Aloha!  As our core bonsai business recoveres from loss of over $30+ million of losses due to defective Benlate contaminated with weed killers,  we are recovering, planning expansion, and moving into a strong future --- especially with the opportunities made possible by the development of Hawaiianite™. We will be creating a major Hawaiian fertilizer and True Indoor Bonsai industries on a national basis. 

                  Hawaiianite is the first non-burning easy-to-use universal fertilizer and our Dwarf Schefflera True Indoor Bonsai is the most successful gift bonsai for anyone, anywhere who can grow house plants.  Both can scale up and become unlimited and create open-ended opportunities.  In contrast,  Micro-Lobsters require more careful development and needs the steady careful guidance of a committed individual as it is extremely promising but still needs a lot of attention to develop documented standard procedures that convert proven theories into consistent application practices.  But there's growing interest and we received many requests not to leave the specialty.  So the best alternative is to identify and assist a successor individual who is willing and able to take over.

                  We have left-over supplies and equipment to get started.  Plans were well along toward developing an industrial scale "Mass Cultural System" to produce huge quantities of captive-bred creatures.  We have successfully shipped our units to all parts of the U.S. and they have been hand carried from Hawaii internationally with breeding success.  Scientific knowledge is catching up and it is now possible to obtain and create a DNA-identified captive bred strain to provide a solid legal foundation to build the highest ethical industry.  The sale will include leftover supplies and equipment and the www.micro-lobster.com domain name, past website articles, and long-term resource assistance.  While as much as possible is requested in cash, I am open to Fuku-Bonsai earning a percentage of future gross sales or other proposals and long-term assistance.   

                  We will serve as a resource person to start off with highest quality products that avoid the pitfalls of inexperienced entrepreneurs.  We will assist in creating a major Micro-Lobster business based upon Fuku-Bonsai's experience, research, and trademarked:  "The Amazing Hawaiian Micro-Lobsters!™"  please contact me at david.f@fukubonsai.com



               We held back closing to announce that a new book titled: HAWAIIAN ANCHIALINE POOLS; Windows to a Hidden World! by Mike Yamamoto, Thomas Iwai Jr. and Annette Tagawa is now available. 

           The authors are great individuals and our main resources in our early days. They ended the book with the sincere hope that the book is a beginning toward a better understanding of the beauty and fragile nature of these pools and the unique creatures that live in them. I recommend the book highly!  ~~~David 

            For more information and to order follow this link: https://www.mutualpublishing.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=649    For more information, email Richard Ahn at:  shop@mutualpublishing.com      $13.95 + shipping








            THE AMAZING

Micro-Lobster logo 3in 72dpi.jpg (13481 bytes)

Micro-Lobsters 72dpi David Intro June 2003.jpg (36570 bytes)

