Land of fire and home of Pele!


                The premier Big Island attraction is 30 miles from Hilo and attracts over two million visitors each year.   At the main visitor center, an outstanding film begins every hour on the hour introducing you to volcanology. The Jaggar Museum at Hawaii Volcano Observatory is perched above the rim of Halemaumau Crater with outstanding educational exhibits and displays. Besides earth sciences and volcanology, the park is also the center of Hawaiian cultural preservation and values.

                Unlike other volcanoes, Hawaiian eruptions are not generally explosive and are relatively safe if you obey the rangers. The current eruption phase has began with dramatic fountaining on January 3, 1983 and has been steadily pumping molten lava into a well developed tube system that speeds the fluid magma to the sea to build new land. It's cut Chain of Craters Road but you'll be able to get near the new flow, explore the old Hawaiian village sites, the petroglyph trails, and see the aesthetic beauty of fresh lava.

                The park is filled with things to learn, panoramic scenery, details of nature, and places to explore.  Hike across a frozen lava crater floor with steam still rising. Explore a "kipuka" island of old forest surrounded with barren newer lava. Walk through a lava tube or see "lava trees" or tree molds.  There's so much to see and do and only some of it is covered in the following two links!




                Just outside the park, the village is steadily and quietly becoming a major destination with a lot of the flavor of California's Marin County or Carmel-Monterey.  At a cool elevation, it was a favorite area for the wealthiest families from throughout Hawaii to have vacation homes. From ancient times, Volcano has been a sacred place where Pele and nature rules.  It's the very special Big Island place that cannot be discovered by the day-trippers or cruise boat passengers on the tour buses. Those who know or seek to discover make Volcano Village their basecamp.

                Some beautiful older vacation estates have been converted into wonderful, comfortable, and personalized small scale accommodations. The inventory keeps growing to serve all segments of interests and budgets.  Modern elegant retreats or historical comfortable homes featuring full breakfast table discussions of places to see or things to do.   Luxurious secluded vacation homes or larger facilities are ideal for elegant corporate retreats and meetings. 

                Cozy modest cottages ideal for newlyweds are tucked into the rainforest surrounded by the scent and sounds of pristine nature.  Here hot tubs and fireplaces create a magical romantic mood. Tall straight Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) trees line the old Volcano Road that passes through the village.  Monterey Cypresses blend with azaleas in gardens more associated with temperate climates than the tropics.


                VOLCANO WINERY.  A winery in Hawaii?  Of course! Where else would you find exotic tropical fruit blends like Passion Chablis or Volcano Red? Or Tropical Hawaiian Honey Wines! Or Symphony Grape Wines!  Open every day from 10AM to 5:30PM with a tasting room.  Contact: General manager Scott Bothof
        PO Box 843, (35 Pii Mauna Drive), Volcano, Hawaii 96785
        Phone (808) 967-7772 or 967-7479; FAX (808) 967-7679
        E-mail:  volcanowin@aol.com    URL: www.volcanowinery.com

                VOLCANO HOUSE.  Since the mid-1800's, this venerable institution has been sitting on the edge of Kilauea caldera. By 1877, there were improvements and the building that now houses the Volcano Art Center was built. A new and larger hotel was built in the 1890s and George Lycurgus and his nephew arrived in 1894 to manage it. He acquired it in 1932 and became its gracious host. In 1940 the hotel burned but was rebuilt as it stands today.

                VOLCANO ART CENTER.  Inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, next to the main Visitor Center, and in the original Volcano House,  you'll find the best juried selection of the finest art of Hawaii with the creations of over 300 Hawaiian artists ranging from furniture to jewelry. Volcano Art Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization created in 1974 to promote, develop and perpetuate the artistic and cultural heritage of Hawaii's people and environment. They present programs, classes, workshops, lectures and performances and more! Enjoy the staff and enter into Hawaii's fine art community! For more information, contact Kate Whitcomb, manager; phone (808) 967-7511 or e-mail: gallery6@gte.net  or visit:  www.bishopmuseum.org/vac/vacgall.html


