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             We are fortunate to have some of the nicest visitors to our Kurtistown center. Those who studied our educational exhibit were amongst our earliest customers!  Many of our other older customers are from Hawaii State where more are learning about the endemic Hawaiian opae-ula, which are often sold by unlicensed crafters who claim they are: "perfect pets that never need to be fed." Increasingly, they are spreading the word about Fuku-Bonsai's Micro-Lobster research and website.  Here's a sample of emails and notes received.

Charlene  was a gift recipient. We knew it was cold there but wanted to try the 60-hour heat packs and the Micro-Lobsters arrived safely.   Since this shipment, we pack in a different way with superior survival rates!
          Aloha from Washington State!  The micro-lobsters are a trip!  Some are red, and some are transparent.  I can't believe they made it alive with all the moveable rocks that could squish them!  I am impressed!  As for the heat pad, by the time I got them, the heat was pretty much gone.The entire package had a little bit of a chill to it, but it appears that everything is fine.  You may also want to note that we are down in the 30's and 40's so a chill is better than frozen!  Merry Christmas or should I say Mele Kalikimaka. Charlene M.
       Dawn K. of California reserved an Introductory Mini-Breeder Tank for a special birthday gift that fell a few days after Christmas. Here's an email note received.           "D______   just loved the Micro-Lobsters. It far surpassed all the other birthday gifts he received, and once again I win the best aunt and best present award! Thanks!"   (December 29, 2003)
       We learned a lot in the past shipping season, changed our system, and asked for a report.    Kristy S. of Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii emailed just after she received her Introductory Mini-Breeder Tank:            Hi David. I got the micro-lobsters kit just an hour ago. Everything was intact. The shrimp are swimming around. I got interested in this because I bought some from a pet shop. I bought three tiny sealed containers. One container ended up dead a week later. So I went online to get some info about these shrimps. I'm glad I found your website because the pet shop gave me all wrong info. I made my own shrimp habitat with the remaining alive shrimp and they are doing better now. I'm very happy to get this kit and handbook and feed from your company. Thank you.         (December 30, 2003)
      "Do you sell just the opae-ula?  I'm interested in using them to feed my marine ornamental fish."          We consider opae-ula as amazing creatures and lovable pets and am not interested in selling them for use as "live food" for marine ornamental fish or sea horses.   We prefer to sell complete units or to work with those interested in creating custom opae-ula tanks. We will supply opae-ula mainly to those who are willing to share information as part of our Fuku-Bonsai Micro-Lobster Team.
       "Berried Female" from Bryan Yoshimura (Honolulu) with computer enhancement by David Fukumoto. Everyone is cordially invited to be a part of the Fuku-Bonsai Micro-Lobster Team to research and share information!
       Fuku-Bonsai believes there should be no secrets and that by sharing information, we will prevent this amazing creature from becoming extinct!
Copyright Fuku-Bonsai 2003
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       In their natural achialine ponds, no berried female has ever been observed as all molting, breeding and egg-carrying is believed to take place in the underground part of their habitats.   Scientific literature tell of berried females being observed in aquaculture researcher's aquariums.  Bryan's photo is believed to be the first published.   MAHALO BRYAN!
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      Fuku-Bonsai will introduce the larger 3/4-gallon Educational Breeder Tank in March 2004 with a courtesy discount when used in classrooms. Please contact us for more information.
        The addition of micro-lobsters in our Art room has been well received by both students and faculty.    Everyone asks, "How big do they get?"  I hand them the booklet and they are able to learn about these minuscule creatures.  It's hard to believe that the whole system is so easily maintained.  I have only had to add an inch of distilled water since they arrived over three months ago.  
        The tank is still crystal clear and the population of lobsters has doubled from 6 to twelve since we began feeding them the spirulina.   At any given time during the day, there is usually one or two children curiously examining the habitat through a loupe.    We are thrilled to have Micro-Lobster pets here at Silk Hope School! 
          Angela Tillman, Silas City, North Carolina
         NOTE:   Angela was one of the first to order and the first to report successful breeding. We believe the breeding season is during the warmer summer months.  The first of 12 linked bonsai workshop articles by Angela Tillman begin at .
wpe1D8.jpg (9592 bytes) 6-MONTH REPORT. A progress and status report dated November 2003 of what was learned since the initial introduction.
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             By Jan TenBruggencate, Advertiser Science Writer
Reprint:  Honolulu Advertiser;  March 1, 2004
          A lot has happened since the last update and there's been bad news but good news too.  Here's a summary.
          A cracked ML-10 is leaking, so a new one is sent.  Here's how to transfer Micro-Lobsters!
         Tank walls were cloudy but water was clear. Using a Q-tip is usually enough, but here's how to do a thorough clean-up.
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