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                March 2023 update We are recovering and plan to resume publishing the free monthly FBnews as we Refinance and Restructure this year.  Please continue to sign up to receive when we begin publishing again. Mahalo! ~~~David


                   ALOHA!  In December 2014, our mailing computer crashed. We lost our emailing list that had been updated each month to assure that we would not ever send out spam.  We have not been able to recover that "cleaned" mailing list, and have obtained assistance from Constant Contact, a highly rated mailing service, to help us to maintain the lengthy and growing emailing list that includes past customers, past recipients,  Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center visitors, and those who request to receive our newsletters.  I'm delighted to have help to relieve me of this very time consuming activity.

                 Upon rebuilding our computer capabilities, Fuku-Bonsai will be again issuing a monthly email newsletter. You're invited sign up with the website form.  Please feel free to directly email me at david.f@fukubonsai.com if you need personal assistance, and especially if you have suggestions .

                 It's been four years since we started the Journal of Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai and two years since the crash that ended it.  During the two years it was up, we presented detailed reports of how specific bonsai were created.  We'll be doing updates to show you how the trees developed.  But as importantly, we've made some major break thoughs in training methods and I look forward to sharing the details with you.  There are other major news too!



           Your are cordially invited to sign up for either or both of our email newsletters.  FBnews will be a monthly and primarily include information for those especially interested in Tropical and True Indoor Bonsai and include specialty Hawaiianite bonsai applications.  This replaces the Journal of Tropical and True Indoor Bonsai that was sent to Fuku-Bonsai customers,  gift recipients of our products,  Fuku-Bonsai Center visitors and others who requested to be on our emailing list.  
         We have no desire to spam or send to those not interested and, therefore, require signing up and providing all information which will go directly to Constant Contact who will manage and remove those who request or those whose emails bounce back. There are no fees, but if you appreciate our efforts, please become a member or make donations to the non-profit Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation which co-sponsors the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center and the Fuku-Bonsai website including helping to cover the costs of the free educational exhibits and workshop assistance.
          HAWAIIANITE™ NEWS is a new newsletter will contain information of Hawaiianite  applications for major users, retailers, distributors, or agricultural organizations. So far strongest interest have been from orchid/floriculture, container nurseries, medical marijuana, landscapers, and long-term specialty crops. We will assist in creating high-integrity comparative trials and publish the reports.
           NOTE:  Hawaiianite Supporter Members including retailers, distributors,  agricultural organizations and those registered and being assisted in conducting high-integrity comparative trials will have a separate site  requiring a password.


                       THE FOLLOWING IS AN ARCHIVE OF THE FORMER JOURNAL OF TROPICAL AND TRUE INDOOR BONSAI.  If you start with the first issue and go through the various issues, you'll get a strong educational bonsai course! 

               The Journal of Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai is a benefit of membership in the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation ($12 per year) and for the friends and past customers of Fuku-Bonsai (honor system).  Back issues are posted as follows:
  1.  January 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal1.January.2013.html
  2.  February 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal2.February.2013.html
  3.  March 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal3.March.2013.html
  4.  April 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal4.April.2013.html
  5.  May 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal5.May.2013.html
  6.  June 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal6.June.2013.html
  7.  July 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal7.July.2013.html
  8.  August 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal8.August.2013.html
  9.  September 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal9.September.2013.html
10. October 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal10.October.2013.html
11.  November 2013:   www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal11.November.2013.html
12.  December 2013:    www.fukubonsai.com/MPBFjournal12.December.2013.html
           13.  January 2014:   www.fukubonsai.com/Journal13.January.2014.html
           14.  February 2014:  www.fukubonsai.com/Journal14.February.2014.html 
           15.  March 2014:  www.fukubonsai.com/Journal15.March.2014.html  
           16.  April 2014:   www.fukubonsai.com/Journal16.April.2014.html
           17.  May 2014:  www.fukubonsai.com/Journal17.May.2014.html
           18. June 2014:   www.fukubonsai.com/Journal18.June.2014.html
           19.  July 2014:   www.fukubonsai.com/Journal19.July.2014.html
           20.  August 2014:  www.fukubonsai.com/Journal20.August.2014.html 
           21.  September 2014:   www.fukubonsai.com/Journal21.September.2014.html 
           22.  October 2014:   www.fukubonsai.com/Journal22.October.2014.html
           23.  November 2014:  www.fukubonsai.com/Journal23.November.2014.html 

              YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO JOIN THE MID-PACIFIC BONSAI FOUNDATION! Fuku-Bonsai pioneered True Indoor Bonsai since 1962.  Whereas traditional Japanese temperate climate outdoor bonsai is extremely difficult with a very low success rate, Fuku-Bonsai's TRUE INDOOR BONSAI are the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow house plants!  They are grown indoors year-around and outdoors whenever night temperatures exceed 50�F.  Annual membership is just $12 and everyone is invited to become a member, to get access to special plant and workshop materials, and to obtain assistance!  Go to MID-PACIFIC BONSAI FOUNDATION

               NOTE:   In November 2014,  computers crashed and it took a while to rebuild the infrastructure and we are preparing to resume publication in the near future.

               2018 UPDATE:   We will be working with Constant Contact to maintain and keep current our emailing list and to issue the new email monthly FBnews when we are completely ready. Some of our team are already previewing the articles as they are being written and being posted on the portal page for the next issue.  This gives those who contributed articles to make any corrections or additions prior to "final email release." The preview copy is posted at:  www.fukubonsai.com/2018.FBnews.FirstIssue.html