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        Introducing Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation     This is a website reproduction of the Foundation's membership brochure and describes the joint Fuku-Bonsai / MPBF project:  "Making the Big Island an International Bonsai Mecca!" and invites participation and membership. The primary membership benefit is a monthly email newsletter focusing on "Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai" with the first issue to be launched January 2013. 
        Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation Membership Application.  Please print, fill out, and mail with a check.  In the future, the Foundation will have a PayPal account to allow direct payments. 
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        Donor & Corporate Sponsor Program.  There's more information about the program and a cumulative list of past donors. MAHALO!  (future)
          Meet the officers of Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation.  President Michael Imaino;  Vice-president Edison Yadao;  Secretary Christine Wolf;  Treasurer Cliff Tanaka;  Assistant secretary-treasurer/webmaster Barry Blackburn   (future)
       MPBF Newsletter Archives:    (to access past issues in the future)
             Issue 1: Volume 1:  January 2013
         The MPBF Logo Tree.  The tray landscape received an Award of Excellence in the  .....  photos  ....   design evolution   .....    artwork by Cliff Tanaka  ,,,,(future)
        Hawaii State Bonsai Repository at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center.  The Historical Bonsai created by visiting masters are entrusted to the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation and include:
   *** "Peace Forest" by the late Japan grand master Saburo Kato at IBC 80
   ***  3 Christmas Berry by the late California master John Naka in Hilo (1984) and again at IBC 90 Hawaii
   ***  "Takamiyama" created by Japan master Shinji Ogasawara at IBC 90 Hawaii
   ***  Juniper Saikei created by Japan-Hawaii master Tom Yamamoto
   ***  Gold Scheff rock planting by Charlene Smallwood of Albany, Oregon and also Ficus natalensis
   ***  Ficus natalensis by Pius Notter of Switzerland
   ***  "Mahalo" Chinese Banyan by Jerry Meislik of Montana
       AND OTHERS   (future articles)


         Memorial Bonsai in the Hawaii State Bonsai Repository
    ***  Japanese Black Pine created by the late Haruo "Papa" Kaneshiro of Honolulu
   ***  (2) Ironwoods by the late Sadakichi Sugahara of Hanapepe, Kauai
   ***   (2) Ironwoods by the late Hideki Yonehara of Honolulu
    ***  Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper by the late Jackson Kansako of Hilo/Honolulu
    ***  "Walking Mangrove" by Dr. Horace F. Clay
   ***  Japanese Golden Cypress by the late Hiroshi Ikeda of Hilo;  Japanese Black Pine and possibly other bonsai to be donated
   ***  Surinam Cherry penjing by the late Isamu "Ham" Kaneshiro
     AND OTHERS  (future articles)


         Artifacts in the Hawaii State Bonsai Repository
    ***   The Dr. Horace F. Clay Bonsai Ukiyoe Collection
    ***   Collection of pots from Japan master potter Akiji Kataoka and family including Yamaaki kiln pots.  (details of the three pots made for the three John Naka bonsai.;  details of the Saburo Kato pot by Seizan Kataoka.) 
    ***  Books and other artifacts  (future articles)
          Tropical Bonsai Specials:  prepared stock and workshop packages to be available only to Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation members.  These are currently been developed and will be introduced with a sequential workshop series and narrative report.  These "kit" will utilize the same plants prepared in the same way and include all the same components shown in the photo sequence and narrative.  MPBF members will be able to purchase these and obtain personal email assistance from the MPBF webmaster!     (to be offered in the future)
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