    David W. Fukumoto, president & founder of Fuku-Bonsai Inc. with the first 1/2-gallon Micro-Lobster unit introduced on June 23, 2003.
    There have been continual improvements including the addition of a canister light, background panel, premium breeding food, and more Micro-Lobsters!
             ALOHA!   I regret to announce that Fuku-Bonsai will be ending all Micro-Lobster activity and that this website will be removed in the future. 
             In 1989, Fuku-Bonsai sprayed defective Benlate contaminated with weedkillers which caused over $30 million of losses.   We really struggled as the total net proceeds from the 1994 Benlate product liability and the 2007 DuPont fraud settlements were less than 10% of our losses.  The actual damages are really much higher as it does not include the costs of creating all new crops and a new business model and plan.
              The Kona Fuku-Bonsai Center was forced to close in 1994 and we retreated to the Kurtistown nursery to try to rebuild.  Initially we thought we could again grow our original Brassaia Lava Plantings,  but the amount of spraying required produced inferior plants and there was a very real possibility that we could not ever grow plants again! 
             So we began to research and formed FUKU-AQUATICS to explore aquaculture.  We tried many possible opportunities including creating aquarium landscapes with aquatic plants,  breeding and selling live freshwater tropical fish, and even commercial aquaculture production of tilapia.  Of all possibilities, the best (and most challenging) was to develop a comprehensive vertically integrated value-added new industry based upon the endemic Hawaiian Red Anchialine Pond Shrimp (also  known as "opae'ula")  that we trademarked:  "MICRO-LOBSTERS."
               Hawaiian aquaculture researchers have maintained opae-ula jars on their desks for over 20 years. When fed, happy, healthy Micro-Lobsters are active, and retain their size and personalities! We shipped complete premium units and got them safely to all parts of the US.
               Micro-Lobsters became Fuku-Bonsai's second major specialty! The original 1/2-gallon BT-1 was successful and over time was improved.  The 3/4-gallon EDUCATIONAL BREEDER TANK was developed for educational institutions. Special prices are available for those going into schools or to teachers who will assist us in putting together lesson plans and educational materials. A small economical ML-10 was developed.
              The website began in 2003 and expanded to include all possible Micro-Lobster information, and became an informational clearinghouse for researchers, hobbyists and included our continuing new findings. The first report of successful reproduction was exciting but is now very common.  Clearly,  our "open system with spirulina feeding" is superior to the "sealed glass eco-systems"  or open units that are not fed.
               The main reason is that Fuku-Bonsai is a corporation that was formed to build an international bonsai center, to preserve and promoted the art and culture of bonsai,  and to improve the Big Island visitor industry and economy.  That's the promise that I made to potential stockholders when we incorporated in 1985 and it established that Fuku-Bonsai is a "bonsai company!"    While we explored other alternatives when there was a real possibility that could never grow bonsai again,  now that we have rebuilt and have a solid new Dwarf Schefflera specialty,  it's time to return to our core business.
                I believe that a comprehensive value-added niche-marketing Micro-Lobster industry is viable and that a mass culture system is feasible.  However, such scale aquaculture is both high-risk and high-reward and we should focus all on our core bonsai area.  It will take a lot of resources and management to build and scale up the Micro-Lobster into a major specialty.  SO THE DECISION IS TO BECOME THE BEST BONSAI ENTITY --- AND IN PARTNERSHIP WITH MID-PACIFIC BONSAI FOUNDATION, WE CAN AND WE WILL!
               I am happy to announce that there will soon be an outstanding book available to be titled:  "HAWAIIAN ANCHIALINE POOLS; Windows to a Hidden World" written by Mike N. Yamamoto, Thomas Y. Iwai Jr. and Annette Tagawa and published by Mutual Publishing of Honolulu, Hawaii.  The book will be ready for release soon and it will be promoted by Fuku-Bonsai with referral to the publisher or or other sources.  CONGRATULATIONS MIKE, TOM, AND ANNETTE!
               The decision to leave the Micro-Lobster business was partially delayed until the publishing of the book.  There are a few more ML-10's, food, and odd supplies. Please email david.f@fukubonsai if interested.
               Mahalo to all who participated in our Micro-Lobster effort!
  ~~~David W. Fukumoto  (February 2015)
        Fuku-Bonsai produces a limited number of extremely high standard   products.  This portal section includes all of the Micro-Lobster products for sale, their prices, shipping information, and the order form.     Easy-care pets for homes and offices that reflect the nature and spirit of Hawaii!

Micro-Lobster II photo 72dpi.jpg (50347 bytes)

