Fuku-Bonsai is a unique bonsai nursery that specializes primarily in Dwarf Schefflera True Indoor Bonsai™ that have come to be recognized as the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants!  We pioneered True Indoor Bonsai since 1962 and began teaching while still a beginner at a time that bonsai was a secretive hobby primarily of only older Japanese men.  At that time, few if any really understood bonsai and you learned it one "secret" at a time. 

            In the past 50+ years,  I've come to realize that our True Indoor Bonsai totally differ from other forms of bonsai.  IT IS THE ONLY TRUE HOUSEPLANT BONSAI and Dwarf Schefflera is really the only and ideal durable houseplant for bonsai!  We've grown this plant since 1973 and made it our primary specialty since about 1999.  So the bulk of our older Custom Collection bonsai (such as the one in the photo above that just sold) are about 15 years in training.  Our earliest ones are about 40 years in training and probably amongst the oldest Dwarf Schefflera bonsai in the world!  



       For orders placed and paid for in the month of February to be shipped as weather allows!  Go to www.fukubonsai.com/3a2b.html for more information about Custom Collection and contact david.f@fukubonsai.com to confirm availability.



           In the summer of 2013 Aimee Wood took a workshop with Edison and also purchased a #8 conversion kit for a lava planting that she's had for many years but had allowed to grow tall.  When she first sent a photo, leaves were small and it was obvious the plant was growing slowly.  But once the roots entered the media in the pot, growth increased and the plan is to allow the tree to grow very vigorously and to do the major cut-back in late spring or summer at peak growth season to get the maximum amount of regrowth. 

         Since potting in the conversion kit, there's been at least eight new larger leaves on each stem so we're hoping for a very strong regrowth when cut!  Stay tuned!  



          In 2005 Barry led a special class for his friends as reported in www.fukubonsai.com/3a2i1.html.   We recently received this photo from Dr. Barry Grayson of New York, New York of his high rise bonsai room while the storm was raging over Manhattan!  With such large windows,  even his older ficus bonsai are doing well and the Dwarf Scheffs loves it! 


          Meanwhile in balmy Hawaii,  we were visited by the Pahoa Nutrition Club and after a garden tour led by Michael and I,  Edison made a presentation on how to create bonsai.  Several individuals in the group had visited or worked with Fuku-Bonsai and its the support of the local community that made it possible for us to start emerging from our 25 year long battle for survival! We enjoy hosting school or youth groups and are especially popular with senior citizen groups.  The Big Island has exceptional senior and youth groups! 

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