ORDERING INFORMATION  (As of August 2023)    
          Fuku-Bonsai is old-fashioned and provides the highest quality products.  But we are very short-handed, our phones are often not working properly, and we are not able to provide our usually customer assistance by phone or phone orders.  The preferred ordering method is to send an email with all information directly to David at  
                 Please  include  your name and the address and item(s) you want sent to you. It would be helpful if you included a second or third choice. This will allow me to confirm if the item(s) you want are currently available or the estimated wait time.  Our most popular Dwarf Schefflera Lava Plantings Small size (item HS8-xg) and Desk size (item HD8-xg) are in very limited supply and often not available.  With this information, I can check both availability and if plants can be safely shipped.


                 If this is a gift order include gift recipient's name, street shipping address, city and state.  Choice of item (and possible 2nd or 3rd choice) and message to be enclosed.  With this information I am able to respond in a single email.  I generally check emails only at the start of each workday.


                In the past few years, the bonsai and business world has turned up-side-down. Our inventory is at an all-time low and much of our limited production was sent to our oldest priority Fuku-Bonsai Maui Representative Dan's Greenhouse of Lahaina.  Sadly, their shop burnt to the ground in the devastating Lahaina Firestorm. This made a larger inventory available to our retail mail order customers. If your first choice is out of stock consider a second choice or to be placed on a waiting list when available.
               Suppliers are going out of business, and supplies are either not available or have greatly increased in price. Postal and shipping costs are rising steeply and while we are trying to hold our prices, there will be increases in the coming year. FedEx shipping costs are the same for all states --- except for Alaska --- which has a $10 surcharge. So when requesting a quote, be sure to inform us if the plant will be heading for Alaska.
               Our customers seem to like our "modified flat rate shipping policy" where the cost of the first plant to an address is $16.  That amount does not cover the cost of shipping our larger items so the higher prices include some of the shipping costs.  When 2 plants are sent to the same address, the cost is $12 each or $24.  The cost for 3 to the same address is $9 each or $27.  When we get an order for 3 plants, if I catch it, I recommend ordering a 4th plant TO GET FREE SHIPPING!
               This is a built-in "quantity discount in which the quality of our plants actually are subsidizing shipping costs.  It is costly to ship a single large plant so with the subsidized shipping, our easy-care high-success TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ are affordable and appropriate as gifts --- while traditional outdoor bonsai are not recommended for gifts!  
                Fuku-Bonsai is amongst the oldest bonsai export nursery and a leader in bonsai education. We really hate it when our customers tell us they killed their first bonsai because they thought the traditional outdoor juniper bonsai was a houseplant!  More now know this, but there still is a lot of fraudulent confusion because even Wikipedia and websites like Bonsai Empire lists a whole bunch of plants under "INDOOR BONSAI!"  We consider this as fraud as Ficus requires bright greenhouse conditions and will not thrive in normal home and offices --- even with additional artificial light!
                I regret to inform everyone that the Internet includes a lot more of bonsai fraud!  We are getting tons of spam and that is causing us to drop or change our email addresses.  I recommend email directly to me at  I also regret to inform that we are having email problems so if you do not get a reply within a day or two, please send me another email.
                It's bad enough that other bonsai websites are using our photos on their websites without permission, they continue to include untrue recommendations that Ficus is the best for growing indoors. That either dumb or fraud and the bonsai world really needs to develop integrity! I recently had to redo our "LINKS" page!  Can you imagine that someone hacked into our website and inserted a link to their website and that I recommended customers book a vacation at their bed and breakfast? 
                 PLEASE REPORT TO ME IF YOU NOTICE QUESTIONABLE MATERIAL ON THIS WEBSITE!   Because we currently do not have the capability to have a secured website, I prefer not to accept credit cards (except by visitors to the Fuku-Bonsai center).  For mail orders, I recommend once the availability is confirmed, that I send a PayPal Invoice.  I believe this is the best way to protect our customer's credit card information.~~~David (


        HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTINGS.  The easiest-care and most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow house plants.  Features a pre-trained dwarf schefflera grown in attractive porous lava rock.  Slow growing and great gifts for home or office.  MORE HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTING INFORMATION   Some small and desk available but medium and large usually out of stock. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Please confirm before ordering.   


