THE WORLD OF BONSAI ALOHA  (including the dedication to and honoring Ted T. Tsukiyama) was simultaneously published in the April/May/June issue of Bonsai Clubs International's Bonsai & Stone Appreciation magazine and the Journal of Tropical & True Indoor Bonsai April 2014 issue.



CORRESPONDENCE WITH JAMES ANDERSON (On the road in California and ???)

              I got a phone call from an interesting fellow who told me he was bonsai-sitting his neighbor's 17-year old bonsai, and on the first day, he sent them a photo telling them he had problems and the bonsai was a bit TIPSY! 



             He named their bonsai Rocky Sr. and when they got home, they brought him one from Hawaii that he named Rocky Jr.  So he needed more information because he's usually in his motor home travelling all over the country! Here's Rocky Jr. in his travel mode in the motor home .  .  . 



     .  .  .  and with the shades down for a better view!

             I recommended this "semi-terrarium" as it may give James a little extra "margin for error" as he moves around the country with different conditions.  James promises to send me reports "from the road" to confirm if the idea works for him! 

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               Meet Stephanie Rider (right) and her family of Monroe, Washington who on April 28, 2014,  became the newest member of the Beginner Study Group with her first class by Edison with three more to be submitted when she gets home. On her workshop feedback questionnaire she wrote: "The input was excellent! I left with all my questions answered and was quite confident to start on my own.  Thank you!"

              Edison is our best teacher for beginners.  As the monomaniac with a mission, David tends to overload information.  Edison was always able to instill confidence in those he teaches.  He stays with the basics and he's continuing to improve.  We look forward to Stephanie quickly getting past the basics and joining the Fast-Track Study Group!  Welcome!

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