MAILBAG 19 - JULY 2014


            Fuku-Bonsai Authorized Retailers Koolau Farmers became the first retailers to carry our entire True Indoor Bonsai product lines including small, medium, and large sizes of our Hawaiian Lava Plantings and Premium Potted Bonsai. In the future, they will also carry our one-of-a-kind Custom Collection including larger items for commercial interior decorating. 

               The shipment of 74 plants going to four stores in four cartons weighed a total of 170 pounds.  That averaged less than 2 1/2 pounds per plant  with the average of the 4 cartons weighing 42.5 pounds; which is still well below the FedEx per box limits.  At higher parcel weights,  FedEx discounts increase and we pass along these savings in the form of quantity discounts. With the plants trimmed, dip-treated and all preparation completed the day before,  Michael, Edison, and Myrtle had no problem completing the pack well before the FedEx pick-up time and inter-island parcels will be delivered the next day. 

               Over the years,  Fuku-Bonsai has developed the ability to custom pack a full range of mixed orders from individual, club, and volume accounts.  During cold weather shipping seasons,  we ship whenever the low temperatures in the destination are above freezing.  In marginal situations, we use shipping heat packs.  We usually ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and parcels arrive within 48 hours from the Big Island of Hawaii to any part of the continental U.S. We guaranty satisfaction and safe arrival and send shipping confirmations with FedEx tracking numbers and request that customers contact us if there are any problems or shipping damage.  We prefer not to have parcels in transit over the weekend as that's when most thefts and damage occurs.   

              Within these limitations,  we successfully ship year-around to mainly repeat customers and are delighted with emails received with compliments on our exceptional packing methods and high-quality products. We may not likely become the largest bonsai grower-shipper, but we are committed to becoming the best with the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow houseplants!  

             To now,  most of our retailers primarily carried the prepackaged small Dwarf Schefflera Lava Planting that was pre-certified to allow handcarry to all parts of the United States.  This did not allow offering our medium and large sizes which were mainly available only by mail order or at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center in Kurtistown.  At Koolau Farmers,  the plants will be sold open but not certified.  As procedures are installed and their staffs are trained,  they will be able to take gift orders to be sent to the continental U.S. directly from the Kurtistown nursery.

             Ryan Chang has been named Fuku-Bonsai's Oahu Representative to assist Koolau Farmers to and will be conducting Introductory Workshop Packages to train their staffs.  In the future, such workshop classes will be open to the public.  



            NOW'S THE TIME!   If your tree is too tall and you plan to reduce it, now's the time as it's the best season for drastic pruning.  On June 12, I received this email and the first photo:

            Hi. I inherited this plant when my Mother past away three years ago. I have been able to keep it alive but I donít know how to prune it. She kind of had it looking like a bonsai tree for a long time. I am afraid of killing it, but I would like to trim it if possible. Can you suggest where I might get a simple lesson in trimming this miniature schefflera. I would appreciate any feedback you could give me. Thank you in advance Janet Bohne from Wisconsin USA.

            It happened that I had some time so put the picture into a graphics program, made recommendations, with a yellow cut line for the apical leader and red cut lines for branches with some information.  Two days later I received the second and third photos with another email:

           Well I cut my Momís plant per instructions. Hopefully in addition to improving my Momís plant I will also get some of the cuttings to root for my three sisters. Thank you again. Janet

            Generally I prefer not to make recommendations on trees that did not originate at Fuku-Bonsai. But that tree had obvious family sentimental value and it was likely her mom was trimming the top just above where several branches had emerged and the growth points just lengthened when the trimming stopped.  So I just recommended what I think her mom would have done and I hope that the tree turns out to be a nice remembrance and Janet's sisters get a remembrance too.

          Thanks for sharing the story Janet!    Hope the cuttings all root and get planted in a fast-draining gravelly houseplant potting soil.  Most of the leaves will likely fall off, but when roots emerge, prune off half of what remains when you pot it up.  After your mom's tree fills out again and you'r ready to give plants to your sisters,  please take another photo and share with us again, okay?  Good luck!  ~~~David


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