        PREMIUM POTTED BONSAI.  The highest-potential potted bonsai on the market.  Training begins early so there's a lot of lower trunk character and good branches in our youngest smallest trees, with much more character in older larger trees. MORE POTTED BONSAI INFORMATION.   LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Please confirm before ordering. Smallest sizes are often out. We are using available containers so prices may vary of some items.
        CUSTOM COLLECTION    The cream of our crop --- the oldest, largest, and best of trees. Minimum is 15 years in training with oldest begun in 1973 so over 40 years! Individually photoed and priced.  FedEx to all parts of the U.S. with safe arrival guaranteed.  As time permits, we are moving more Custom Collection to be sales ready. If interested, email with requested style and budget range. We reserve the right to limit sales only to those with proven ability to grow Fuku-Bonsai's True Indoor Bonsai.
        BONSAI KITS/WORKSHOP PACKAGES  WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL NEXT YEAR.   The easiest and most successful way to learn or teach bonsai.  Features pre-trained plants, all needed items, and email assistance.  Quantity discounts and teaching aides available. ***  Go to INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP PACKAGE

            BONSAI POTTING MEDIA & SUPPLIES.      WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL NEXT YEAR.  Fuku-Bonsai's potting media utilizes very porous Hawaiian high-velocity pumice ejecta that is filled with tiny holes to provide both outstanding aeration and drainage.  We also utilize supplies that are not readily available and at the request of those who take our workshops and recognize the differences, we offer and list them for sale in smaller quantities for our customers.


          ORDERING & SHIPPING INFORMATION    We ship every week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday via Federal Express.  Generally delivery within Hawaii and most of the West Coast is within 24 hours and within 48-hours for the remainder of the Continental U.S. Federal Express delivery with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed!  We usually send a confirmation of shipping with the FedEx tracking number. To track, go to and type in the tracking number.


          FUKU-BONSAI COLD WEATHER SHIPPING POLICYWe ship to destinations in which the LOW temperatures (as reported by are above freezing (32°F).  We recommend that parcels be sent to business addresses  that allow this and will keep the carton in a warm area.  We use insulated packing materials and shipping heat packs in borderline situations and send confirmation of shipping when email addresses are given that include the Federal Express tracking number to allow you to track your shipment.  Upon receiving the confirmation and tracking number, customers can call their local FedEx station and arrange to pick up the parcel rather than subject it to cold damage. Fuku-Bonsai guarantees satisfaction and safe arrival but requests customer assistance for win-win results!   


          LIMITED AVAILABILITY.    WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH INVENTORY FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS.   Ideal gifts for any occasion and used in quantity in many ways including restaurant, wedding, or party centerpieces, corporate gifts,  incentive convention and meeting amenities, promotion, prizes, etc. Save by having all shipped to one address, but if desired, we'll ship a lot of individual gifts to all parts of the US! Most production is reserved for our retail customers and members of our study groups. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT 

       PACKING & SHIPPING.    Fuku-Bonsai guarantees satisfaction and safe arrival. Our outstanding packing system pays as much attention to detail as we do growing our plants! 

           INTRODUCING A NEW UPGRADED PRODUCT LINE --- PREMIUM POTTED LAVA PLANTINGS (PPLP)    Hawaiian Lava Plantings were our original specialty since we began export in 1973. We continually research to upgrade and improve to make them the ideal easiest-care, high-success gift bonsai! 

         1.  Initially we sold just the lava planting in small and desk sizes and customers soaked it in water once or twice per week and placed in on glass shelves or dry plates. They liked the novelty but either over or under-watered the plants.

         2.  We designed attractive shallow polystyrene saucer and offer "Saucer & Gravel (S&G) as a popular option.  Although more successful,  the plants sometimes dried out too fast --- or customers over-watered or kept the gravel too wet.

         3.  We offered a deeper pot with potted media as "Conversion Kits" with website information in the "Training True Indoor Bonsai" portal under "Lesson #1 Potting."  While more costly, these were very successful and produced healthy plants that were kept compact by frequent "soft pruning" or more creative "bonsai cutting back" to train attractive rock-planted bonsai.

          4.  TRUE INDOOR BONSAI allows being creative and customers liked the idea of using deeper glass or ceramic bowls.  So we offered Lava Plantings with no containers and a larger generous amount of screened lava gravel and these also were successful and produced healthy plants.

                Our newest PREMIUM POTTED LAVA PLANTINGS will use our attractive 8" diameter x 2" deep polystyrene pot with older lava plantings to form an attractive scene.  It's an ideal size and we will add smaller and larger sizes as plants and containers become available --- including very attractive vertical lava planting Custom Collection in the future!  Please email if interested to be on the waiting list!


Official PayPal Seal    The Fuku-Bonsai website first went online in 1999 and is amongst the older and most reputable of all bonsai websites!  We are a Hawaii State certified export nursery that ships to all parts of the United States with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed.   Our True Indoor Bonsaiare the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants.