We developed our products based upon observations of numerous tanks here and with the kind support and assistance of a large number of individual customers and academic researchers.  In this section, we share the stories behind the various tanks in the Micro-Lobster exhibit at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center.  You're invited to visit!
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                Opae-ula research largely began in 1963 when Dutch taxonomist Litke Holthius published a paper that scientifically identified the Red Hawaiian Anchialine Pond Shrimp and gave it the botanical name Halocaridina rubra.  

      John A. Maciolek provided Holthius with preserved specimens and was amongst the most prominent of the early pioneers.


      John G. Chan was a professor of Biology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and one of the early Big Island opae-ula pioneering researchers.
       This unique geothermally heated pond is amongst trees and is known to have a larger proportion of the predator Metabataeus lohena. This page describes the visit, the essence of John Chan's previously published paper, and initial observations.
        The size and the ratios of metabataeus and opae-ula were as predicted but varied greatly from other ponds! 

        In January 2004, we created our first mixed Opae-ula & Metabataeus tank to try to understand the dynamics of the opae-ula world that had predators constantly lurking. First we created a paradise.  Then we introduced four predators!
        After a lot of preparation and study, the second mixed tank was created. This page explains the details and the factors that were considered in constructing it. (January 2005)
        An updated report including the long-awaited Santos DNA report that serves as the basis for developing an Opae'ula Conservation-Preservation Plan to assure availability of opae'ula for future generations.  Includes recommendations and invites written feedback.  (June 2006)


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