                There are a huge number of eco-tourism activities available in the Volcano area.  Current information and rates are available from accommodation staffs.  The following companies are members of Fuku-Bonsai's Promotional Partner Program and are committed to preserving and sharing high value Big Island activities:

volcano carsons cottages.jpg (26551 bytes)
     Romantic story book private rainforest cottages or family cottages sharing a grassy lawn, or guest rooms with private baths and entrances;  minutes from Volcano National Park.  Hot tubs, fireplaces and full deluxe breakfast.
    Brenda Carson, PO Box 503, Volcano, HI 96785
    Phone (808) 967-7683, Toll-free 1-800-845-LAVA,  FAX (808) 967-8094 
    E-mail: carsons@aloha.net  URL: www.carsonscottage.com
kilauea lodge.jpg (22568 bytes)
  A COUNTRY INN & RESTAURANT  in Volcano Village amidst giant tree ferns and majestic Sugi pines. Dinners reflect a European heritage and served alongside the historic Fireplace o Friendship of the former YMCA camp. Today, Hawaiian hospitality reigns as a dedicated staff cares for guests with kamaaina graciousness. Rooms are filled with original artworks, fresh flowers, heated towel warmers with most rooms having the added warmth and romance of a fireplace. 
    Lorna & Albert Jeyte, PO Box 116, Volcano Village, Hawaii 96785.
    Phone (808) 967-7366; FAX: (808) 967-7367;
    E-mail: stay@kilauealodge.com    URL: www.kilauealodge.com
Main_House_close_up.jpg (74093 bytes)
   Gracious hospitality by a pioneer of Hawaiian bed and breakfasts!  In Volcano Village in a 7-acre botanical estate, a historic farmhouse is the main complex with rooms, separate garden units, studio and guest house with prices to accommodate most anyone with a more-than-you-can-eat breakfast.
    Gordon, Joann and Kii Morse   PO Box 100, Volcano Village, HI 96785, 
    Phone (808) 967-7216, Fax (808) 967-7719  
    E-mail: myisland@ilhawaii.net   URL: www.myislandinnhawaii.com
chalet kilauea 1.jpg (23000 bytes)

chalet kilauea 2.jpg (23083 bytes)

chalet kilauea 3a.jpg (22874 bytes)

