Due to major personal health problems, the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation officers did not meet their fiduciary responsibilities and IRS automatically cancelled the tax-exempt status after no reports were filed for three years.  At a scheduled meeting, they did not attend and David Fukumoto, an original MPBF co-founder (who is also president and founder of Fuku-Bonsai) was elected to be the interim president to reorganize and reinstate the tax-exempt status of the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation.

            The Fukumotos will be donating Fuku-Bonsai shares to make MPBF the largest stockholder to help lead the transition for Fuku-Bonsai to become a "SEMI-NON-PROFIT COMMUNITY BENEFIT CORPORATION"  to refinance and restructure Fuku-Bonsai, and to lead:  "MAKING THE BIG ISLAND AN INTERNATIONAL BONSAI CENTER!" 

            WE INVITE EVERYONE WHO SHARES OUR TRUE INDOOR BONSAI™ INTERESTS AND VALUES TO PARTICIPATE!  Contact:  david.f@fukubonsai.com for more information.


        ABOUT FUKU-BONSAI    The Fukumoto family hobby began with training a houseplant in 1962 to become a life-long passion,   a backyard nursery to provide prepared bonsai stock for adult education classes, the first Hawaiian certified export nursery in 1973, and now the producer of the most successful Dwarf Schefflera gift bonsai and workshop packages shipping nationally!

        MID-PACIFIC BONSAI FOUNDATION HOMEPAGE    An IRS tax-exempt 501(3)(c) non-profit foundation to exhibit, research, educated, promote and perpetuate the art and culture of bonsai; to be the custodian of memorial bonsai in the Hawaii State Bonsai Repository, to serve as the liaison with the community, and to create international friendships through bonsai.  Co-sponsor of the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center and host of Bonsai Days on the second Saturday of each month. YOU'RE INVITED TO JOIN US!  Members will receive monthly email newsletters beginning January 2013 and other assistance regarding TROPICAL AND TRUE INDOOR BONSAI.


          MAKING THE BIG ISLAND AN INTERNATIONAL BONSAI MECCA!       Hawaii has the longest bonsai history in the English speaking world and has been an international leader that helped to create "International Bonsai" and in developing "Tropical Bonsai" as an easier form of outdoor bonsai, and the innovator in creating Dwarf Schefflera "True Indoor Bonsai™"  the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants!  This project will create a major bonsai resource for visitors to the Big Island of Hawaii!