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              The Big Island is larger than all other Hawaiian islands combined. It takes about two and a half hours to get from Hilo on the east side to Kona-Kohala on the west side.  Most visitors stay on the west side in the Kona-Kohala visitor destination area and those visiting the Big Island for the first time will often visit us and Volcanoes National Park as part of a very rushed day trip.  Increasingly repeat visitors are staying at east Hawaii hotels and Bed and Breakfasts to enjoy the very different laid back Hilo, Volcano, and Puna attractions and activities.

               The Big Island has two personalities and some want to split into two counties.  East Hawaii has been the historical center in Hilo. At one time, West Hawaii was very sparsely populated and rural.  But then came tourism development mainly in West Hawaii and both sides are struggling to understand each other.  Because Fuku-Bonsai once tried to build a Fuku-Bonsai Center in upper Keauhou-Kona,  we have stockholders, friends, and associates throughout the Big Island and believe in building a prosperous "All Big Island" philosophy.

                The population is growing so rapidly that there's the potential for a growing rift between the old-timer families and those who have more recently moved here.  Most "locals" moved to the Big Island from other parts of Hawaii and we want to retain our values, integrity, informal lifestyle, and fair treatment for everyone equally.  We encourage visitors to explore locally owned businesses to discover and experience the sprit of Big Island aloha! 

      ABOUT KTA SUPER STORES.  The largest and most popular locally owned and operated chain of super markets has various deli, bakery, floral, and other departments. KTA is a legendary low-key Big Island company started by the Taniguchi family of Hilo.  It has an extraordinary private label called "MOUNTAIN APPLE" brand in which KTA serves as an incubator to assist Big Island businesses to develop new "made on the Big Island" products. It takes a lower mark-up, gives products preferred shelf space, takes delivery at one location and distributes to its other Big Island stores! This start-up support created over 500 products and many jobs. 

         They support many non-profit organizations and consistently and quietly act in a manner that benefits the entire community. They have the freshest, highest-quality fresh vegetables and foods grown on the Big Island at competitive prices. These factors produced very strong customer loyalty and parking lots are always full.  This is where "locals" tend to shop and more Big Island visitors are finding their way to KTA to experience the spirit of the people of the Big Island.

            When the Kona Fuku-Bonsai Center opened in 1992 we already knew our days were numbered from having sprayed defective DuPont Benlate in 1989 as our plants were stunted or dying.  KTA Super Stores recognized that many of our 200+ stockholders shop there and, as a form of support, they co-sponsored the center's grand opening celebration.  As we completed our recovery between 2007 and 2009 we learned that the visitor industry had drastically changed.  Resort giftshops were being taken over by mainland chains that greatly increased mark-ups. 

            We felt this was unacceptable and visitors to the Big Island were being overcharged.  KTA takes a reasonable markup and their prices are the same as at Fuku-Bonsai.  We're proud that a large amount of our sales are to local residents!  KTA is easy to work with and we are proud of our long association with them.  If you want to have a "local" experience on your next Hawaiian vacation, visit the KTA Super Stores to take home great, reasonably priced "Made on the Big Island" gifts or souvenirs of a Hawaiian vacation!

                Because the island is so large, we teamed up with widely scattered Authorized Retailers so visitors can purchase our most popular small items as special souvenirs of a Hawaiian vacation.  Starting from Hilo and going clockwise around the Big Island,  these are members of our Fuku-Bonsai Big Island Authorized Retailer team!


            KTA SUPER STORES IN DOWNTOWN HILOThis is the smallest and oldest of the KTA stores and is just up the street from the very popular Hilo Farmers Market. It's literally jammed packed!  This store gets visitors that are on a walking tour or exploring old Hilo town.  Many arrive in Hilo on the cruise boats and take a shuttle bus from the pier. The bayfront area of Hilo is now a large, beautiful, open space with playgrounds as the area was devastated by several major tsunami (tidal waves) in the past. The store has recently been expanded but retains its legendary charm!
           KTA SUPER STORES IN PUAINAKO-HILO.  This is the largest store with most of the administrative offices and like the other stores, the parking lot is always full.  Many visitors to Hilo are "day-trippers" who arrive at Hilo Airport in the morning, spend the day in East Hawaii (including at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park) and leave that day to fly back to Waikiki.  Increasingly, tour buses are stopping at this KTA store to pick up Big Island gifts at great prices! 
      YOU'RE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VISIT THE FUKU-BONSAI CULTURAL CENTER & HAWAII STATE BONSAI REPOSITORY IN KURTISTOWN       co-sponsored by Fuku-Bonsai Inc., a working bonsai nursery which underwrites all expenses, and the non-profit Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation, the public guardian of memorial bonsai in the Hawaii State Bonsai Repository.  The exhibit collection is the most varied with Japanese bonsai, Chinese penjing, Hawaiian tropical outdoor bonsai, and Fuku-Bonsai's specialty True Indoor Bonsai™. There is no admission fee. Open Monday to Saturday except holidays from 8AM to 4PM. Plants can be selected and packed for handcarry or shipped to all parts of the United States.  If you select workshop materials, there is no instruction fee and the finished plants can be shipped after you arrive home. Bring photos of your bonsai and call ahead for workshops and to talk story.  Allow 30 minutes for introductory workshops, but take as much time as you need! Please phone (808) 982-9880 for directions. For more infomation, go to VISITING FUKU-BONSAI!   E KOMO MAI  . . . welcome!  Discover the beauty of bonsai, the serenity of nature, and the spirit of Hawaii! 


