This portal section is currently under construction, and when complete, it will include all items available for sale and information on how to purchase bonsai and other items, ordering, and shipping information. At the request of newer customers,  we will install a shopping cart and an easier purchasing system that will be friendlier to smart phones.

               ORDERING ASSISTANCE:    Fuku-Bonsai is old-fashioned and provides direct customer assistance.  Phone (808) 982-9880 Monday to Saturday (8AM to 4PM Hawaii standard time), or preferably send an email to or directly to David Fukumoto at email  If you have all information in front of you,  we take phone orders with credit card authorizations. 



        1.  Print the Order Form, fill in, (and earn a 5% discount) and mail with check to Fuku-Bonsai, PO Box 6000, Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760.  Cards can be sent to be enclosed with your gift order or specify a message.   

         2.  Call in your order to (808) 982-9880 with your credit card information!

         3.  Send an email request for PayPal Invoice or send a PayPal Payment to


      HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTINGS.  The easiest-care and most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow house plants.  Features a pre-trained dwarf schefflera grown in attractive porous lava rock.  Slow growing and great gifts for home or office.  MORE HAWAIIAN LAVA PLANTING INFORMATION
      PREMIUM POTTED BONSAI.  The highest-potential potted bonsai on the market.  Training begins early so there's a lot of lower trunk character and good branches in our youngest smallest trees, with much more character in older larger trees. 
      CUSTOM COLLECTION.  The cream of our crop --- the oldest, largest, and best of trees up to 40 years in training.  Individually photoed and priced to FedEx to all parts of the U.S.
      BONSAI KITS / WORKSHOP PACKAGES.  The easiest and most successful way to learn or teach bonsai.  Features pre-trained plants, all needed items, and email assistance.  Quantity discounts and teaching aides available. ***  Go to INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP PACKAGE

         BONSAI POTTING MEDIA & SUPPLIES.  Fuku-Bonsai's potting media utilizes very porous Hawaiian high-velocity pumice ejecta that is filled with tiny holes to provide both outstanding aeration and drainage.  We also utilize supplies that are not readily available and at the request of those who take our workshops and recognize the differences, we offer and list them for sale in smaller quantities for our customers.


          ORDERING & SHIPPING INFORMATION   It's getting easier!  Fill out the order form.  Print and mail with check to Fuku-Bonsai. Or, "SUBMIT" then request a PayPal Invoice, or go straight to PayPal to authorize payment.  OR,  PHONE IN YOUR ORDER TO (808) 982-9880. WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD, VISA, AND DISCOVER CREDIT CARDS!  We ship every week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday via 48-hour Federal Express delivery with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed!  For more information or for assistance, please phone us at (808) 982-9880 or email


          FUKU-BONSAI COLD WEATHER SHIPPING POLICYWe ship to destinations in which the LOW temperatures (as reported by are above freezing (32F).  We recommend that parcels be sent to business addresses  that allow this and will keep the carton in a warm area.  We use insulated packing materials and shipping heat packs in borderline situations and send confirmation of shipping when email addresses are given that include the Federal Express tracking number to allow you to track your shipment.  Upon receiving the confirmation and tracking number, customers can call their local FedEx station and arrange to pick up the parcel rather than subject it to cold damage. Fuku-Bonsai guarantees satisfaction and safe arrival but requests customer assistance for win-win results!   


          QUANTITY DISCOUNTS.   Ideal gifts for any occasion and used in quantity in many ways including restaurant, wedding, or party centerpieces, corporate gifts,  incentive convention and meeting amenities, promotion, prizes, etc. Save by having all shipped to one address, but if desired, we'll ship a lot of individual gifts to all parts of the US! While most production is reserved for our retail customers and members of our study groups, we supply a limited number of widely scattered Fuku-Bonsai Authorized Retailers. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT 

       PACKING & SHIPPING.    Fuku-Bonsai guarantees satisfaction and safe arrival. Our outstanding packing system pays as much attention to detail as growing our plants! 
Official PayPal Seal    The Fuku-Bonsai website first went online in 1999 and is amongst the older and most reputable of all bonsai websites!  We are a Hawaii State certified export nursery that ships to all parts of the United States with satisfaction and safe arrival guaranteed.   Our True Indoor Bonsaiare the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants.