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             Fuku-Bonsai is publicly researching all aspects of Micro-Lobsters as a private effort to continue to improve its products and to help to build a unique Hawaiian niche export industry. Just as we publicly researched and pioneered TRUE INDOOR BONSAI,  we will develop an extensive and informative Micro-Lobster Website. 


Who are the members and how is the team structured?













        The "Fuku-Bonsai Micro-Lobster Team" includes corporate officers and directors, business associates, governmental regulatory agents, governmental research associates, individual hobbyists collaborating on various aspects or projects,  writers, photographers, and others who are willing and able to assist. Governmental individuals assist Fuku-Bonsai in their official capacity and they are committed and required to assist all other Hawaii residents on an equal basis.  While a fair amount of regulatory information is posted on this website to provide information,  no person should depend upon that information and should reconfirm as regulations are continually evolving and new regulations adopted. 

         With the support and assistance of many in the team,  we are making exceptional progress and the size of the team continues to increase.  For the benefit of potential new members, I must emphasize that while our efforts to research and educate will benefit everyone, this is a private effort with no "official" mandate or blessing.

         Fuku-Bonsai is committed to the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards.  We will develop a working relationship with each individual based upon courtesy and mutual respect.  We will not request special favors nor expect any special treatment.  However, in our complying with every aspect of the law and every regulation,  we expect each and every person or company joining the developing niche industry to also fully comply.

         Individuals work directly with David Fukumoto who is solely responsible for this website.  Efforts have been made to assure that the identity and contact information is known and information received from one team member is often confirmed with others before being posted.  


























    1.  TO ASSURE THE FUTURE EXISTENCE OF OPAE-ULA!  Under this very broad primary goal are many aspects that include regulatory, economic, research, education, Hawaiiana, politics, etc.   Fuku-Bonsai  aspires to be the premier Micro-Lobster informational resource and in lending our support and efforts, we benefit the entire community. The goal is to rebuild the natural and cultivated stocks to assure greater future availability. 

    2.  TO ENHANCE OPAE-ULA GOVERNMENTAL PRIORITY. The future of opae-ula largely depends upon governmental agencies giving opae-ula sufficiently high priority. Government units are notoriously slow to move if no public interest is shown. The concept of the Micro-Lobster Team is to harness the energies of many isolated individuals,  to coordinate where possible to expedite, and to encourage movement within the limits of available resources, but to do it in an efficient non-confrontational manner.

    3.  TO EDUCATE THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Opae-ula should be a valued Hawaiian cultural resource to be used for economic benefit in a responsible sustainable manner. Using them as "live food" for marine fish or seahorses should be discouraged as there are viable alternatives including enriched feeder guppies, mature brine shrimp, etc.  Bulk sale as commodities should also be discouraged as it provides very limited economic benefit compared to production of value-added products.  Those who already own opae-ula jars should be assisted to learn how to properly grow healthy active opae-ula as sustainable breeding colonies.  Opae-ula breeding tanks are ideal for use in local, national, and international educational institutions in teaching a host of subjects at various grades.  

  4.  TO CREATE AN EXEMPLARY ECONOMIC INFRASTRUCTURE. As an innovator and the first Hawaiian export bonsai professional, Fuku-Bonsai established the highest legal, ethical, and moral standards in participation in local, national and international bonsai organizations. We are committed to maintain these same standards as we pioneer Micro-Lobsters. We are very carefully selecting suppliers, associates, and our marketing team. For long-term profitability, it is necessary to create fair win-win relationships that generate sufficient profits to allow high-quality service and high-value quality products.

    5.  TO AID IN THE FORMATION OF A PUBLIC-PRIVATE TASK FORCE AND PARTNERSHIP.  Fuku-Bonsai is a private corporation with inherent conflicts of interests and it is, therefore, not appropriate for me to lead such an organization. Discussions have begun on how best to structure such a group. We are making some progress and members of this Micro-Lobster Team may be called upon to participate. The goal is to bring all interested parties into finding solutions and a concensus is emerging that the major priority is to remove the exotic fish to allow the opae-ula to recolonize the ponds. An aggressive additional goal could be to remove the accumulated silt to allow the algae to re-establish directly on the lava pond floor.   Private land owners willing and able to harvest on a sustainable can become dependable industry suppliers, or earn fees from licensed collectors. The goal is to create a sustainable win-win industry. 


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