       In 1989, Lisha & Brian Crawford firmly set down their roots in the Volcano community and began their first bed and breakfast. It became a unique boutique inn now known as the Inn at Volcano (left top photo) and the headquarters and reservation center for a full range of accomodations in the Volcano area which collectively are known as the "Chalet Kilauea Collection."
       Box 998 Wright Road,   Volcano Village, Hawaii 96785
       Phone (808) 967-7786;   Toll-free: 1-800-937-7786; FAX (808) 967-8660
       E-mail: reservations@volcano-hawaii.com    URL: www.volcano-hawaii.com
<<< INN AT VOLCANO:   A Hawaiian haven offering amenities and the kind of
            hospitality found only in the most exclusive resorts ($139-$399)
      CASTLE SUITES AT MAUNA LOA: Grace and elegance in a modern Victorian
            Mansion in landscaped gardens with gourmet breakfasts. ($149-$249)
      VOLCANO VACATION HOMES: For families and large parties, here's a selection
            of five one, two and three bedroom cottages and vacation homes with the
            highest level of comfort available in Volcano Village!  ($139-$379)
      LOKAHI LODGE: (lower photo) Blending modern convenience with country charm
      THE LODGE AT VOLCANO: On 30 acres of lush fern forest, this serene seven
            bedroom ranch-style lodge is just 5 miles from the park ($89-$129)
      VOLCANO BED & BREAKFAST: A peaceful country home in lush and cool
            Volcano Village. ($49-$69)
volcano hideaways.jpg (21634 bytes)
     Cheery accommodations for the traveler! In the heart of Volcano Village tucked in a native rainforest. The hosts live just across the lane and invites guests to drop in for an insider's knowledge of the area.  Also, The Maid's Quarters, etc. 
     Todd Marohnic and family; PO Box 611, Volcano, Hawaii 96785
     Phone (808) 985-8959;
     E-mail: todd@volcanovillage.net   URL: www.volcanovillage.net.
volcano rainforest retreat.jpg (26084 bytes)
     Wander the magical paths . . . heal and deepen your life . . . discover and explore!   Three private hand-crafted guest cottages secluded in a native Hawaiian rainforest, 3,800 feet above he sea adjacent to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Groups, families, couples or singles welcomed!
    Kathleen and Peter Golden. PO Box 957, Volcano, Hawaii 96785;
    Phone (808) 985-8696; Toll free: 1-800-550-8696; 
    E-mail: volrain@bigisland.net   URL: www.volcanoretreat.com
guesthouse at volcano.gif (3536 bytes)
    Affordable ecotourism and nice, too!  Three separate housekeeping cottages with full kitchens/baths (totaling 4 units) sleeps 2 to 6 people each. Kid friendly and wheelchair accessible with TV and telephone. Great for families!  Two night minimum. 
    Bonnie Goodell, 11-3733 Ala Ohia; PO Box 6, Volcano, Hawaii 96785-0006
    Phone (808) 967-775; FAX (808) 985-7505
    E-mail: cmaplan@interpac.net   URL: www.volcanoguesthouse.com
hale ohia.jpg (23360 bytes)
     Retreat, Relax, and Relive Hawaii with the serenity and magic of a historic estate on several landscaped acres.  The Master Suite at the main residence, four unique cottages, and several suites! Check out Cottage #44 and sleep in a water tank!
     Michael Tully, PO Box 758, Volcano Village, Hawaii 96785
     Phone (808) 967-7986; Toll-free: 1-800-455-3803; FAX (808) 967-8610
     E-mail: haleohia@bigisland.com    URL: www.haleohia.com
volcano country cottage.jpg (23635 bytes)
    Ohelo Berry Cottage and the Artist's House are nestled among tall, sheltering tsugi tree in a lush secluded setting.  In the heart of Volcano Village as close to the entrance of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as one can get.  
    Kathleen Porter, PO Box 545, Volcano, Hawaii 96785,
    Toll-free: 1-800-967-7960; Phone (808) 967-7960; FAX (808) 967-7960  
    E-mail: aloha@volcanocottages.com  URL: www.volcanocottages.com 
volcano inn.jpg (20552 bytes)
     A spacious inn with exquisitely appointed rooms and/or fully equipped cottages offering true Aloha hospitality! Come and enjoy and experience of a lifetime! Private entrances and baths, fireplaces, gourmet breakfasts, and boxed lunches or dinners on 24 hour notice.   Joan Prescott-Lighter, Innkeeper
    19-3820 Old Volcano Hwy., PO Box 490, Volcano, Hawaii 96785
    Phone (808) 967-7293;  Toll-free 1-800-997-2292; FAX (808) 985-7349
         Aloha Place-Inn of Volcano e-mail: stay@alohaplace.com
         Guest House at Pali Uli email:  guesthouse@stayvolcano.com
      URL: www.alohaplace.com and www.stayvolcano.com
   Streses slip away in paradise! Surrounded by towering pines and ohia trees in Volcano Village, just minutes away from Volcano National Park and Volcano Golf & Country Club. All rooms with private baths and a continental breakfast.
    Maurice Thomas, PO Box 28, Volcano, Hawaii 96785
    Phone (808) 967-7969;  Toll-free: 1-800-733-3839;  FAX (808) 985-7008
    E-mail: value@aloha.net      URL: www.hawaii-volcano.net  
    Bedrooms of a 1927 plantation manager's vacation home are available with shared kitchen living room-bath, 52" TV, computer, Jacuzi and a great view! The hosts live in a nearby unit to be available at any time. (next to post office).
    Robert & Susan Hughes, BO Box 91, Volcano, Hawaii 96785
    Phone/FAX: (808) 967-7289,   Toll-free: 1-888-967-7286
    E-mail: junction@aloha.net    URL: www.bbvolcano.com


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