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            Kurtistown, Hawaii - May 2001. "Over half of the visitors to the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center & Hawaii State Bonsai Repository have grown and killed juniper bonsai," according to Hawaiian bonsai master David Fukumoto. "They somehow believed that junipers magically became houseplants when grown as bonsai."

            The pioneer of True Indoor Bonsai(tm) since 1962 has shipped nationally since 1973 and has created a gift bonsai workshop kit for anyone who can grow houseplants. After mastering traditional Japanese bonsai, aristocratic Chinese penjing, and Hawaiian tropical bonsai, he distilled the essential principles.

            First, choose plants for specific environments. For most people that means indoors. As a research affiliate of Lyon Arboretum, Fukumoto field-tested all known houseplants. He found that even Ficus required more light than is normally available. He specializes in Dwarf Schefflera, a very durable and proven houseplant.

            Second, start with plants that have character and interest to avoid the long skillful training needed to create character. To have an attractive bonsai at the end of a workshop, the plant MUST have "character" at the beginning of the workshop!

            Fuku-Bonsai skillfully trains trees for several years and established them on rocks with a vigorous but confined root system. Add an attractive pot, tie-down wire, pre-screened potting media, and a 16-page Keiki Bonsai Handbook for a successful beginner workshop. In Hawaiian, "keiki" means "beloved child" and even a 10 year old child will be successful with a little coaching by an adult.

            The Fuku-Bonsai Premium Keiki Bonsai Workshop Package is priced at $39.95 plus $9 shipping via Federal Express to any part of the United States. For extensive information and to view photographs go to <> the top "indoor bonsai mail-order" website as rated by Yahoo, MSN Search, and others. Discover and experience the beauty and serenity of man and nature in harmony!

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