank.

wpe1D8.jpg (9592 bytes)          Most customers would feed too much, so we "invented" a  "Food Scoop" that measures off 1/4" of a toothpick and one is supplied with every vial of food.  Holding the spirulina vial at an angle, scoop out spirulina, but with a bit of red still showing. Lift the canister light, and tap the spirulina onto the water surface. Only a very tiny amount smaller than a single grain of rice is needed. Uneaten food would eventually pollute the water and kill the Micro-Lobsters.
             Watching the Micro-Lobsters filter-feeding upside down on the surface is very enjoyable.  Our "FOOD RECOMMENDATION" separates us from the glass sealed eco-systems and the units that are sold as "perfect pets that never need to be fed."  Our Micro-Lobsters are active, larger, and have delightful very sociable personalities.  And they breed!   We believe that pets should be given the best possible environment and care.   We strongly disagree with those who recommend starving opae-ula!
     Fuku-Bonsai repacks two special high-tech desiccant-lined vials that are light and air-proof. The small black vial holds 1 teaspoon and only available with ML-10 Micro-Utopia.  The white vial is part of the BT-1D Introductory Mini-Breeder Tank and expected to be a 2-year supply for 20+ Micro-Lobsters. 

      Conservative feeding recommendation:  "Scoop so about 50% of the red mark is still showing and give this amount one time per week."

For an outstanding report,  go to  CARRIE'S PAGE 1: A report on learning to feed Micro-Lobsters!

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