        Our Mini-Breeder Tank is the first sustainable breeding colony! This is partially due to our complex conditioning of the water, the inoculation of bacteria, the seeding of algae, and providing premium breeding food. But most of the success is due to these amazing creatures!  By understanding the complex "cycle of life" you'll gain an enlarged understanding and appreciation of ecosystems and why we need to work to preserve our environment.

        The Micro-Lobster website has evolved into an informational resource and clearinghouse for Fuku-Bonsai customers, associates, public and private researchers, and all who are interested in opae'ula. This will be a series of essays to aid in focusing on one specific problem area at a time. These problems confront the entire community and comments, additions, or corrections are invited.
         Congressional legislation has been introduced to eliminate the NPDES permit requirement that is the major stumbling block. A pesticide applicator certification is still required but there will soon be a clear path to allow restoring the anchialine ponds!

Micro-Lobsters 72dpi 3inch landscapes.jpg (20618 bytes)

          Micro-Lobsters are the stars presented with an attractive setting scaled to focus attention on them. Choice lava "seamount aquascapes" compliment from both aesthetic and biological criteria. There is a natural symbiotic relationship between Micro-Lobsters and a unique form of Big Island lava. It took extensive effort to obtain the special material, to get it cleared for export, and to condition it to be a part of an extraordinary product!

Micro-Lobster 72dpi 3inch upsidedown.jpg (17463 bytes)

            Making Micro-Lobster units is simple and profitable if you just treat them as a profit-making opportunity and willing to bend the law. But if you want visitors to Hawaii to have an ideal high-success souvenir or gift to remind them of a special Hawaiian vacation, it's necessary to go beyond the minimum and to address each and every possible issue! The once plentiful specie is rapidly disappearing due to the loss of habitat. This section discusses what we do, where we are going, and the challenges ahead as we develop a viable strategy to prevent any threat of extinction!


            For those already knowledgeable of the nature and principles regarding Micro-Lobsters, they'll tell you that they get the same questions over and over.  I've asked them and I'm sure these questions naturally pop up.  In lining up the answers to these frequently asked questions, we invite everyone into the discussion and the study of Micro-Lobsters!

Micro-Lobster Hoover original 4x3 72dpi.jpg (35719 bytes)

           This begins as a story about a great photograph and continues into photo enhancement of the tiny 1/2" long Micro-Lobsters.  It includes an invitation for those who are willing and able to participate as a member of the Fuku-Bonsai Micro-Lobster Team.

            These tiny creatures have a place in Hawaiian mythology with the most famous one that took place on the Island of Maui.

         Bryan Yoshimura of Honolulu loves opae-ula and in carefully watching them throughout the day, he's been able to notice and photograph more than anyone else. He's taken great photos with a digital camera and a 5x jeweler's loupe that he has generously shared!

Micro-Lobster EGGS 4in 72dpi enhanced.jpg (6684 bytes)

           Fuku-Bonsai is the international pioneer of True Indoor Bonsai which has become the most successful gift bonsai! We learned as we assisted our customers and shared our knowledge. In the same way, Fuku-Bonsai is committed to learn and share Micro-Lobster information! The Fuku-Bonsai captive breeding program assures that these wonderful creatures will never face extinction! We invite you to be a part of the Micro-Lobster Team! 
       David has had the most success in captive breeding in our small 1/2-gallon Introductory Mini-Breeder Tank that he keeps at his desk at work. He's produced the best day-by-day journal and this has been shared with opae-ula researchers and the Fuku-Bonsai website. His latest success is 24 larvae surviving which is the current record!

        These amazing creatures captivate both adults and children. After a brief introduction, you'll hear words like "amazing," "incredible," " cool," and "WOW!" To really appreciate them, you'll have to first study to recognize their unique qualities and to develop a natural bond. From there interest builds and the Micro-Lobsters become an educational tool to teach the wonders of nature!

            We developed our products based upon observations of numerous tanks here and with the kind support and assistance of a large number of individual customers and academic researchers.  In this section, we share the stories behind the various tanks in the Micro-Lobster exhibit at the Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center.  You're invited to visit!

Micro-Lobster seamount group Apr 4, 2003.jpg (55411 bytes)

            When we began researching, we found a huge amount of stories that had never been documented.  We begin this section with some of those stories with the invitation for you to submit yours!  
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