            PUNALUU BAKE SHOPIn Naalehu, the southern most part of the United States. The bake shop is about one hour from Fuku-Bonsai and is a favorite place for those going around the island to take a rest break and enjoy their great pastries and sweet bread. There's a nice garden, clean restrooms, a nice selection of locally made gift items and a great staff!  Punaluu Bake Shop is our oldest outlet and they introduced many visitors to Fuku-Bonsai.  The next stop heading toward Kona on most visitor schedules is Puuhonua O Honaunau (Place of Refuge) National Historical Park which is steeped in Hawaiiana and near to historic Kealekekua Bay which is famous for snorkeling amongst colorful tropical fish.
            KONA COFFEE MILL & MUSEUM.  In South Kona, about another hour away is our second oldest outlet and another favorite place to take a rest break.  Enjoy a cup of coffee on a lanai high above the Kona coastline.  Here you'll be able to see how coffee is roasted, find locally made gift items, and another great staff!   The narrow winding road takes you through the old Kona farming area and you'll be passing through rocky coffee fields.  In another half hour or so, you'll be in the Keauhou-Kona resort area.
            KTA SUPER STORE AT THE KEAUHOU-KONA SHOPPING CENTERKeauhou is in the lush and beautiful resort at the end of Alii Drive which was once the playground and home of Hawaiian royalty. It's an exciting and unique place with a number of condominiums and mid-range hotel resorts.  At night searchlights attract giant manta rays and swimming with them is a spectacular experience!  The former Kona Fuku-Bonsai Center that closed in 1994 was in this area. 
            KTA SUPER STORE AT THE KONA COAST SHOPPING CENTER IN KAILUA TOWN.   Following Alii Drive which runs along the shoreline between Keauhou and  town of Kailua-Kona are a large number of condominiums, apartments and several large mid-range hotels.  This is the older part of the original Kona that was once a sleepy fishing village.  It's where the famous Billfish Tournament began over 50 years ago and the headquarters for the world famous Ironman Triathlon.  The highlight of the year is the annual Kona Coffee Festival.
           WAIKOLOA VILLAGE MARKET (KTA) AT WAIKOLOA HIGHLANDS SHOPPING CENTER.  Waikoloa is the oldest of the "new Gold Coast" resorts. Waikoloa Village in the cooler hills a mile or so above the resort has a growing number of homes, condominiums, time-shares, and vacation rentals.  As their staff becomes more knowledgeable about our products, we will be enlarging our exhibit and may be taking dropship orders of our entire product lines. 

            KTA SUPER STORES AT THE WAIMEA CENTER.  The cowboy upcountry town of Kamuela is famous for Parker Ranch, one of the largest in the United States.  Here is a beautiful town where East meets West. The cool climate makes possible an annual spring cherry blossom festival that includes celebrations and cultural displays including bonsai.  In this area it is possible to grow some temperate climate bonsai trees that would not survive in other warmer parts of the state.

             From Kamuela to Hilo is about a two-hour ride and there are two routes.  Most visitors travel along the Hamakua coast and may stop at small towns along the way.  Some backtrack and take the cross-island Saddle Road that goes through spectacular scenery across the center of the island over the saddle between our two largest mountains. The road was once considered hazardous and rental car companies prohibited driving this road.  The road has been improved.  



Our exclusive MAUI retailer is DAN'S GREEN HOUSE
who has moved to Front Street across and upstairs from the famous Lahaina Banyan Tree!

Our oldest and largest account has a larger selection and can take drop-ship orders to be shipped to you from the nursery.

           Dan's Green House, the fun place of Lahaina, has been Fuku-Bonsai's exclusive Maui representative and authorized retailer since the mid-1970's. They recently relocated to Front Street and are just across the street from the famous Lahaina Banyan Tree that covers over one acre! 




         On the island of OAHU,  we supply


with our popular pre-packaged and pre-certified HS8(M) small lava plantings with attractive melamine dish for hand carry back to all parts of the United States.  They have several floral locations throughout the Honolulu International Airport.


 On Oahu,   in the Ko Olina Resort near Aulani (the Hawaii Disney resort):
              ISLAND COUNTRY MARKET.   The second major supermarket - sundry store and innovative flagship of ABC Stores, another locally owned and operated chain started by the Kosaka family in Waikiki.  They are committed to bringing affordable prices to our visitor resort areas.


           While most of our accounts are in Hawaii,  we also supply a limited number of accounts in the continental U.S.  FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT DAVID FUKUMOTO AT


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